Raspberry Ketones. The REAL TRUTH

The facts about Raspberry Ketones and how they work…

The REAL Truth about FILLERS- Setting the record straight about Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketone Fillers!!!

Let’s get the facts straight and let the truth be known! Read on because it is important to set the record straight once and for all on FILLERS….

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I often hear this question from consumers eager to learn about the process of making capsules. After the Dr. Oz show aired I was receiving hundreds of emails from people seeking out products with zero fillers or binders. This search was based on Dr. Oz advise to “purchase a product with absolutely NO FILLERS OR BINDERS” regarding Green Coffee Bean Extract.  So to clarify to everyone that “Dr. Oz was inaccurate; here is the truth about fillers and what is going on in the industry to try to convince you that they are bad and not necessary. Futhermore, manufacturers are leaving them off of labels so that you think that they are not there and this is a really bad practice.  Dr Oz also recommends using a product, the only product that is patented with GCA.   Please read on and educate yourself on the truth and facts about fillers below…and if you would like to know which 2 brands Dr Oz endoreses (only 2) contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Fillers are used in encapsulated products for several reasons, and it ultimately depends on the manufacturer as to what filler is used, though the manufacturer’s customer can also have an influence on the choice. None-the-less, fillers or binders are necessary to encapsulate a product. Not only do they need a filler to encapsulate, but in doing so they are able to meticulously “DOSE” the product for consistency. Can you imagine the devastation that could occur if dosages were off and no one really knew what they were getting in a capsule? This would not be good!

The manufacturers of an enzyme line such as Chlorogenic Acid in the green coffee bean extract, need a small amount of filler that has a certain level of “oiliness”, so that the encapsulation machines work better AND dosages are accurate. They need to be able to pack into the capsule. The amount of oil needed is very small. A number of materials could be used: mineral oil, vegetable oils, or plant products with a certain amount of natural oiliness.

There are many types of filler, but as an example we will talk about rice bran, which is actually a good filler. The rice bran used is usually certified gluten-free, and the oil contains tocotrienols (which is very nutritious). Rice bran is digestible, which is a big plus. There are many fillers/binders on the market and what is important to the consumer is to find out which one is suited and best FOR YOU! If you have allergies this is especially important to avoid those fillers that you are allergic to.

Another common filler that allows for good capsulation and safe is cellulose (from spruce tree bark) combined with a tiny amount of medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil) derived from coconut. The amount of MCT is approximately 1 milligram per capsule. Cellulose is inert, not digestible, but gives a “cleaner” look to the capsule contents (whitish vs. brown color). An example of this would be in most Raspberry Ketone products which results in the end product being white in most cases. Cellulose won’t dissolve in water, so you may see it as sediment if put in liquids. The enzymes, or raspberry ketone themselves readily dissolve, and are able to digest appropriately.

So once again, other than to capsulate, the second reason  to use fillers is to achieve consistent capsule weights, so that dosing is consistent from capsule to capsule.  Any pharmaceutical expert will tell you that this is the key to getting a quality product. A product is only as good as the recommended dose so the weights must be precise! If you would like to know where to find a legitimate company that uses good fillers and dosed appropriate products contact beckylgould@gmail.com

There are manufacturers who do not have to use any extraneous material as filler during the encapsulation process, and some enzyme companies tout their products as being free of filler. However, this is not quite true, and depends on your definition of “filler”. This is where the false marketing is coming in with the case of Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketone. Manufactures are boldly stating that their products are “filler free” when this is not true and accurate statement as scientists know and can prove.

You see, most all powder supplements – at some point in their manufacturing – go from a liquid form to a solid form. To do this, the liquefied supplement is sprayed onto a very thin film of maltodextrin, which is referred to as a “carrier” or binder. The touting companies that claim they are “filler free” are really just playing a marketing game because this process creates a filler of its own kind and takes the liquid form to a solid form. This is true of enzymes such as Green Coffee Bean Extract AND Raspberry Ketone. The carrier/filler serves an important purpose and that is to stabilize the enzyme activity so that it remains effective even after months of storage. In other words, to stabilize.

Regardless of which company you buy your enzymes from, there will be maltodextrin present. Sometimes, companies will dilute an enzyme to a smaller activity level by adding more maltodextrin. Since this is a component of the enzyme, it is often not considered a “filler” in the strict sense of the word,  but it actually is, “truth be known”.

So what does all this mean? Any enzyme will have some kind of filler, whether it’s maltodextrin, rice bran, or cellulose.  No one filler will please everyone, but a good formula can minimize the amount of all filler. This decreases the ratio of maltodextrin to enzymes such as green coffee bean extract or raspberry ketone. Also, it is good to use more enzyme as filler as much as possible. Optimally it is best to put together formulas so that a capsule is filled as much as possible with extra enzyme, so that only 1 to 35 mg of filler need to be used, depending on the formulation.

I am always striving to help my blog readers sort the fact from the fiction. The hype that is going on about fillers is a bit untruthful. Fillers are necessary. Period.  If you would like to know of companies that offer quality product  with good fillers, please contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

I am always striving to deliver the best products to my readers with as much information as possible. I hope my honesty and forthrightness is appreciated.

Blessings for a healthy and happy life-

Becky g

For more information on where to purchase products that have good fillers and that are honest about their marketing practices contact beckylgould@gmail.com

The Facts about GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT with GCA and Who Holds the PATENT-TRADEMARK on it?

Your Green Coffee Bean Extract Questions Answered:

If you have questions regarding this blog contact the author beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. What is pure green coffee bean extract?

A. Pure green coffee bean extract with GCA is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from raw, unroasted coffee beans. It is a highly potent source of chlorogenic acid, which is the active substance that helps with weight loss. Dr Oz recommends 2 patented products and those are svetol and GCA- if you would like to know what companies sell the patented product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. What is chlorogenic acid?

A. Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenolic compound that is found in abundance in raw coffee beans. It has proven to be effective as a weight loss supplement and was recommended on the Dr. Oz show. He insists that there are only 2 products worthy to buy- if you would like the names of these 2 companies contact beckylgould@gmail.com  (on this blogsite we are not allowed to give out names)

Q. How does chlorogenic acid help me lose weight?

A. The presence of chlorogenic acid in the body triggers the liver to stop releasing glucose into the blood stream so that the body will burn stored fat to utilize the glucose content in its fat cells as energy. This process also increases the body’s metabolism to speed up fat loss.

Q. What if my liver is compromised or I have a fatty liver? Will the green coffee bean extract work the same?

A. If you have a compromised liver or fatty liver, we suggest that you detox prior to starting green coffee bean extract. Also, milk thistle, broccoli, and a multitude of other products have both been proven to help restore the liver to a healthier state. By taking a daily dose of Aloe Vera juice, this can decrease inflammation of the liver so that is able to optimally function. The healthier your liver, the better it will be able to promote weight loss with use of green coffee bean extract. A healthy diet with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and fiber is recommended as well as ongoing detoxing. For more information on products that promote healthy liver function contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. Can you  explain in more detail how the green coffee bean extract burns fat?

A. . When chlorogenic acid is present in the body, the liver stops producing glycogen, which is the enzyme that is responsible for releasing glucose into the blood. Glucose is normally used by the body to produce energy; however, when the body doesn’t have a stable amount of glucose in the blood it begins to convert stored fat into usable energy. There are only 2 effective GCBE products on the market and both are trademarked. If you would like those names contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. Are there any side effects of pure green coffee bean extract?

A. There have been no reports of any adverse side effects of pure green coffee extract. However, anyone that has sensitivity to caffeine may experience mild jitters or an increased energy surge.

Q. Is green coffee bean extract a type of drug or prescription medicine?

A. No. Green coffee bean extract is not a drug or medication. It is purely a dietary supplement that does not require a prescription.

Q. Can I just drink normal coffee instead of green coffee to get the same results?

A. No, roasted coffee loses its chlorogenic ability because of the high temperatures used. Therefore, it is very important to know that the product you purchase has been extracted correctly and still is in the raw form. There are products on the market that are mimicking green coffee, yet are actually ground roasted coffee beans. Dr Oz mentioned that the ONLY PRODUCTS that are worthy of being purchased are from 2 manufacturers. If you would like these names contact  beckylgould@gmail.com and you will be provided with factual trademark/ patent information so that you are assured you are buying a product with real Chorogenic acid.

Green Coffee Extract Ingredients Questions:

Q. Is there any caffeine in pure green coffee bean extract?

A. Yes. Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance in green coffee beans. However, the chlorogenic acid extraction process has eliminated most of the caffeine content. Each capsule contains roughly the same amount of caffeine as 1/8 cup of coffee. There are products on the market that do not have caffeine in them; however, we recommend the product that is patented and DOES contain a small amount of caffeine for optimal weight loss. If you have problems with caffeine, refer to beckylgould@gmail.com for a list of non-caffeinated options.

Questions About Taking Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Q. What forms does green coffee extract come in?

A. Green coffee extract comes in both tablet form and capsule form. We recommend a veggetable capsule so that it easily absorbs in the intestines. Other capsules remain undigested and often times are eliminated without ever being absorbed. Make sure that the product you purchase is from a legitamate manufacture with a healthy capsule. For more information on a patented green coffee product contact beckylgould@gmail.com for the name of the manufacture that Dr Oz recommends with GCA.

Q. How do I know if I am getting a real pure green coffee product?

A. First of all, you need to make sure that you are using a reputable source for purchasing the green coffee product so that you get one with high chlorogenic percentage of extract. The capsule should be clear, with very light brown or beige color of powder. Even though the product is called “green” the actual powder is beige- brown. You need a high concentraction of extract but realize that  most ALL products have to have some filler added to make sure that the product does not go bad or spoil. Also, some fillers are used as a binding ingredient to be able to pack the powder effectively into the capsule. Fillers have a very necessary purpose, and for the most part, there are no products on the market that can contain 100% of the active ingredient unless they are some sort of oil extracted in a pure form. In this case the product would have a short shelf like and be so expensive that many could not afford it. So if someone claims they have PURE green coffee, this is a marketing tactic. Good product should contain at least 100mg within the total capsule of raw green coffee bean extract.

Q. How often do I need to take green coffee extract?

A. We recommend a starting dosage of approximately 400 mg of green coffee extract every day, three times per a day prior to meals. You may increase the dosage slowly if you are not experiencing any adverse effects. It is important that you know check with your doctor for adverse drug interactions. For a list of drug interactions with green coffee extract contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. When is the best time of day to take green coffee extract?

A. It is recommended that you make it a part of your daily routine by taking it prior to meals.

Q. Will I notice immediate results when I take green coffee bean extract?

A. Results vary from person to person depending on diet, exercise, and general overall health. To get the optimal results we recommend that you start the product after a 1-3 day detox program. It is also helpful to make sure that your hormonal balance is regulated to optimize weight loss.

Q. What if my hormones are not balanced?

A. When the hormones are not balanced, there is a general response from the body that triggers a defense mechanism which can often result in the body holding on to fat. Weight loss still may be accomplished by taking green coffee bean extract with GCA, however, the results may be slower than if the body had balanced hormones. Also, additional weight loss products can be added, such as raspberry ketone or 7 keto to aid the process. Always check with your doctor before adding additional products or contact beckylgould@gmail.com for a list of drug intereractions with green coffee bean extract with GCA.

Q. How to I balance my hormones?

A. By getting a complete female or male blood test panel, this will show if there is a hormonal imbalance or if you are experiencing strong signs such as hot flashes and mental fog, them most likely you are estrogen dependent. In this case you can treat with topical progesterone cream which will bring back sex drive, lift mental fog and decrease hot flashes.  More and more people are experiencing good results with bio-identical hormone replacement, such as Pro Fem Cream and noticing that while being treated,  their bodies are returning to a more youthful state of wellbeing plus weight loss is easier. For articles regarding bio-identical hormone replacement contact beckylgould@gmail.com or to find out where to purchase quality topical hormone creams.

Q. What happens if I stop taking green coffee extract with GCA for a few days?

A. Pure green coffee bean extract with GCA is most effective when taken daily. If you miss a day, there’s no need to take extra capsules to make up for the capsules you missed. Just start your routine again the next day and try to stay on track for the best results. Again, as per Dr. Oz clarification, DO NOT PURCHASE a brand without GCA. There is only 1 patented product on the market and if you would like to know who that manufacture is contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. Can I take extra green coffee bean extract capsules to increase weight loss?

A. We recommend that you follow the usage instructions and only take three 400 mg capsules every day. You can increase the dose thereafter if you are not experiencing any side effects. The maximum recommended dosage is 1000 mg x 3, but we recommend that you talk to your doctor prior to increasing the dosage.

Q. Can I take green coffee extract with my other vitamins and supplements?

A. Yes. Pure green coffee bean extract with GCA can be taken with other vitamins and/or supplements.

Q. Can I take green coffee bean extract with my prescription medications?

A. Before adding green coffee extract GCA to your diet, it is recommended to consult your healthcare professional if you have any medical conditions that require you to take prescription medications.

Q. How old do you have to be to take green coffee bean extract?

A. We only recommend green coffee bean extract to adults 18 years or older.

Q. Can my child take green coffee extract?

A. No. We recommend that you do not give green coffee extract to children that are 17 years of age or younger.

Q. Where do I store green coffee bean extract?

A. To maximize the effectiveness of pure green coffee bean extract, we recommend that you store it in its original bottle at or below room temperature (24 C / 75 F). We recommend that you do not store green coffee extract in any other type of packaging or pill containers.

Q. Can I take green coffee extract if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant?

A. Although pure green coffee extract has not been formally studied in pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or women trying to become pregnant, we recommend that you consult a healthcare professional to find out if green coffee extract is the right choice for you during this time.

For factual information on the 2 patented brands of Green Coffee Extract WITH GCA that DR OZ recommends, contact beckylgould@gmail.com and you will be provided the data.

More Facts about Green Coffee Bean Extract- How to Chose a Quality Brand with GCA?

Green Coffee Bean Extract- Is this hype or “for real?” My own personal experience is thrilling! I have not only shed pounds, but it has lowered my blood pressure and cholesteral to perfect scores after 4 years of being on medications! Seems this one is the “real deal” and I am a firm believer! After listening to Dr. Oz most recent show, I feel so lucky I chose the brand with the real patent and GCA trademark!

if you would like to know the only 2 companies that Dr Oz endorses, one with GCA contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Green Coffee Bean Extract (with Svetol or with GCA) is the latest weight loss supplement that’s been getting lots of attention over the past few weeks. It’s becoming clear from recent research that freshly picked coffee beans actually contain a whole lot of beneficial compounds with massively appealing benefits. But how can you be sure that you are getting a real product and the right dose?

So an important question is: How much chlorogenic acid is needed to optimize the potential benefits, including reduced blood sugar levels and weight loss?

The answer to that question was found in the clinical studies. And that’s exactly what extraction-based companies do — they look at the research. What amount or standardization of the extract was used to obtain the desired benefit?

Well, let’s take a look at the research showing the weight loss benefits of chlorogenic acid. In this study, a specific amount of chlorogenic acid was used to block calorie absorption. Knowing this exact amount is probably a good idea if you’re planning on trying this yourself to lose weight.

Chlorogenic Acid from Green Coffee Inhibits Calorie Absorption

To investigate the weight-reducing effect that had been shown in previous brewed coffee studies, scientists turned to compounds extracted directly from green coffee beans. The green coffee beans contain higher amounts of chlorogenic acid and other polyphenol compounds that are substantially lost during the roasting process that turns them brown. So the green coffee beans in their regular state, golden beige (not brown or green) are at the optimal form for producing the highest level of chlorgenic acid! These bitter green coffee beans are terrible to the pallet, so they should be packed into a veggie capsule for easy consumtion.

Here’s the breakdown of the study that was conducted using a patented brand of green coffee extract WITH GCA.  This was a 12-week, placebo-controlled clinical study testing the effectiveness of green coffee extract in overweight and obese people:

  • Thirty  overweight or obese human volunteers took either the extract or a placebo
  • The extract  produced an average 9.4 pound weight loss. This was paralleled by a decrease in glucose (sugar) absorption and an increase in glucose utilization (increase in metabolism)
  • The  researchers reported that the lower availability of glucose that results from these effects would cause the body to increase the metabolism of fat  reserves, which would eventually decrease body fat and mass.

If you would like to see the entire study contact beckylgould@gmail.com for a PDF copy OR if you would like to know the ONLY manufacture of Green Coffee Extract with GCA (patented)

Now in order for you to achieve similar results, you will need to take the same green coffee extract in terms of dosing and standardization of chlorogenic acid.

How to Pick the Right Green Coffee Bean Extract

And this is where you need to be smart and chose a quality extraction company. You need to pick a company that formulates their own products using the dosing and standardizations used in clinical studies. This is known as “evidenced-based supplementation.”

The study showcased above and additional studies using green coffee extracts standardized the chlorogenic acid to 50%. This means that in a green coffee extract of 200 mg, you’ll get 100 mg of chlorogenic acid — the dosing used in the weight loss study.

So achieving 11 pounds of weight loss in 12 weeks requires a minimum of 100 mg of chlorogenic acid. Be careful. Other companies are jumping in on the “chlorogenic acid bandwagon.” You’ll start to see it everywhere. But ask yourself this: Is the green coffee extract you’re about to purchase standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid? If not, don’t buy it. Also if is not the one used in this study, DON’T BUY IT!

How do you know if your coffee extract is standardized correctly? Look on the label. First, locate the green coffee extract. Now look within the parentheses to find the standardization. So before you go out to purchase the green coffee bean extract ask yourself these questions:

1)    Is the company extracting their own product or are they buying from overseas and then just re-labeling with no controls in place?

2)    Are they using evidence based research for their dosing?

3)    Are they listing the actualy percentage of clorogenic acid on their label?

4)    Is the product golden beige (correct color) or is it brown or green (wrong color)

5)    Does the product taste bitter (correct taste) or is it sweet (wrong taste) or taste like coffee (roasted beans will not help you lose weight)

6) IS THE PRODUCT YOU ARE PURCHASING THE ONE RECOMMENDED WITH PATENTED TRADEMARK AUTHENTIC GBCE WITH GCA?? If not, do not buy.If you would like to know the name of the Dr Oz preferred product (the only one with GCA) contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com  (This blogsite does not allow names of products)

All in all, it is important to consider chosing only a quality extracting company in the USA. There are very few companies that actually extract their own products using evidence based research so make sure you do your research.

If you would like the list of the best extracting company with the patented product with GCA contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

Also, if you would like a list of drug interactions contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Hollywood’s Weight Loss Secret is “ADDERALL”…Now there is a NEW ORGANIC ADDERALL ALTERNATIVE!


After seeing the show that Dr Oz featured on Hollywood’s additions to “Adderall”, I became obsessed with finding out if there was a product on the market that could simulate Adderall, create energy, and ultimately become a friendly, HEALTHY weight loss supplement WITHOUT the brain damaging proponents of Adderall.  Who needs a brain cell buster when there is an energy weight loss capsule that will build brain cells rather then bust them? This is exciting news….

SO my journey begins with meeting Dr. Baker, the creator of a new organic product that is an all-natural holistic replica of Adderall, without the harmful ingredients. Dr Baker insists that his breakthrough product is going to be the up and coming “natural source” for treating ADHD/ ADD, AND treating the obesity and diabetes epidemic!  It’s a GRAND SLAM for energy, focus, endurance, concentration, and weight loss. Have I died and gone to heaven? Well, read on to hear more about what is in this bionic capsule that my friends are raving about.  Hip Hip Horraaayyy! READ ON…

For more information about this organic product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

So Dr Baker sent me some of his product for my friends and I to try. There is one thing for certain; this little orange capsule really cranks up the speed at which I clean the house! OMG, I was like the bionic woman on these pills!  I became “Martha Stewart on steroids!”  My friend all experienced a similar effect ad became motivated beyond belief at the energy effect of the product. We did not feel jittery like on an energy drink. We did not feel hungry either! WOW, this may just be the kick in the pants we all need for weight loss and profound energy.  We are calling this the newly revised version of  “Organic Adderall”  although the product is 100% natural and won’t burn our brain cells. WOW- Jackpot!!!

If you would like more information on this product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Here is the base line of what is in the products-

There are 4 different stimulants used in the breakthrough product. These stimulants prolong energy, focus and concentration. Each of the stimulants helps to improve energy, cognitive function, alertness, endurance, focus, and stamina. Taking this supplement may allow you to better complete complex tasks, including writing, studying, and mental clarity. Ultimately, along with these features you will begin to lose weight!

Dr Baker claims that the product is the result of diligent research and experience. The proprietary “Adderall- like” formula contains the following ingredients. These important ingredients when combined in the correct amounts can help to provide a profound impact in quality of life, work, weight, and overall health.

 Yerba Mate:Yerba Mate is a Brazilian/South American herb known for centuries for its medicinal properties. The Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society concluded after researching this wonder herb that no other plant found anywhere has equal nutritional value. They claimed that, “Yerba Mate contains practically all the vitamins necessary to sustain life.”

Scientific research shows Yerba Mate to be a powerful antioxidant that can protect DNA strands from a problem known as double-strand breaks. The key benefits of Yerba Mate include increased mental clarity, focus, alertness as well as mood elevation. With 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 polyphenols, Yerba Mate is one of nature’s most balanced stimulants.

 Guarana:  Guarana comes from the berries of Paullinia cupana, a plant native to the Amazon basin in Brazil Gurana impacts metabolism because it contains thobromide and theophylline, as well as the natural phenols catechin and epicatechin. This powerful plant has been used by the Amazon Indian Tribes for centuries to gain increased energy, brain power, and endurance, ultimately increasing metabolism and providing weight management. These antioxidants give the brain and body protection from harmful free radicals and provide a powerful endurance boost. In a 2007 pilot study, memory, alertness and mood levels were all increased by low doses of guarana extract. In our Adderall- type organic  formula they assist in helping to provide cognitive improvement. We source only the highest quality Guarana extracts.

 Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine Anhydrous is a psychoactive stimulant known chemically as trimethylxanthine. Caffeine Anhydrous belongs to a group of stimulants called xanthenes which occur naturally in certain plants. Xanthenes stimulate the central nervous system to combat drowsiness and restores alertness. Caffeine is the world’s most popular psychoactive substance, with nearly 90 percent of adults in North America consuming it on a daily basis.

 Dimethylamylamine: Found in geramium oil, this gentle metabolism booster is known to help with weight loss, focus and energy, and completes our four stimulant formulation. Our formula didn’t stop with only stimulants, however. Combining these 4 stimulants with Nootropics is one of the keys to our fomulation being so effective.

 Nootropics: The brain is a complex organ which needs nutrients, oxygen, glucose, and a host of proper chemicals to function optimally. Improved long term cerebral brain health and functionality are the two primary goals of the alternative formulation. As a result, Nootropics are included in this product. Nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs,” that act as memory and cognitive enhancers, as well as intelligence enhancers. Nootropics are theorized to work by altering the available supply of the brain’s enzymes, neurotransmitters, and hormones. They work at improving oxygen supply to the brain and helping to stimulate nerve growth to the brain. The following Nootropics were carefully selected and formulated for this new “organic-Adderall” product.

 Huperzia Serrata: This rare Chinese herb contains a powerful alkaloid called Huperzine A. According to studies Huperzine A has been proven to be beneficial in protecting the brain against free radical damage. Huperzia Serrata is also a potent aid for memory support and concentration as well as weight loss.

Ginko Biloba – Ginko Biloba is used for memory and cognitive enhancement and can help improve attention levels in users. A study of the herb concluded that desired affects are immediate and reach their peak in 2.5 hours after intake. Two of the components of Ginko Biloba, flavonoids and terpenoids, are believed to be responsible for the herb’s beneficial effects in humans. Flavonoids have antioxidant properties that help in protecting nerves and blood vessels from damage. Ginko Biloba has been shown to improve performance in the Steinberg Memory-Scanning Task in healthy young individuals. This memory task assesses the ability of people to recall information. Think of Ginko as a fuel for brain power and also a protector due to its antioxidant properties. Ginko Biloba extract produces a considerable increase in memory and activity in the neurons of the brain.

 Choline – Choline As the precursor molecule for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, Choline serves various functions in our bodies. Extensive research hints that Choline may help prevent memory loss associated with aging. Choline protects and restores the dendrites of your brain’s cells. The dendrites are the tiny linking branches that come out of neurons and allow the cells in your brain to communicate.

In summary, this organic “Adderall” like product is at the forefront of maximal brain function, nutrition, protection, and cognitive function enhancement, and WEIGHT LOSS!

If you would like more information regarding dosage, interactions, and side effects of this product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Adrenal Fatigue? Cortisol BELLY FAT? The REAL TRUTH and Facts about what may be causing Weight Gain!

Getting Rid of the “Belly Beast”– Cortisol Belly Fat Facts and how they are caused  by Adrenal Fatigue…

for more information on this subject or to find quality products to help with adrenal fatigue:becklgould@gmail.com:

Quotes from: Wilson, J. A. (2001). Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st
Century Stress Syndrome.
Petaluma, CA:Smart Publications.


I had never heard about Adrenal Fatigue until I had my hormones tested. THEN the alarming truth surfaced when I learned that my cortisol levels (affected by adrenal glands) were malfunctioning and ultimately contributing to my muffin top. UGH! I must get rid of the belly beast and will do what it takes once and for all to conquer this. So here is my story and adrenal health 101 facts and advice on this….

So I am writing this to alert my blog readers that if you feel like you cannot lose weight and are eating a normal diet, then please note “this is not your fault if you have adrenal fatigue that is sabotaging your success by lowering your metabolism. PLEASE READ ON…

This important information is significant and should be taken to heart by everyone! The news is out that stress is contributing to a spike in cortisol which can affect and create a condition known as adrenal fatigue. This in turn may cause many health problems like bloating, extreme fatigue and depression, weight gain (especially middle section), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, foggy thinking,  lack of sex drive, and even Alzheimer’s. There are easy solutions to correcting the imbalance and restoring your body to “balance” regaining your energy and life again including weight loss!

The adrenal glands sit over the kidneys, where they play a significant role in the body, secreting more than 50 hormones necessary for life, including epinephrine (adrenaline), cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), progesterone and testosterone. Since they produce so many essential hormones, the adrenal glands are responsible for many of the functions we need to stay alive and healthy, including:

  • Energy production — carbohydrate, protein and fat conversion to blood glucose for energy
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Fat storage

One hormone in particular, cortisol, is extremely important for keeping our body systems in balance, as well as protecting our cells. For example:

  • It controls the strength of the immune system: Too much cortisol weakens the immune system, setting the motions for increased susceptibility to infections and cancer, while too little leads to an overactive immune system and autoimmune disease.
  • It normalizes blood sugar.
  • It regulates blood pressure.

These small but mighty glands also work with other hormones and systems in what Dr. Wilson calls a “symphony.” As he points out, when one part of this symphony drops out, such as what happens after menopause for women and andropause for men, the adrenal glands have to pick up the slack by producing larger amounts of sex hormones. Because of this, Wilson claims, good adrenal gland function is linked to longevity.

Contact beckylgould@gmail.com for information on how to restore adrenal function

Unfortunately, the adrenal glands’ health is paradoxical. As the manufacturer of adrenaline, they are the “glands of stress,” but are also the first glands to fail during prolonged or intense periods of stress. The problem with stressors is that they are “cumulative,” in the sense that their impact tends to add up in the body over time until your adrenal glands (and probably your mental state) just can’t take anymore. “One more stress is the stress that breaks the camel’s back,” Dr. Wilson says. , or when the adrenal glands can’t deal with the amount of stress they’re given. Adrenal fatigue used to be rare, but is now all too common because of our lack of relaxation and other lifestyle factors, such as smoking, sleep deprivation, poor eating habits and excessive caffeine intake, as well as allergies.

Diagnosing (and misdiagnosing) adrenal fatigue

To make matters worse, doctors often don’t diagnose this problem. Dr. Wilson offers the example of a woman who has been to 37 doctors before finally receiving proper diagnosis and a renewed sense of hope. So, why don’t doctors recognize adrenal fatigue? In medical school, they are only taught to look for extreme adrenal malfunction — Addison’s Disease, which occurs when the glands produce far too little cortisol, and Cushing’s Syndrome, which stems from excessive cortisol production. They check adrenal function by testing ACTH levels, using a bell curve to recognize abnormal levels. This is where the problem occurs. ACTH tests only consider the top and bottom 2 percent of the curve abnormal, yet symptoms of adrenal malfunction occur after 15 percent of the mean on both sides of the curve. In other words, your adrenal glands can be functioning 20 percent below the mean and the rest of your body experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue, yet most mainstream physicians won’t recognize that you have a problem.

Fortunately, there are ways you can test yourself for adrenal fatigue. To start off, go ahead and “check off” the symptoms you have been experiencing.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

  • Morning fatigue — You don’t really seem to “wake up”., even if you’ve been awake since  6 a.m.
  • Weight gain in mid upper section that is hard to the touch and you cannot get rid of despite exercise and diet.
  • Afternoon “low” (feelings of sleepiness or clouded thinking) from 2 to 4 p.m.
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Burst of energy at 6 p.m. — You finally feel better from your afternoon lull.
  • Sleepiness at 9 to 10 p.m. — However, you resist going to sleep.
  • Wake up during the night.
  • Cravings for foods high in salt and fat
  • Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms
  • Mild depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Decreased ability to handle stress
  • Muscular weakness
  • Increased allergies and seem to get respiratory illnesses or other more frequently
  • Lightheadedness when getting up from a sitting or laying down position
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Frequent sighing/ yawning

For information on easy ways to reverse adrenal fatigue contact beckylgould@gmail.com

The best test to determine if you have adrenal fatigue is by doing a salivary cortisol test. You don’t need a prescription for the exam. In fact, you can even buy the test online, do it at home and send in your sample to a lab for the results. Dr. Wilson is very positive about the effectiveness of the salivary cortisol test in diagnosing adrenal fatigue. It is so valid and accepted that Plan B Medicare covers it and “they don’t want to cover anything they don’t have to,” he quips. If you don’t have insurance, rest assured that this non-invasive test is also very affordable.

Treatment of adrenal fatigue

“Optimal adrenal health is one of the major keys to the enjoyment of life,” according to Dr. Wilson. If you have adrenal fatigue, you can fully live life again by making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to treat your disorder. For holistic alternatives contact beckylgould@gmail.com or with any questions

Treating adrenal fatigue is as easy as:

  • Lying down during your work breaks (preferably at 10 a.m. and again anytime from 3 to 5 p.m.)
  • Sleeping until 9 a.m. as often as possible
  • Laughing- very theraputic
  • Exercising- even mile exercise helps
  • Taking negative people out of your life
  • Eating regular meals
  • Chewing well
  • Doing something fun each day
  • Combining unrefined carbohydrates with protein and oils
  • Avoiding junk food
  • Eating five to six servings of vegetables each day
  • Taking calcium and magnesium supplements
  • Adding sea salt to your diet
  • Taking 2,000 to 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day
  • Supplementing vitamin E with mixed tocopherols
  • Taking B-complex supplements that are high in B6 and pantothenic acid
  • Adding licorice root extract to your dietary supplement regimen

The good news it that I am taking steps to correct my adrenal fatigue and so can you! Without a strong adrenal gland we set ourselves up for health problems. Contact me at  beckylgould@gmail.com   more information and resourses to help you increase function of adrenal and optomize your metabolism and health.

This article was featured using quotes and information from:

Wilson, J. A. (2001). Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st
Century Stress Syndrome.
Petaluma, CA:Smart Publications.

Many blessings for health and happiness-

Becky G

My Personal Journey with Bio-Identical Hormones- Appointment #2 After Hormone Testing

  Appointment #2 HORMONE TEST RESULTS –  My Journey with Bio-Identical Hormones

So I hope everyone is as excited as I am to go down this journey as I start on bio-identical hormones. I am publically announcing the truth even if the truth stinks, is embarrassing, graphic or humbling. So please bear with me, here goes…

I am a 51 year old “semi-hip “mother of 3 (last one just left the next-mm-sad) and experiencing such frustration with my life. The past 4 years have been a strain physically and emotionally as I watch my body begin to deteriorate; composition, skin, hair, energy, just life changing drastically.  I suddenly feel like I am in a body of an unidentified object-“THIS CANNOT REALLY BE ME, CAN IT?”

So that is what inspired my blog in the first place. I guess it is natural that when things change (hot flashes, chin hair, fat growing on my belly, etc., etc.) that we desperately seek out “what to do”. So that is when I started to research diet aids to help me to lose this ghastly weight, mainly around my mid-section. I literally (no joke) have hundreds of products lining my shelves to help me to get my “Becky back”. I think she is hiding in a “Where’s Waldo” book somewhere!

In the past few months it seems that I am able to shed a few pounds here and there, but overall and intuitively, I FEEL THAT SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT IN MY BODY In the past I had always had a great shape, low blood pressure, perfect cholesterol, normal blood tests until NOW….Suddenly it seems like in just a matter of 4 years my perfect health and body is crumbling down! Cholesterol is up, liver failing, blood pressure high, boobs pointing south, chin hair pointing north, and belly so fat I look 4 months pregnant! This is so disgusting and depressing. So I set out on this mission to conquer the alien that has taken over my body!

So here I am now on my second appointment with my Bio-Identical Dr. Dianne. Welcoming me with a hug and a smile it was so wonderful to see her shining face (mine was shining too, but from a hot flash). I felt comforted as I noted that a previous client, also coming in for Bio-Identical hormones, was smiling like a happy kitten as she left with her daughter and goodie bag in hand. I was  secretly wondering what kind of “happy pills” she was prescribed and wanted some immediately!

After we sat down, Dr. Dianne said to me, “so after reviewing your saliva hormone test results,  now I understand why you are not feeling very good!  We have some work ahead of us to get you all balanced out.” ( I really Like that word BALANCED, don’t you? I have been feeling like an acemetrical blonde that would forget her head if it was not attached!)

Both panic and relief set in immediately, but Dianne was quick to reassure me that everything would be just FINE and that I would still feel 25% better the first week on the program then increase 25% thereafter each week. WHEW, relief—

She pulled out my file and continued to go over the test results. This was the BIG MOMENT, perhaps a turning point for me…TA_DAAAAA. Science does not lie and so the facts were in front of me and they pointed to a major imbalance in my hormones that were in turn totally responsible for the symptoms I was experiencing! SO maybe it was not my fault that I was turning into a beast! What a relief! Maybe I will be able to conquer the demon once and for all!!!!

Hope is such a BIG world for me…Hope is HAPPY, hope is willing, and hope is BEAUTIFUL! I had a glimpse of HOPE, YEAHHHH!!!! Thank you God!

So let me explain what I learned when Dianne showed me the test results.

 First, she showed me my estrogen levels, mainly “estradiol”. This level was very high. Then she went on to show me the numbers for the progesterone level, which was EXTREMELY LOW, I mean “off the charts low!” This imbalance was called “Estrogen Dominance” and was not a healthy balance, in fact, can even set me up for cancer. Then she explained where the hormones needed to be in order to complement each other to be “balanced”. She continued to cover where all of the other hormone levels were and what she would prescribe to fix this mess I was in.! She reassured me that the symptoms, including weight gain, were partially to do with the hormones. She said that when the body is working together in harmony, the symptoms would subside, and body would go back to a more natural state of being. I would not be aging so quickly like I had been. Hair and skin would become less dry, hot flashes diminish, weight loss would become easier, and a natural “calmness” would take place as well as the “fog would lift”. This is called “balance”. OM-Gosh I was so excited to feel the calm after this  storm!

Then Dianne went showed me my test results for cortisol which is controlled by the Adrenal glands. The graph showed where the normal range of cortisol should be. My levels fell below the normal line ( ugh, sigh, frown).

Dr. Dianne explained to me that this adrenal fatigue was consistent with the estrogen dominance showed in my hormone levels. So this hormone imbalance was causing damage to other organs because when hormones are “not talking in sync to one another” it affects EVERY ORGAN OF THE BODY. As a result my adrenal glands were not firing on all cylinders, sluggish and creating other side effects as a result (including weight gain).

Just as soon as she saw my face (bit worried) she pulled out a book by Dr. James Wilson about Adrenal Fatigue.  She explained to me that she had worked with him and discovered that there is a relatively easy solution to fixing the adrenal fatigue problem! The cortisol levels were a major contributing factor in the specific “belly fat” that had crept on.  She went over a few supplements that she suggested I take, plus introduced the hormone prescription that she had written to balance my system.

The prescribed hormone treatment plan was covered in detail. I would be picking up my own personal dosed prescription from a pharmacy who would compound the formula specifically (yes, CUSTOM Hormones) for Becky G, exactly for my needs. Diane explained that these bio-identical would be the exact replica of what is natural to the body (they are NOT SYNTHETIC, they are NATURAL). This is very important because the synthetic ones are not good!

Dr. Dianne went on to explain how the personally prescribed cream is on a precision dosage system that is easy to use. She demonstrated to me how the dose comes out and how to apply it to your under-forearm area where the skin is the thinnest. She explained that the cream is absorbed into the veins and blood stream with a majority in 20 minutes and then remainder within the hour (so not to shower after application).

Excited as heck and recovering from another hot flash, I gathered up my prescription paperwork and my adrenal fatigue supplements like an excited 4 year old with a Halloween bag of treats. Gave Dianne another “hot flash hug” and nearly ran to my car with excitement. Hope, yes  I HAVE HOPE!

So today, August 17, 2012  I have officially had my first dose of my special hormone happy cream and am waiting for happy to happen!

I will be staying in touch with Dr. Dianne every step of the way. I will contact her if there are any side effects or issues with how the supplements  or the hormone cream are working. She told me on the way out f her office that people usually do not see anything changing until about day 6. But then by day 10 she says that it is a 90 degree turn for the better! I will see her in 2 months for a follow up and more cortisol testing. I will write a weekly blog on my results and then a follow up after my 2 month appointment.

I will be sharing my story, my emails back and forth from or to Dr. Dianne, and my ups or downs (hopefully UPS).

I will keep you POSTED, so stay tuned and join my blog so that you don’t miss out on the fun ride down “hormone lane”.

Best regards for a healthy ,happy and “balanced” you!

Becky G

For more information or if you have any questions please contact me at beckylgould@ymail.com


Qnexa renamed Qsymia for Weight Loss is Approved by the FDA….FACTS and SIDE EFFECTS

Qsymia diet pill approved by FDA

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Qsymia, the second new diet drug in a month, and the most effective of the weight-loss pills that the agency has considered in recent years.
Qsymia, made by Vivus Inc., receives market approval on the heels of Arena’s Belviq (lorcaserin), the diet pill cleared by the FDA in late June. Before these two new drugs, the last prescription weight-loss pill to be green-lit by the government was Roche’s Xenical (orlistat) 13 years ago, in 1999.
Diet pills have had a spotty history with the FDA, largely because of safety problems involving the heart. Other drugs — most notably fenfluramine, used in the popular weight-loss combination fen-phen — have been withdrawn from the market for such hazards, and new drugs have had to clear a high bar for consideration.
(MORE: A Brief History of Diet Pills and the FDA) The new pill, formerly known as Qnexa (the FDA asked Vivus to change the name to avoid confusion with another drug on the market), will be available by the fourth quarter of this year, according to the company’s president, Peter Tam.
Here’s what you need to know.
Who can use Qsymia? The drug is approved for obese adults with a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or higher. It can also be used by overweight adults, with a BMI of 27 or higher, if they have at least one weight-related condition such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol.
How does it work? Qsymia is a combination of two existing drugs: phentermine, an appetite-suppressing stimulant that has long been used for short-term weight loss, and topiramate, an anti-seizure medication used to treat epilepsy that makes people feel fuller after eating.
Some doctors have already been prescribing the two drugs together for weight loss. Researchers say the key to Qsymia’s success is that it targets multiple brain pathways that trigger overeating. How much weight will I lose? It varies. In clinical trials, overweight and obese patients taking Qsymia for a year lost differing amounts of weight: on average, patients taking a middle dose of the drug lost 8.4% of their body weight; on a higher dose, patients lost 10.6%. Most of the weight came off in the first three months, so doctors should monitor patients at that point to see if the drug is working. The FDA notes that people who don’t lose at least 3% of their body weight by three months are unlikely to go on to lose any significant weight, so they should either be counseled to discontinue the drug or to try a higher dose (Qsymia will be available in two doses). If patients still don’t lose at least 5% of their weight after three additional months on the higher dose, they should quit taking Qsymia. The drug is designed to be used in conjunction with traditional weight-management strategies like diet and exercise. “This is not a magic pill. Patients can’t take it and think that’s all they have to do. It needs to be used with a lifestyle modification program,” W. Timothy Garvey, chair of the department of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, who studied Qsymia, told USA Today.
(MORE: The Secrets to Weight Loss: Keep a Food Journal, Don’t Skip Meals, Eat In) What if I just want to drop a few pounds? Doctors stress that because of the potential risks of the drug, dieters should not use the drug for cosmetic weight loss. “It’s not for patients who want to lose a few pounds,” Tam told USA Today. Of course, concerns remain that once the drug is on the market, doctors can prescribe it to all comers. To prevent that, Qsymia will be available only by mail order at first, so that physicians can’t dispense it from their offices. It will also be available in specialized pharmacies that register for the right to sell the drug, where pharmacists have been educated about Qsymia’s risks and can pass that information along to patients and doctors. What are the risks? Potential heart problems and birth defects. In trials, some people taking Qsymia had an increased heart rate as well as a condition called metabolic acidosis, which can lead to hyperventilation, fatigue and anorexia. One of the ingredients in Qsymia, topiramate, has also been linked in previous studies to birth defects including cleft lip and cleft palate in women who take it during pregnancy. Safety concerns led the FDA to reject Qsymia’s first bid for approval in 2010, but the agency and Vivus have now put in place strategies to reduce risk: for example, women of child-bearing age who want to take Qsymia must test negative for pregnancy before starting the drug and are expected to use contraception and take a pregnancy test once a month while on the drug. Worries remain, though: in a Vivus trial, 34 women on Qsymia became pregnant even though they were instructed to use contraception. (The company says no birth defects occurred.) Patients’ heart rate should also be monitored regularly while taking Qsymia. People with recent or unstable heart disease or stroke are not recommended to take the drug because of the potential heart risks. Vivus has also agreed to continue monitoring Qsymia users for side effects after the drug reaches market; in particular, it will conduct a long-term cardiovascular outcomes trial to assess the effect of Qsymia on major events like heart attack and stroke. (MORE: 5 Things You Need to Know About Belviq) Which is better, Qsymia or Belviq? In clinical trials, people taking Qsymia lost more weight; those taking Belviq lost 5.8% of their body weight on average after a year. Based on the side effects profiles, however, some might consider Belviq to be less risky. “The majority of obese patients wanting to try drug therapy will end up seeing both drugs, regardless of which one they take first,” Simos Simeonidis, an analyst at Cowen & Company, told the New York Times, noting that he thought Qsymia would sell better.
Why is this approval important? Because more than a third of American adults are obese — a proportion that’s growing — and there aren’t many effective weight-loss treatments out there to reverse the trend. Aside from diet and exercise or weight-loss surgery, patients have few options. The FDA’s approval of Qsymia, after such a long diet-drug drought and despite the potential safety problems that plague weight-loss pills, marks a willingness to make new solutions available.
How do you pronounce the name of this pill? Qsymia is pronounced cue-SIM-ee-uh.

Bioidentical Hormones- The key to weight loss and youthful living! MY JOURNEY…

Ok Everyone…Here it goes..”MY REAL JOURNEY WITH BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES” …Diving in Deep!

For more information about bioidentical hormones please contact me at beckygould@ymail.com- The practicianer that is talked about in this blog may refer you or be able to advise you on how to treat your hormonal imbalances.

I am SOOOO excited to sit down and write to you all today!!! I feel like this is the right path, I feel new hope, and I have a tremendously good feeling about this! So here is my story about my venture out to get bioidentical hormone treatments…

After following Dr. Oz so readily and buying practically everything imaginable to promote weight loss and health, I finally think I may have the key to a more youthful, skinnier body and overall wellness in every arena, “mind, body, sex, and soul”.. DID I SAY  “sex” ? OMG I almost forgot what it is like to feel sexy again! lol

Since day one of my blog, my quest was to find out everything that I could on every subject known to man to help us to figure out why weight loss can be so hard for some and not others. I also wanted to find out WHY this aging “thing” was SO HARD. WHY WHY WHY???

After hearing from all of my blog readers, it made me that more determined then ever to finding out the secret to weight loss and healthy aging. So as a result, I sought out the very best bioidentical hormone teacher, nurse, and advocate to inspire me and help me balance my system. This is the story of my first day with my bioidentical hormone guru!

After researching in my town every possible BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE DR and OBGYN and HOMEOPATHIC DR, I began to trust my intuition and go with my gut. I ruled several people out just based on “YELP” bad reviews. Then when I came to my final choice in picking the right hormone specialist I chose one who seemed to have incredibly high ratings on health reviews!  I was so excited when she called me to state that she had an earlier appointment opening then planned and that she could see me TODAY! Yeah, hip hip horrrraaayyy!

I called my best friend who is also going through the whole menopause “thing”: weight gain, hair in weird places, hot flashes, sex drive zilch…etc… She was my hormone theraphy moral support. She was just as excited as I was!  So we drove over to our 3pm appointment with grins on our faces (and wiskers on our chins) and hope in our hearts! A skinnier, sexier “us” was on our mind…we were so tired of feeling like dried up corpses! Finally we had hope on the horizon, with a bit of skeptism, though, but we arrived with an open mind to hearing more about this new technology with Bioidentical Hormones at the forefront!

We arrived to be greeted by a warm, vivacious woman, Diane, who appeared to be in her 40’s. After a brief introduction, she told us her story (and she told us she is 51- WOW- she looks great and her skin and eyes literally GLOW!!!). She had been a nurse all of her professional career and after she personally started experiencing pre-menopausal syptoms, it drove her to seek out knowledge about Bioidentical Hormones so as to help herself and others. She went on to study the bioidentical hormone protocal along with taking a number of bioidentical hormone treatement certification classes and her focus  became learning how to balance “mind, body, and spirit” which included Bioidentical Hormone treatments. Then later she  researched the “crappolla” out of hormone replacements and sought out to find a worthy biochemical lab to work with that specialized in this particular field of medicine. Diane chose a lab out of Oregon who offers extensive testing (hormone panels, blood levels, mineral testing, the works) and specifically constructs personal prescription formulas based on  a persons individual hormonal needs. Her own story was miraclulous as she talked about how this had changed her own experience with menopause and then watched to see it change other lives drastically for the better!  She is honest and sincere in her beliefs that she will “help people balance their lives so that they can live “productivly”  to a 100’s years plus!” She agrees with Suzanne Somers and other advanced  research scientists in their beliefs that this wave of bioidentical hormones is aiding in creating the path to wellness and anti-aging that will extend our lives expidentually!

Diane tells us her own story of how miserable she was before starting bioidentical hormones. The “peri” menopause stage and the effects of this imbalance  had started to interfere with her health and every day life.  Her confidence took a dive as well has her body and sex drive.   It was funny to hear her state to us “that she was a grumpy, menopausal nurse that  wanted to tell everyone to take a hike!” She explained that she was so out of hormonal balance that it was a rollercoaster  of ups and downs and hormones shooting out like solar waves creating a titanic of emotions and irrationality.  So, Diane, like us, decided that “she was not going to give in to living a non sexual, fat,grumpy, hot and tired life with chin hair!”…lol (these are my words not hers by the way..lol)

Anyway, long story short Diane not only had the credentials, but she radiated what she believed in from the inside out! She does not only walk the walk, but talks the talk and then some! She understands the menopausal weight gain, the serious side effects of living with hormonal imbalance.  Diane states, “It is going to be ok, much, much, MUCH better- you do not have to live this way. Balance is everything and together we will work it out!” I was SO happy, I felt “hope” for the first time in years!

This saint of an educated woman, bioidentical scientist Diane, covered alot in the 1 1/2 hour appointment. She personally went through every line item of my current health issues, medical history, current medications, and symptoms that were bothersome. Nothing went uncovered  and she did this with great compassion. She prescribed some baseline blood work and wrote out a list of supplements that she wanted me to start. Then she told me about the miracle that would happen in just a short amount of time…

Now for the GOOD NEWS. Ok, get ready for this. Her hormone treatment plan consists of a complete saliva test that you do 4 times per day for 1 day. After that she would work with her lab to make the perfect formula with my exacting requirements for my body- making the exact personal prescription  to perfectly balance my hormones! She guaranteed that after 1 week of her treatment of personal prescribed bioidentical hormones I would feel 25% better. Then, after that I would continue to feel better each week by 25% more. After a month I would feel 90% or more better then I ever felt before because I would be hormonally BALANCED! She has a 90% success rate! PLUS the SUPER DUPER REALLY GOOD NEWS> a majority of her clients lost weight and came in beaming with joy- the weight just naturally came off once the body was in balance.

I was feeling like a highschool princess that just won the crown when I left! My friend was just as happy, singing “lets get it on” as we left! Hope is really amazing you know!

Long story short, you just have to stay tuned for my next blog. I will go into detail about how I did the saliva test, the results, the personal experience, and the RESULTS!!! YEAH..are you on board with this? AND for MEN??? She helps men, too with getting back in balance. So if you are a man reading this do not be shy to get help and take your life back again!

The biggest news yet…I asked her just before leaving, “what about weight loss”?

She said,  “honey, all of my clients come in with the same question. Once the hormones are balanced and the body is in sinc, the weight just naturally falls off and if you are still struggling after a couple of months we will find out what is wrong and fix it!  There is a skinnier you on the horizon!”   I was thrilled with new hope and it was the best feeling I had had in ages!

THERE IS A GOD, and he/she entered my universe today through the form of a intelligent woman with words of wisdom and hope in her heart to give me. I will continue to blog on this journey….stay tuned for the new “sexy, skinny me!!”

For more information on bioidentical hormones or weight loss questions contact me at beckygould@ymail.com

STAY POSITIVE :O) and don’t give up!  You are worth it!

Becky G

Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA BLOCKS Calorie Absorbtion and BURNS FAT- New “PROVEN” Human Study Results!!!

This article posts the results of the latest human study on Green Coffee Bean Extract that came out June 2012. It is SO amazing and exciting! This is  NOT HYPE, I PROMISE! You already know me by now, that I am all about finding out the TRUTH! The results in the study are making me smile cheek to cheek! The facts are quite astonishing.  But not all green coffee is working. Why is THIS PRODUCT the “HERO” while others are not  working for weight loss??? Dr Oz recommended only 2 manufactures, 1 with Svetol and the other patented product with GCA.  Seems that not all chlorogenic acid from green coffee is created equal. So if your green coffee product has failed you, read on to discover why that may be, and what we now KNOW is the answer to weight loss…If you would like the name of the 2 products that Dr Oz recommends please contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com (we cannot post names on this site)To be quite frank, I  am tired of all of the HYPE and would like to know who I can trust! Between the media, various vitamin supplement companies, and Dr. Oz recommendations I am so confused at what is truthful anymore. It seems that many recommendations are being offered up to the public, but how do we KNOW that they work? This is the BIG question we are all waiting patiently for! Does Green Coffee Bean Extract REALLY WORK???

Well, today my answer came to me in my mail box from my #1 supplement company!  The FACTUAL DATA that I have been looking for is sitting right in front of me in the form of a press release about an official green coffee bean human study! Plus, although Dr Oz did not mention any specific names of manufactures he recommends, he did mention that there were ONLY 2 he would recommend. They both hold patents-trademarks on their products and one of them is the product used in this successful study.

The amazing company that conducted this live study is a non-profit organization that is focused on ending the obesity epidemic and the problems associated with it. The company has been awarded TONS of funding to conduct scientific studies to breakthrough this problem. So I am here to inform you that the results from the most recent study on Green Bean Coffee Extract WITH GCA is very positive! Here it is….

WARNING:  Now, before you run off and purchase a case of green coffee bean extract product, please note that there was a specific PATENTED BRAND of product used in this weight loss study. I don’t know about you, but I want some of this brand and not some other brand that has not been tested.  This is the truth: I found out how to get this THIS EXACT PRODUCT that was used in this study and is PROVEN TO DELIVER WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS.  If I don’t buy it up all for myself, I will share this with you. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to become a part of the weight loss statistics! I am banking my money on this product based on factual data, and not investing in other companies that are offering “hope in a bottle” by stuffing coffee mocha into a capsule. This is the REAL DEAL, readers! So smile, kick your feet up, today is the day we have all been waiting for!  Let’s celebrate and take our cover-ups off for skinner and healthier future! READ ON……

Investigation: Chlorogenic Acid COMPOUND VS Chorogenic EXTRACT from Green Coffee Beans?

To investigate the weight-reducing effect that had been shown in roasted and brewed coffee, scientists turned to compounds extracted directly from green coffee beans. The green coffee beans contain higher amounts of chlorogenic acid and other polyphenol compounds that are substantially lost during the roasting   process that turns them brown.

Investigators tested two agents first on mice: The 1st agent was chlorogenic acid  from green coffee bean “COMPOUND” and 2nd was another agent, green coffee bean “EXTRACT”. They found that chlorogenic acid COMPOUND alone showed a moderate weight-reducing effect. However, the green coffee bean EXTRACT with GCA  produced much greater weight loss.13 This was attributed to its ability to inhibit the absorption of fats from the intestine and enhance fat metabolism in the liver.1

 Compelling Weight-Loss Results with “CROSSOVER STUDY”

To determine conclusively that green coffee bean EXTRACT has a potent anti-obesity benefit, scientists set up a study of rigorous design: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study on humans.

In a crossover study,  participants are cycled through different phases of treatment and placebo. In this case, subjects took a high dose of green coffee bean extract with GCA patented product for 6 weeks, a lower dose green coffee bean extract for 6 weeks, and a placebo for 6 weeks in a randomized, double-blind manner.  Between phases, there was a 2-week “washout” period, making the entire study 22 weeks long.

Crossover studies are considered sound,  because each person in the test group serves as his or her own control. This improves the chances of getting an accurate result, because it eliminates the possibility of the outcome reflecting a difference between the active and control groups.  Instead, any difference in results can be attributed with much greater  confidence to the different supplements taken.

To ensure the findings were more representative, the investigation enlisted both men and women.

Participants were restricted to those who were classified by their BMI as obese or pre-obese, because those who have these conditions are subject to obesity’s metabolic effects and find weight loss difficult to achieve.

To avoid any confounding effect from drugs, subjects were excluded if they had taken any medications known to influence weight during the previous 6 months.

To further ensure that any effect on weight, body fat or BMI could be solely attributed to the extract, there were no significant changes in dietary calories or in the dietary percentages of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins at any time during the study. There were also no significant changes in exercise.  The daily capsules were the only intervention, although in a non-study situation, people seeking weight reduction would ideally combine this intervention with lower calorie consumption and greater physical activity to   promote maximum weight loss.

During the high-dose phase, subjects took 400 mg of green coffee bean extract, three times daily. The lower dose phase included 400 mg of extract, taken twice daily. The placebo phase involved a 400 mg dose three times daily of an inert capsule containing an inactive substance.

If you would like more information green coffee bean extract with GCA the subjects were given contact  beckylgould@gmail.com

In June 2012, the scientists reported the   striking results.

Although there were no changes in calorie intake or exercise over the 22-week trial, the investigators found that all subjects experienced an impressive reduction in  body weight, BMI, and body fat during both the high-dose and low-dose phases of the study, but not in the placebo phase!After just 12 weeks  of administering 400 mg green coffee bean extract GCA three times a day over the course of the 22-week study, the scientists found that:

  • Weight decreased by over 17.6 pounds on average—with some subjects losing more than 22.7 pounds!
  • BMI decreased by an average of 2.92!
  • Body fat decreased by an average 4.44%, with some subjects losing 6.44% of their body fat!
  • Heart rate decreased by a significant average of 2.56 beats per minute!

The substantial anti-obesity impact was clearly reflected in the finding that a remarkable 37% of participants who were assessed as having pre-obesity (25-30 BMI) at the start of the study had their condition reversed to the  normal-weight range!

A study follow-up showed that, contrasting with food-restriction diets, a surprising 87.5% of the test subjects were able to maintain their weight loss after completing the study. No side effects were observed.

If you would more information on Green Coffee Bean Extract GCA product used in this study contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Exploring the Biochemical Mechanisms

Research into exactly how green coffee bean extract produces its dramatic pound-shedding effect is in its early stages. However, existing evidence indicates that this powerful coffee extract has the ability to safely decrease the intestinal uptake of glucose, fats, and carbohydrates—and reduce the absorption of   calories! Research shows that it also interferes with glucose transport and the production and storage of fats; and promotes utilization of glucose and breakdown of fats. Scientists speculate that its multiple   biochemical mechanisms may work to:

  • Inhibit the enzyme amylase, which would decrease the gastrointestinal tract absorption of sugar and calories
  • Interfere with glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme involved in creation of often surplus blood glucose from protein and fats
  • Suppress accumulation of hepatic triglycerides
  • Alter body-fat distribution
  • Downregulate fatty acid and cholesterol biosynthesis
  • Upregulate fatty acid oxidation and expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPAR-alpha), a key regulator of lipids and glucose
  • Interfere with glucose transport
  • Inhibit pancreatic lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fats in the digestive tract
  • Retard absorption of fats from the intestine, and activate fat metabolism in the liver
  • Enhance energy metabolism
  • Reduce lipogenesis and fat accumulation by downregulating sterol regulatory element-binding protein and similar molecules
  • Inhibit the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which breaks apart complex sugars and enhances their absorption into the blood
  • Increase the signal protein for insulin receptors in liver cells, increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing glucose levels
  • Antagonize glucose uptake in the proximal small intestine, shifting absorption to more distal regions of the small intestine, thus reducing overall glucose uptake
  • Promote synthesis of the homeodomain transcription factor IDX-1, which helps the insulin-regulating beta cells respond to increases in plasma glucose
  • Promote dispersal of the sodium ion (Na+) electrochemical gradient, in turn reducing glucose absorption
  • Enhance whole-body metabolism, as shown by greater consumption

Whatever the mechanism through which green coffee bean extract delivers its beneficial effects, it has been shown to have a unique anti-obesity benefit: it substantially reduces body weight and body fat—even without a change in exercise or calorie consumption.


Obesity increases the risk of chronic diseases and puts its victims at a 200-300% greater risk of death.3,4

The good news is that scientists have found that green coffee bean extract can intervene in a unique way to inhibit the process behind obesity. Its compounds can reduce levels of fat11-16 and glucose14,15,17-27 in the body—and can decrease the absorption of calories!10

In a recent, placebo-controlled study on humans, green coffee bean extract decreased weight by a remarkable average of over 17.6 pounds!28 And 37% of participants reversed their pre-obesity status back to the normal-weight range!28 These results confirm  that green coffee bean extract is a unique and potent intervention to halt obesity.

If you have any questions on the scientific content of this article, or would like to know what brand of green coffee bean extract was used in this study contact   beckylgould@gmail.com

About Becky G:
Becky G is a registered distributor for the company that has conducted this study. Although Dr Oz did not come out and mention the name of this company, he endorses this patented Green Coffee Extract as 1 out of 2 products that people should purchase because of the regulation adn patent of the product with GCA.

Becky works with one of the most reputable companies in the world, working towards finding a cure for the obesity & type II diabetes epidemic. She began her mission with Vitamin Advocates because she was personally “duped”, purchasing a fake product from a less then honest company. So she set to discover the truth about supplements and the manufacturers that make them. Shortly thereafter, she decided to create a safe haven website for blog readers so that they can find trustworthy products and be personally advised on an what products are best for each persons individual health needs. Her motto is “always be transparent to others and have the ultimate goal of expressing genuine kindness, compassion, and honesty in every endeavor.”

Becky started the Vitamin Advocate website after being accepted by this company (that conducted the study) as an official distributor for their product line. She was honored to represent the product line that she trusts most and to have the privilege to work along side people she admires in the supplement industry. Her site has helped others become employed as well as to be able to give back to the non-profit mission.  She writes her blog as hobby and also sees it as a way to connect to others that struggle with eating disorders, weight loss issues, menopause, diabetes, and other health related issues. She has survived and recovered almost completely from a spinal cord injury that nearly left her lifeless and she attributes this to her quest for cellular re-growth and through usage of alternative health products. She has also recovered from an eating disorder, bulimia, which she struggled with for over 10 years. She has 3 kids and is married to a wonderful man who is type 1 diabetic since the age of 8. Becky’s son is one of the longest living heart transplants in the world (25years). He continues to teach her that it is the quality of life that matters most and that life is too short to worry about the small stuff! Her goal is to help improve the quality of life by providing resources that help family members, friends, and blog readers. Her life goal is to be able to provide holistic care and products to those that cannot afford to do so.

If you have any questions at all for Becky, please email her directly at beckylgould@gmail.com and she will address your question, comment, or concern.

References for the study
1. Available at: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs311/en/. Accessed on April 24, 2012.2. Adams KF, Schatzkin   A, Harris TB, et al. Overweight, obesity, and mortality in a large   prospective cohort of persons 50 to 71 years old. N Engl J Med. 2006   August 24;355(8):763-78.3. Available at : http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/1/61/49716427.pdf. Accessed April 24, 2012.4. Conway B, Rene A.   Obesity as a disease: no lightweight matter. Obes Rev. 2004 3:145-51.5. Ouchi N, Ohashi K,   Shibata R, Murohara T. Adipocytokines and obesity-linked disorders. Nagoya   J Med Sci. 2012 Feb;74(1-2):19-30.6. Larson-Meyer DE,   Heilbronn LK, Redman LM, et al. Effect of calorie restriction with or without   exercise on insulin sensitivity, beta-cell function, fat cell size, and   ectopic lipid in overweight subjects. Diabetes Care. 2006   Jun;29(6):1337-44.7. Kant AK, Graubard   BI. Secular trends in patterns of self-reported food consumption of adult   Americans: NHANES 1971-1975 to NHANES 1999-2002. Am J Clin Nutr. 2006   Nov;84(5):1215-23.8. Bagnol D, Al-Shamma   HA, Behan D, Whelan K, Grottick AJ. Diet-induced models of obesity (DIO) in   rodents. Curr Protoc Neurosci. 2012 Apr;Chapter 9:Unit9.38.9.   Fair AM, Montgomery K. Energy balance, physical activity, and cancer risk. Methods   Mol Biol. 2009;472:57-88.&7-keto, raspberry ketone, forskolin, saffron, Dr Oz, taking 7 keto and green coffee bean extract, taking raspberry ketone and green coffee extract, raspberry ketone and 7 keto, weight loss supplements, biggest loser, life Extension

Thoughts BEFORE you buy: Green Coffee Extract, Raspberry Ketone, 7-Keto, or ANYTHING for that matter…”Vitamin Buying Tips for Dummies, 101″

Entertaining Thoughts BEFORE you purchase: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone, 7 Keto, OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER…..”Vitamin Purchasing Tips for Dummies 101”

I have to laugh at the great comments that are coming in to me from all over the world! It is just amazing at what companies will do to make a buck on the weight loss groupies like us! So just to give you some humor, (since the subject of fraud is so negative), let me shed light on some of the entertaining stories that have been told to me about peoples experiences buying products online, including my own dumb blonde purchase!….Now, don’t get me wrong, these stories are heart wrenching  because the buyers are devastated, betrayed, defeated, and then angry…. So it is not that I am not compassionate, I AM, but I truly want all of us to learn through these mistakes…..A Must Read Blog:  “Vitamin purchasing tips for dummies”…

The stories told are true to form, however, the names and places have been changed to protect the fraudulent….


SO just imagine this..…..

Envision a dark red house in the small town of Wichita. Sitting at home there is a Mom and Pops, small child and they are watching the Dr. Oz show. He is featuring the Green Coffee Bean Extract today and the show is quite compelling suggesting that this product works for weight loss.  So Pops says to Mom, “hey lets sell the stuff and make some bucks, honey!” They make a few phone calls to the white label broker named Wizard of Oz and a few hours later they are in business! They don’t have to do anything except sit on the couch watching Dr. Oz, keeping notes of products, and imputing orders!  You see, the Wizard of Oz broker drop ships their orders  for them with their own label on the bottle that states; “Mom and Pops Green Coffee Caps.” Mom, Pops, and child continue to process orders, but now they are adding “Mom and Pops Saffron Caps” to their product line while picking out a brand new car that they will purchase online from the vitamin proceeds. The one thing that Mom and Pops did not realize was that the Wizard of Oz vitamin broker bought the product from Mr. Big Shot manufacturer who in turn bought overseas from the OverSea Express. No wonder the products are NOT WORKING….OverSea Express did not realize that the coffee needed to be extracted from the green coffee plant in order to work for weight loss effects. OverSea Express thought that real coffee mocha would work just FINE  as an alternative, plus it was cheaper. And for Saffron,  OverSea Express decided that the leaves crunched up and put into capsules  would work fine, too.  OverSea Express did not understand clearly what the objective was because there was a slight “language barrier”( or they just didn’t care)…. Not to mention there was a  “SEA- barrier”working to their advantage, too…lol

There was no testing done on the products that Mom and Pops ordered, so when the FDA came to their home, they were caught in their pajamas and did not have any idea of who OverSea Express was that sold fake product to Mr Big Shot who sold to Wizard of Oz who sold to Mom and Pops.  Mom and Pops were caught with their pajamas down and now had to return the money that they charged the consumers. Unfortunately, their new car was repossessed.


Do you get the drift? This is happening over and over and over again! We are falling prey to this pattern and in the process we are getting duped! Some of the little guys reselling products are not even laying a hand on the product, nor do they know what they are shipping to YOU! BEWARE. SUPPORT LEGITIMATE VITAMIN MANUFACTURES ONLY- if you would like the names of legitimate manufacturers or distributors contact beckylgould@gmail.com


3 women write in to me  with this question; “do you think that these products are real?”

1) Jodie mails me real product samples to my home and clearly the product is fake- mocha.

2) Cheryl mails me sample of her products- Koolaid.

3) Dianna mails me products-  definitely coffee mocha.

Later I investigate domain names and websites of the companies that they have purchased the fake products from: (changed to protect the fraudulent- NOTE THESE ARE NOT REAL LINKS)




COME ON PEOPLE…if the name LOOKS obviously like it is NOT a large company then guess what- it’s not! If the domain name is something stupid, so is the product!

So thereafter,  I went on Google maps to investigate the business locations. I looked up the addresses that were listed on the website contact pages to see where these companies actually are on the map- FYI,  Google maps is a great tool and will actually show you the exact real live photo of the dwelling that is listed for the address.  So this is what I found out about the addresses listed for the 3 bogus companies researched (and there are hundreds just like these):

1)    One showed the address as a huge dirt lot with a bird sanctuary behind it

2)    One showed that they were in a huge high rise in Vegas, however, when I called several of the tenants there to verify, no one had heard of the vitamin company name – they did not reside in the building

3)    One was a middle of the road brown 2 story home, in the suburbs; ford truck in front and kids toys in the front yard (mom and pops were probably inside entering Saffron “leaf” orders in their pajamas)

 SO now you have it….”the truth”.

 So if you are questioning the company that you bought product from it is best that you find out what their headquarters look like OR know the distributor and what they stand for!  Now, before I get too mean, let me also let you to know that I feel that being a distributor for a legitimate company is very ethical and honorable.  So there is a difference between “mom and pops” and the “distributor”.  A distributor may really be legitimate, too.  I am NOT against reselling products, but there are rules of ethics that should be kept.

Becky G’s word of ethical reselling that Companies should stand behind:

1)    It is not ethical for a reseller to NOT KNOW what  is in the product that  they are selling. Period- end of story. Products should ALL be tested. So ask the company you are buying from for a certification or analysis document.

2)    It is not ethical to LIE about the nature of a business. Period. Test them before you buy and research.

3)    It is not ethical for a business to pretend that it is  something that  “they are NOT” (like resides in a high rise..lol) 

4)    If is not ethical for a company to put a label on a product that is not accurate or to add anything harmful to a product and not disclose it- SO  investigate before purchasing.

5)    It is illegal and not ethical to falsely market something. DO your research and look for marketing tactics.

6)    It is unethical to alter reviews to increase sales- DO not trust reviews, trust real people and TRUST your INTUITION.


WRAP UP- Vitamin Purchasing for Dummies 101:

Do your research and if it does not feel right, don’t purchase. Take your time. Support legitimate manufactures and distributors. Be willing and expect to pay more for products that have been tested, trademarked, branded, or patented. Do not buy from places that PIT one sale against another and barter for price. You will be looking for trouble because those are the sites that have most of the mom and pops on them. Also, if a product is really cheap and it is a name brand from a manufacturer, then that is a problem. Manufacturers have a BOTTOM price that the reseller cannot go below. So if it priced lower than 25% then they are probably expired, or rebottled. Be aware of what you are buying andfrom  who.

Pledge to be a “safe purchaser supporting legitimate companies”.

If you have ANY questions contact me personally at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will do my best to get back to you promptly.

Notes about Becky G:

Becky g is a legitimate distributor and works with one of the most reputable companies in the world, working towards finding a cure for the obesity epidemic & type II diabetes. She began this endeavor because she was duped, purchasing a fake product and it rolled out from there!  Thereafter, she decided to create a safe haven for blog readers to go where they can find trustworthy products and be personally advised on an individual health basis need. Becky resides in Modesto Ca. and owns her own ecommerce business selling custom direct mail throughout the US. She writes as hobby and also as a way to connect to others that struggle with eating disorders, weight loss issues, menopause, and other health related issues. She has survived a spinal cord injury, and full recovery from bulimia. Her son is one of the longest living heart transplants in the world (25years). Her goal is to lengthen and improve quality of life by providing resources that help her family, friends, and blog readers…Her life goal is to be able to provide holistic care and products to those that cannot afford to do so.



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