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Raspberry Ketone…How to know if you are buying the “REAL PRODUCT?”

RASBERRY KETONE- How do I  know if I am buying the “Real Product”?

After I wrote the blog on “Raspberry Ketone…The TRUTH about them”, I have had an alarming response! I wanted to keep everybody updated on what is going on with regards to the purchase of the “real product” and the findings of who is manufacturing this and where we can get it.

I want to first clarify a bit of information and in doing so have used basic description of the process so that you can easily understand…

The RASPBERRY KETONE process starts at the general chemical processing plant.  There are only 7 USA based manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone raw extract. Chemical manufacturing plants extract from the raspberry to get the raw product. Then they and sell to a clinical laboratory where they process the Raspberry Ketone into an end product for a buyer or retailer. Buyers or retailers specify their own “recipe” for the ingredients for their desired final product. Some labs already have turn-key “recipes” or formulas, but Raspberry Ketone is a less common one, until now. The laboratory will also bottle and label the product for the reseller with the desired “brand name” label for marketing.  Raspberry Ketone is usually used for perfumes scents or for flavoring foods. It was not until recently that the labs had a demand for powder or capsule for health supplemental purposes.

So after realizing that the manufacturing plants were not the source we needed to purchase Raspberry Ketone from, we again investigated to try to find laboratories that might have the turn key product to sell to the public. One such company, has agreed to produce the Raspberry Ketone for a diet supplement. To do this it will cost approximately $3000-$5000 for the initial 1000 bottles of Raspberry Ketone. Although the price is good at a rate of $3-$5 each, this comes with the risk to the reseller of being liable for any health issues or lawsuits that may come about with the selling of this new product. Liability is on the retailer so risk is high.

Conclusion for purchasing of the Raspberry Ketone? We suggest that you find out who the reseller uses as a laboratory. Then investigate the laboratory to see if there are any lawsuits or complaints(yelp, BBB, etc…). If not, and if the laboratory seems legitimate with good reviews,  then proceed with the sale. Make sure you check the labels of the product that you buy and remember that if it looks too good to be true then “it probably is”!

Most importantly, keep us informed as to your progress on the weight loss program and report any successes, side effects, or reactions. Keep us all informed so that we can make and educated decision on our purchase of the product and the risks associated with this decision to try the product for weight loss. More importantly, if you suspect a “scam” false reseller, don’t hesitate to report them here or on YELP or BBB.

Good luck in your weight loss efforts…I am as hopeful as you are that this product helps all of us to achieve our ultimate weight goal!

Stay tuned to this blog as I update on everyone’s successes or new information on RASPBERRY KEYTONE diets!!!

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2 thoughts on “Raspberry Ketone…How to know if you are buying the “REAL PRODUCT?”

  1. I am on using Edan Pond raspberry ketone product. I have a heat sensation from them and are more energetic. I have lost 3 lobs in first week. Powder will be arriving and I will update on this as we try it.

    • This is so great! yep I felt HOT from the product too, because it is a thermagenic and speeds up metabolism. 7-keto does the same thing but in a slightly different way. That is great news with the weight loss! Keep us informed as to your progress.

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