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7-Keto? The TRUTH Behind this Fat Burner.

The Truth behind the Fat Burner- 7-KETO

 Personally I have been trying to lose weight and battling the bulge due to slowed metabolism. Over the years I have tried just about every diet and diet product with no increase  in my metabolism.  When I saw the Dr. Oz show promoting the product 7-KETO it grabbed my attention and made me want to find the truth behind this so called “miracle metabolism booster”.  I am writing this article in hopes that this  may help you to understand the science behind 7-KETO and to allow you to make your own personal decision regarding whether this product is right for you. If you have any questions or would like to know a reputable manufacturer of a high end product for 7-Keto DHEA, you can personally email me at beckylgould@gmail.com

7-KETO- What is it?

Technically speaking, 7 Keto is known as 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a readily available dietary supplement that has many benefits for weight loss, anti-aging and immune support. It is a non-hormonal metabolite, also known as a byproduct, of the adrenal hormone DHEA. Some claim that both could be miracle elixirs for anti-aging and weight loss, but what is the difference between them? Below you will find the answer, as well as the benefits and guidelines for using 7 Keto. It is important to understand that they do not work well independently, but work optimally with both ingredients 7 keto AND DHEA to create optimal response for anti-aging, immune support,  and overall weight loss.

DHEA and 7-KETO? What is the difference?

Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, is an important hormone produced in the adrenal glands. It has the capability to convert into either testosterone or estrogen as needed by the human body. DHEA levels fall with age in both men and women. Supplementation has been shown to improve immune function, decrease muscle loss and stress, and improve overall well-being. The downside of DHEA as an independent product, is that it can cause side effects due to its conversion into testosterone and estrogen. For women, this could mean masculine traits such as unwanted hair growth and a deeper voice. Men can suffer from the symptoms of too much estrogen; patients with prostate or breast cancer may exacerbate their illness due to excess estrogen, which can cause tumor growth. That’s where 7 Keto comes in. It does NOT convert to testosterone or estrogen in the body. Since it is a non-hormonal metabolite of DHEA, users can experience some of the benefits with none of the side effects. The main product that is benificial in producing the GOOD effects vs the bad  is making sure that you get a product with both 7- keto AND DHEA and that way the 7 Keto balances out the product without any negative side effects.

Uses of 7-KETO with DHEA

7 Keto with DHEA has found many uses in the supplement industry. Most commonly it is used as an ingredient in many fat-burning formulas. It has been shown to elevate T3, a hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. The thyroid is the master gland capable of turning up or down the rate of metabolism, which determines how many calories are burned. Under-active thyroids cause obesity, while overactive ones burn energy too fast to be stored as body fat. Even a very slight increase in thyroid output means a dramatic increase in the rate of metabolism. Since metabolism slowly grinds to a halt as we age, 7 Keto is both a fat-loss supplement and an anti-aging wonder.


Many associate 7 Keto with youthful activity levels, weight loss, and good health. And there is good reason for this. Besides boosting metabolism, 7 Keto has been shown to improve energy, increase immune function and even improve memory in aging individuals. HIV and AIDS patients may benefit from these invigorating effects.


7 Keto is safe for both male and female adults. Since it is non-hormonal, there is no need to worry about side effects. Children should not use 7 Keto because their metabolism is already at youthful levels that are adequate to maintain healthy body weight. Those with thyroid disease or dysfunction should check with their physician before supplementing with 7 Keto.

Dosage and Side Effects

Recommended dosage of 7 Keto DHEA is 50 to 100 mg twice a day. There are no known side effects of 7 Keto supplementation. In animal studies, no DNA damage or side effects were reported, even at a relative dosage 70 times bigger than the recommended dosage for human use. However, 7 Keto DHEA does not seem to work for everyone, and it can be rather expensive. Diet and exercise should be used along with 7 Keto DHEA for optimal weight loss results. A low carb diet is recommended. The effects of long-term use are unknown, so 7 Keto DHEA  should be taken at the user’s discretion. It is important to choose a reputable source for purchase  of 7-Keto. Since is is expensive to manufacture, there have been random tests done on products that do not contain enough of the product to be effective, therefore a waste of time and money. It is important to know who the manufacture is and to be sure that studies were conducted on that product to verify that enough raw 7-Keto and DHEA is in each capsule to offer promising results.

If you would like a list of reputable manufacturers for this product you may contact:


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51 thoughts on “7-Keto? The TRUTH Behind this Fat Burner.

  1. Sonya Joyner on said:

    What is the difference between 7-Keto and Raspberry Ketones? I too saw them on Dr Oz. I first planned to get 7-Keto, then a few days later I saw the promoting of Raspberry Ketones. When I searched for Raspberry Ketones online, both came up. Now I don’t know what to orde.

    • Both Raspberry Ketone and 7-Keto products have been proven to increase metobolic rate, but with different chemical reactions. Also “saffron”. I started with the raspberry ketone and have definately felt a change. It is sort of a hot feeling like my body temperature has gone up. I have been on it for awhile now (3 weeks) and lost some weight, a half pant size, but not a milestone yet. But I feel much better overall, maybe just from hope! I am not able to excersise my lower body due to waiting for hip replacements, so those that can add cardio to their day will see much better results then for me. I also started adding green tea to my daily intake, both iced and hot and that is helping with digestion.
      Saffron is on back order until April due to popularity.I have heard it is REALLY a great addition to the Raspberry. I have not started my 7-Keto because its in the mail, but will let you know after a week or so how its going. I plan to stick with these products and track my progress. I will give it at least 3 months to test results.
      In April when I get that Saffron I will start this 3rd product along with the Raspberry Ketone and 7-Keto to see if all 3 products compliment and increase weight loss. I am really hopeful! I will keep everyone posted. Keep thinking positive because those with slow metabolism really need a boost! Keep on adding small changes and they all add up! There is a application called “my fitness pal” that is a great program for iphone-ipad that is easy to use and calculates every single ingredient that goes into your body (it knows almost all foods, packaged or not) and it directs you in what you are low or high in (I am always too high in carbs..lol) so you learn your eatting patterns.
      Stay positive because guilt and shame wont get us anywhere (I beat myself up in my head)….We are on the right road at least taking action!
      For a list of reputable manufacture companies: beckylgould@gmail.com

      • Lee Tipton on said:

        I have been taking the Keto 7 for about 3 weeks now. i am in menopause and had been attributing the hot flashes to menopause although i thought they were subsiding. since taking the keto 7 i am having severe hot flashes. i am not stopping though because i am also able to stick to a diet now. i am having yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch and trying to control my eating when i get home at night. i will be adding saffron next week. i am excited!!!

    • Start with 1 product first and buy a top quality product from a reputable company. There are many companies that are taking advantage of the Oz show and making bad quality products quickly to supply demand. COntact me if you want a reputable source that is not fake nor would they risk their perfect reputation. Also, contact me for a free physician advise from a good company with specialists on staff. beckylgould@gmail.com

  2. Sonya Joyner on said:

    Thank you

    • My friend recently called the doctor about taking raspberry ketone and 7 keto together.Based on her body and thyroid issue, they recommended to start one product at time to see how her body responds. Then add product slowly and at a low mg dosage. She has a toll free number for a medical hotline and gives free med evaluations so email me and I will give you the number when I get it from her….beckylgould@gmail.com Let me know what they say to you about this so I can inform the readers.
      Thanks :O)

  3. Jeff Gordon on said:

    Hi Becky … Very nice blog. I’ve TIVO-ed all the Dr. Oz shows and have been watching them to see what the best advice is for improving metabolism and losing weight. My thyroid has always been “normal”, but on the low side of normal.

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking of trying 7-Keto and Raspberry ketones, but I’m not sure if they can be used together. Do you have a sense about that?

    Also, I want to try Relora, Forskelin, and Saffron extract.

    It seems extremely hard to find any of these items. If you can point me to reputable manufacturers, I’d REALLY appreciate it.

    • Hi Jeff;
      Everybody is SOOO different it is hard to really direct you. The best advise I can give with your thyroid issue is to probably start with a mild detox-cleanse product. Then continue to detox with green tea and water with cucumber,lemon daily, FOREVER since it balances the acid we put in our bodies subconciously every single day. The products we put in our bodies can be one of the reason for the overload on the thyroid. So if you check with your DR and start here, then you won’t be trying to climb an uphill battle every day. If you think your hormones are acting up, this can be huge area of concern too. SO get a blood test to rule out “wacko hormome levels” which may easily revive your metabolism if you get them balanced. Don’t try too many metabolizm boosters all at once or it could be risky. We all want immediate results, but we have to go slow and feel how are body responds to each one. Then eventually you can introduce another. I have a natural propensity to “overdo” and did so with the raspberry (taking too much too soon) and I had a racing heart feeling. It obviously speeds things up, but moderation is the key (“yes, mom”..lol)
      Email me at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will be able to provide you with factual data about some reputable manufacture companies so that you don’t waste money on placebo or sub-par products. They featured catastrophic results on 20/20 with fraudulent manufature companies producing products with poisons/toxins in them. Scary world we live in…

    • I am still waiting for my saffron and forskolin. I bought it from a very high end company that has a really good reputation (celebrities use the products regularily). So email me and I will give the name to you so you can get on a list right away for the products. Saffron is hard to harvest from what I understand so it is expensive. But it sounds promising because it works on the “emotional side” for weight loss and creates serotonin/dopamine transmitters to work better. So emotional eatting diminishes.Can’t wait to have this product! I will keep you posted when I do and contact me for name of reputable vender:

  4. nick on said:

    what works faster

    • I have gotten a mix of reviews with the raspberry ketone vs the 7-keto. I am currently taking the 7-keto with the anti adipocyte (white kidney bean) and I am doing great! Lost a whole pant size in 3 weeks without really doing much except eatting healthy. I cannot do much activity because I am waiting for a hip replacement, ugh…(My kids say I will be “hip” mom..lol)
      Anyway, I feel REALLY good though and very grounded mentally, too. I am also taking Vit D and B12. I can let you know where to get quality product by email only because this site does not allow mention of any names. beckylgould@gmail.com
      Everyone keep me posted on success AND failures so we all can be informed.

      • Lee Tipton on said:

        I wish you much luck with your hip replacements. Our pastor’s wife had hers done one after the other and she says it is absolutely wonderful!! I am such a big chicken. I am bone to bone on my right knee and they want to replace that – but I will not let them. I am going to try to lose this 100 pounds and see how my knees are after that. Wish me luck please.

      • I can relate to what you are saying, being that I am also in menopause and the metabolism boosters raise the body temperature. OMG, So at least you know that its working! It can be quite unbearable for some, though. I guess we will just have to run around half dressed and with ice packs..lol? Great feedback on the results though! I am hoping with losing weight it will also be easier on my back and hips/ all joints! I would suggest that you talk to the advise line on the website to see if taking both of the products will be unbearable with the heat in addition to menopause hot flashes. Have you tried any of the menopause products that create hormones in a natural way? If you balance your hormones this will also increase weight loss. I just had a blood test done and I was low in estrogen. Might want to get the “complete female panel” screening test done. If you don’t have insurance, I know where you can get this done fairly inespensively. Email me directly for that name since I cannot mention on this blog or I will be kicked off…..Great news, though and hope you stick with it and never give up!

      • Sending you BEST WISHES, luck and determination…..Yes, I am sure your knees will love you for your weight loss as much as my hips will love me…Cheers to losing weight and having a more pain free exsistance!

    • Nick, the raspberry ketone affects are noticable right away. You will feel a heat sensation. 7-Keto takes about a week to feel effects. BUT DO NOT TAKE THE XTREME Rk 500mg or anything similar. I had a racing heart after I tried this product. Start out slow because everyone responds differently. If you want medical advise I can supply you with a free physician line to advise you so just email me at beckylgould@gmail.com for this or for a reputable manufacture of either raspberry ketone or 7-keto. Also it is good to do a cleanse prior to starting either product so your body is optimal. Good luck and keep us all posted.

  5. mindy on said:

    I am taking African mango now and I have lost 57 lbs in 6 months. How helpful would it be if I took 7- kerosene as well. I am 32 and 171lbs now.

    • From what the Doctor says, it is ok to take 7-keto, too. This might help you get past the plateau. If you do not have a Dr. then I suggest you call this free hotline that I can give you if you email me at beckylgould@gmail.com
      Congratulations on your weight loss! This is amazing and you should be so proud of your accomplishment. Please share how you are doing it. I have found a reputable source that offers 7- keto AND african mango. Maybe I should try that.

    • Yes, you should call a dr for advise, but they will probably ok you to take 7-Keto with it. That is SO GREAT to hear your progress. You are adding years to your life and you must feel so wonderful! Keep up the great work and let us know your progress when you get on the 7-keto product. I have a free number for physician advise and for 7-keto so email me at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will get that for you. Keep us posted!!!

  6. Haide C. on said:

    Hi there anybody taking 7 keto and rasberry ketone together? please let me know, I just got both of then and need feed back on taking them together.

    Thank you.

    • What we are told to recommend is to start one at a time. This way you can see if the first product has any adverse effects. If you take both and then have a reaction, you don’t know which one was causing you problems.So start one for week or so then slowly add the other after you have been advised by a physician. You should call the free physician number to double check with what they say based on your health history too. Also, for everyone out there, DO NO take Xtreme 500! I had a racing heart rate, so whatever was in these or if it was the high dosage, it was not pleasant. If you need the complimentary advise line, contact me via email and I will get that for you. beckylgould@gmail.com Oh, i forgot, they recommend that you do a 3 day cleanse prior. This way you “prime” you body and get rid of toxins before you start so your body will release the fat. If anyone out there is NOT experiencing results, this may be the problem. See my blog on this study. THanks and keep us posted.
      Becky G

    • Sonya Joyner on said:

      I started with the raspberry ketones, then added the 7-Keto about two weeks later. I can feel them heat up my body, which is the part I don’t like. Other than that, I’m not having any problems. I had already started an eating plan and after an initial weight loss wasn’t seeing any progress. I have now loss 3 lbs/week for two weeks! This happened a week after adding the 7-Keto. I will be continuing both supplements and am looking forward to being swimsuit ready by June. I exercise moderately.

  7. AWESOME! Thanks for the update, congratulations! Yes the “hot” feeling can be annoying, but hey, if it works, I am in! I, too have been shedding lbs with both Raspberry (the new one at a lower dose) and the 7-Keto, plus I am using a cleanse product to make sure I am not holding on to toxins….

  8. Linda on said:

    still I have not found the answer to the question of what is the difference of 7-keto and raspberry keto. Would someone please answer my question

    • Hi Linda;
      I will talk to the physician hotline today to attempt to find the exact difference betweek 7-keto and raspberry ketone.
      They are both therogenics and increase metabolism, but they do this is in a different method. Many people report that the raspberry ketone actually makes the body temperature rise and they get a feeling of being warmer. 7-Keto has not had this report and there have no been any side effects reported. I am not a chemist, so understanding the process in which thermogenic properties react is not my strong suit. But I promise when I understand it in simple terms I will email you or post it. I did hear that taking both at the same time needs to done with caution and never start both at the same time. Take one at a time so you can check you BP and look for adverse effects. Anti-Adipocyte works well with both. This is essentially “white kidney bean” that blocks carbs so you take it an hour prior to eatting. I will email you the physician hotline number so you can discuss any health concerns you may have. Thank you! And please report in on how you are doing if you try one of these products! Becky G

      • Lee Tipton on said:

        I have had “heating up” experiences with Keto 7 – but I am attributing it to more menopausal effects than the drug. I have order the Saffron Sattireal and it should be here today. As soon as I am done with the Keto-7 I will be trying the Raspberry Keto and will let all of you know how strong the differences are.

        Best of luck to all of us who are trying to GET HEALTHY!!!

      • Sonya Joyner on said:

        On Dr Oz recommended both Raspberry Ketones and 7-Keto to help with weight loss.. One was for all over weight loss and one was more for belly fat. I think that the 7-Keto was for all over (general metabolism boost) and the ketones are for the belly fat. Either way they work great in combination and I am taking the recommended dose of 100mg 2x/day for each. Hope this helps.

      • Lee Tipton on said:

        Dear Ms. Joyner, I would be most interested in your age. I am a 58 year old female who is full on menopausal currently. I am on the Keto-7 and will transfer to the Raspberry Ketos when I am done with these. I cannot imagine taking them both at the same time due to the fact that I have hot flashes that seem to be exacerbated by the Keto. I kid you not, it feels like a furnace kicking on – right in the middle of my chest and before the flash ends – I have sweat dripping off my chin and my hair is damp at the nape of my neck.

        Just curious Ms. Joyner. I am all about educating myself. This aging process is a learning process and the more I know – the healthier I can stay.

        Thank you for your time and attention.
        Lee Tipton

      • Sonya Joyner on said:

        I am 50 and know how bad the flashes can get. I was sleeping 2-3 hours a night, experiencing shortness of breath and felt like I was being stuck by pins before HRT. The sweating was horrendous! The Ketones set off a very mild “flash” that lasts less than a minute maybe twice a day and I don’t think that it is necessarily connected to the menopause. I can live with that. I dropped another pound since last Thursday! Adding the 7-Keto didn’t make it any worse, but I think it improved the weight loss.

      • Lee Tipton on said:

        May I ask how much weight you have lost and how long you have been using the Keto-7? I did not even start menopause until I was 54 – almost 55, so I will not complain. But I really need to lose some weight because of my knees. Otherwise I will end up having to have my right one replaced.

        Thank you for your kind reply,
        Lee Tipton

    • I spoke with a physician yesterday and they told me that the raspberry ketone can be used together with 7 keto, however diabetics and people with heart problems should check with their dr first. Start 1 at a time, then together after you check for any side effects. I was told the the raspberry ketone works by metabolizing the adrenal system and in turn increasing thyroid function burning fat. The 7 keto works directly by stimulating the liver, thus burning off of fatty acids. It has proven to be good for the liver, however, anyone with liver problems should check with their physician. The physician also told me that if the metabolism is not increasing and weight loss is stagnant, then to look at the body for either blood sugar spikes and regulate that, or look for hormonal imbalance. Either one of these factors will not alow the body to shed off fat. SO until these are balanced it is an uphill battle. My friend is taking ALoe Vera drink and her insulin peaks are leveling out so now she will start the ketone and keto for weight loss. Hope this helps. I started with aloe drink too, and my stomach is much flatter after just a couple of days. Highly recommend this with the other products.

      • Lee Tipton on said:

        I have a nephew that lived on Aloe for the first 4 or 5 years of his life. Everytime his mom would breast feed or give that kid formula – it was like a VOLCANO!!! So she found the Aloe Vera juice and it worked. I am going to start it as well. Can I ask you if you drink coffee? I love coffee. I have limited myself now to 2 cups per day – but I love my coffee. I have heard that it can cause blood sugar issues.

        thanks again!!! you are such a huge help to us foodaholics!!!
        Lee Tipton

      • That is funny that you mentioned coffee because the physician told me yesterday that the “green coffee” (I guess that is the part the is filtered out) is really great for weight loss, too. She said it is best not to strain your coffee through the paper filter, but through the other kind that are metal to get more of the “green” extract from the coffee grounds. Anyway, I am going to check out the coffee products she recommended. I like my 1 cup a day too! No probs that I know of with this. Let me know how you feel after a couple of days on aloe vera. I really like it.My friend swears it is helping her tummy shrink too. We both feel like we have an “animial” hiding in our tummy and it needs to take a hike!..
        thanks :O)

      • About diabetes and coffee> my husband is type 1 diabetic and he LOVES his Petes Coffee, cannot live without it. But it DOES cause a slight surge with blood sugar levels and then a dip. So he offsets this with oatmeal every morning for a SLOOOOWWWW carb burn to offset the coffee surge/dip. He has also found a yummy oat cookie made with honey and applesause instead of sugar that has this slow burn. I am searching for a recipe and if I find it I will post.

      • Lee Tipton on said:

        Becky, May I ask where you are getting your aloe vera from? I am shopping and i see that the prices and promises are wide in their variety. i know you cannot recommend – but could you suggest without causing a problem?

        Inquiring minds want to know!!! :~)

        lee tipton

  9. Faye Petherick on said:


    I recently started 7-Keto and believe that I’ve got a reputable product. The label says 7-Keto DHEA, and it’s manufactured by Progressive Laboratories in Irving, Texas. Has 100 mg per capsule, and I’m taking one with breakfast and another with lunch. It’s too early yet to know results, but I’ll take this until I use up the 60 capsules.

    I would also like to try raspberry ketones – particulary, if as somebody said above, it helps get rid of fat in mid-section. However, I’m confused about the proliferation of raspberry ketones on the market now, and would appreciate your recommendation as to a few reputable sources. I’m in Canada, so it either has to be available as a online purchase or available here in Canada.

    If you can help me with this information it will be much appreciated.



    • We have located a good product distruibutor however, they are located in the US. Raspberry Ketone can be mailed to Canada, but the shipping charges are very high. If you are interested in the product email me at beckylgould@ymail.com and I will give you a list of reputable manufacturers. Just start out with 100-200 mg slowly because raspbery ketone can increase heart rate or blood pressure given it has thermogenic qualities that work through the adrenal system to increase heat/ metabolism. The 7 keto works differently and works through the liver actually changing the fatty liver to energy. Good luck to you and keep us posted on your progress! I recently read that thermogenics works best with increase volume of protein in the diet and reduced carb consumption. I noticed after I switched my breads and cereals out for eggs and salmon/chicken, the weight loss is much more pronounced.

  10. I am 50 and started taking 7-Keto 100 mg 2 x a day and WOW…I was waking up drenched in sweat. I would break out in a sweat while grocery shopping. I went back off the 7-Keto and all is well again. Now to decide if the looser pants are worth the horrendous drenchings it causes me. After 2.5 weeks, my pants were looser and I could look down and not see my belly first. So it was working but I have to weigh the pros and cons.

    • I have heard of this happening with the raspberry ketone, but not 7-keto. But perhaps if you are on the brink of menopause then it is making the problems worse. It is true that body temp can rise due to the increase metabolism. You may want to consider having a female hormone panel done to see where your hormone imbalance may be, too. Then if that was regulated then the 7 keto may be more tolerable. Maybe ice water spray bottles are the answer:O)..lollol

    • Lee Tipton on said:

      Hello Lynn,

      I was just wondering if you were already having hot flashes? Personally I did not go into menopause until I was 54 or so. Then I did not have hot flashes for a year to 18 months after my last period. So I have been flashing for less than 5 years now – BUT I HATE THEM!!! It feels like a furnace kicks on in my chest and before I know it – I have sweat dripping off my chin. VERY EMBARRASSING when I am talking to my boss!!!

      However, I will tell you that if it meant losing weight – I would definitely consider it. I am taking the Keto-7 presently and as soon as that is done – I may try the Raspberry Keto.

      Good luck to you Lynn!!! You may want to investigate the Aloe Juice that Becky is tauting. I have been doing some research – and the stuff is juice from heaven – a sure cureall for what ails you.

      Lee Tipton

  11. The 7 keto gives me CRAZY hot flashes. My face starts to get red and flushed and feels like it is burning. It is kind of embarrassing, people tell me I got a bad sunburn. I tried taking it before bed last night to avoid the flare up in the day and I slept just fine. I feel like it really boosts my metabolism though! Gives me crazy energy and that warming sensation feels like it has to be doind something.
    I am tall and healthy already but want to take off the last few lbs and I have found since taking the raspberry ketones for 2 weeks I have lost about 2 lbs and now I added in the 7 keto so I am anxious to see if I can get the last 2 off. I am currently 6′ and about 152 lbs but want to get to 150. (I have NEVER been able to get below 155 so this is epic!)

    • and I am no where near menopause so the hot flashes are definitely from the 7 keto.

      • Hope you can withstand the hot flashes. Sounds like it is really working! Can you cut back on the dose once you meet your weight goal to avoid so many hot flashes? Dr Oz will talk more about forskolin on Thurs. Maybe you can try that instead to maintain the goal?
        Good luck and thanks for feedback!

    • I got a rash with the raspberry, so i wondering if the heat and redness could actually be the raspberry instead of the 7 keto? Anyway, just be safe and watch your body closely. Keep us posted and congrats on getting down to your goal! This is inspiring to the others that struggle so much with losing weight. What mg dosages are you on for both, curious? and frequency?

      • I actually started the 7 keto first and developed hot flashes so I quit. Then I started the raspberry ketones or a couple weeks and had no hot flashes. As soon as I started the 7 keto again I started getting hot flashes, so I think that it is definitey the keto.

        I have been taking 2 R.Ketones in the morning (not sure the mg) and then was taking 50 mg of 7 keto in the afternoon and 50mg before bed. I will take the afternoon dose off though due to the hot flashes and see what happens.

      • Yes, the metabolism is speeding up and therefore creating the hot flashes. You will probably tolerate the real green coffee bean extract better and the new study released huge results with 17-22 lbs weight loss on ALL SUBJECTS that were in the study. Also, you may want to get your hormones checked because if they are out of sinc then this will hold you back from losing weight. I go to see a bioidentical hormone specialist in 2 weeks and plan to blog on my experience so stay tuned. In the mean go to the website at http://www.vitaminadvocates.com and read the blog on the recent study conducted on the Chlorgenic Acid in Arabic Green Coffee Beans- I am on them and having good progress with weight loss. I will be adding the GREENS FIRST product starting tomorrow because my friends daughter lost 30 lbs in 3 months with the green coffee bean and the GREENS FIRSt from that same website- She had never been able to lose weight in her past and just these products were the big difference! I will let you know-

  12. Deserie on said:

    Which of the 2 are for overall weigh loss? Raspberry or 7-Keto? Please help. I will be buying them today. Thanks

    • I would suggest that you do a cleanse and liver detox to start so as to optimize weight loss- The cleanse is simple just drink a full pitcher of either water or iced green tea, no sweeteners, with cut up cucumer (3 per glass), lemon sqeeze, lime sqeeze (per class), sprig of mint, and berries for sweetener. Drink at least a pitcher of water per day and eat a regular diet.Then start 7 -keto first (best brand is from Vitamin Advocates site) and if you tolerate that add the raspberry ketone or the green coffee bean extract. Go very slow ad continue on the clease- Try to eat whole foods without additives and no refined white sugar or flour- Weight will fall off!

  13. I tried e-mailing you at the e-mail address above and it keep coming back to me???

    I was hoping you could give me the name and website of the company you get your products from.

    also you said you should do a 3 day cleanse first is there one you would recommend?

    Also i was reading that you do a cleasne daily as well? What is that?

    Also where do you get your aloe vera juice from and what is it called?

    Currently I take “Renew Life CleanseMore” sometimes daily because I have a problem going to the bathroom (constipation) anyway, and it seems to help and is vey gentle. Do you have any expererience on cleanse more?

    Thank you so much

    • Hi Heather- sorry that I have not responded. My son was in the hospital and we out of town for 2 weeks. Not sure why my email was doing that. Anyway, the clease that I talk about is just daily hygiene for your liver and other organs. You can do this by drinking either water or green tea with cucumbers, mint, lemon or lime. Drink a pitcher per day and your body will love you for it and you will lose weight easier. The aloe vera Gold on the website at http://www.vitaminadvocates.com is the very best one on the market (7 times stronger). It reduces inflamation and has a healing aspect to the body because of that. If you can imagine all of the toxins just from our environment that we take in. Almost all cleaning products, lotions, hair products, etc have alcohol in them so our bodies become toxic. Milk thistle and aloe vera juice help this condition. Aloe vera juice will also keep you regular and is much less harsh then the renew cleanse which may actually make the liver worse. Lots of cucumber water and Aloe is perfect-plus milk thistle! Best regards :O)

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