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The Question is…Can I take Raspberry Ketone AND 7-Keto together???

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3 of the most frequently asked questions about Raspberry Ketone and 7 Keto DHEA: 

#1)  Is it ok to take Raspberry Ketone AND 7-Keto at the same time?

#2) How do Raspberry Ketone and 7-Keto differ in the way in which they increase metabolism?

#3) Does taking both products actually increase metabolism even more so then taking only one products?

Here is the response from a well respected, science- based physician who is trained in homeopathic and traditional medicine…

Both 7-keto DHEA and raspberry ketones have been shown to promote thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the creation of heat as energy as the body metabolizes food which is consumed.

7-keto DHEA can increase thermogenesis by enhancing the levels of three enzymes (fatty acyl CoA oxidase, malic enzyme, and glycerol-3-phosphate) that stimulate fatty acids to be oxidized in the liver.

Raspberry ketones have been shown to increase thermogenesis by stimulating the breakdown of fats induced by norepinephrine. There is not as much research behind the recently popularized raspberry ketones as there is for 7-keto DHEA.

There are no noted contraindications for taking 7-keto DHEA and raspberry ketones together. However, I suggest trying one or the other for 1-2 months and assessing its effects. At that time, if you are not experiencing the desired effects, you can switch to the other product to see how you respond.  Eventually, if there are no  adverse side effects, you may continue on both Raspberry Ketone and 7-Keto DHEA for optimal increase in metabolic rate.

Does  a combination of these products actually produce better results with weight loss? Unfortunately, we do not have scientific studies that can produce evidence that using both products promise better results. However, given that they both act in a different method to produce thermogenic reactions, the theory may be that this discovery could be a breakthrough in medical science for weight reduction. The data is not studied enough, though, to produce a factual, conclusive response to this question.

So which one should I try first? It is really a matter of preference of which one you should try first. Studies look promising for both products. However, it is suggested that if you have a history of reacting adversly to berries in general, then it is not recommended to try Raspberry Ketone. If you are  menopausal, both products may create a heat sensation that may not be tolerable given the thermogenic qualities that produce a rise in temperature throughout the body.  Out of these products, the best bet would be to start with the 7-Keto and then add the Raspberry Keto later, given that the 7-Keto studies do not appear to have reported negative side effects.

I advise everyone to talk with their personal physisican regarding the safety or interaction with medications or vitamin supplements. I also advise the public to assure safety when purchasing any suppliment. Before you purchase a product, be sure to research the  retail company to make sure they are a legitimate and a certified organization. It is important that the products you purchase be pre-tested and regulated for quality and dosage of the product and that synthetic harmful fillers are not used. It is also advisable to opt for a vegetable capsule rather then synthetic one.  Natural capsules abosorb faster and easier in the body.

If you would like to know what products and manufacturers this physician endorses and recommends contact beckylgould@gmail.com

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5 thoughts on “The Question is…Can I take Raspberry Ketone AND 7-Keto together???

  1. barbara on said:

    this was not the question I asked you to answer and I do not know anything about 7 keto ……what ever just getting the run around on the raspberry ketones

    • I am sorry. I am not sure what your question was but I am sure that someone on here can help answer that since we have all tried raspberry by now. I am getting so many emails I am going crazy trying to remember who said what. I think I have the onset of craziness! Anyway, if you would be so kind to refresh my old mind I will try to answer asap. Did you get the brown ketone? I see you like pets, so we have something in common. I think I may treat my pets better then my husband (kidding of course, but they never talk back)…
      I look forward to hearing your question and I will address if I can, asap.

  2. Haide C. on said:

    Hi everybody, I have been taking the rasberry ketone and 7-keto together at the same time for about 3 weeks. I take 100 mcg 2x a day of rasberry ketone and 100 mcg 2x a day of 7-keto and I havent seen any results or have any side effect at all. Im also doing a 21 day body rebote- detox and event with that I still havent seen any weight lost. Im 35 years old, weight 140 lbs, 5’3, work out about 5 days a week and eat some what clean. I just want to lose 20 lbs and cant seem to be able to lose it. I wanted to try something more natural to lose the extra weight, im giving it 5 more week to try, but if doesnt work im just going to have to go to a weigh lost doctor in Tijuana again, it really work for me 2 years ago. Anyways how many mcg of rasberry ketone and 7 keto should I take a day to see any weight lost? Thank you and good luck to everybody.

    • What brand are you using? The detox is a good thing. Try aloe vera too. Vitamin Advocates store sells one that is 7 times more potent then the stuff I get at my health food store and its pretty inexpensive.. If you stay on that it will help to reduct toxins and make overall weight loss easier. CUrious, what does the Dr in Tijuana do? Raspberry ketone is recommended at up to 500 mgs per day, but watch for adverse reactions carefully. 7-Keto is 100 x 2 times per day is what my understanding is (this is for 7 Keto DHEA 100 mg). Also try forskolin and CLA see if this will kick it in.

      • barbara on said:

        nutrionist told me to leave the CLA alone as there can be problems with that.said the keytones are ok.Dr Oz only recommends 200 mgls a day and he should know. you can become impatient and over do a good thing.This takes some time to work and u do have to watch your diet and move a little bit.You have to help this along.I got my keytones from http://www.doctorvitaminstore.com.they guarantee thier products for a year as long as you keep your rec.they are also processed in Florida not overseas.Some places are overdoing it with cost.u might as well do nutrisystem or Jenni craig at the high costs.I also know for a fact that those programs work if u follow them.They are costly.But if u are taking 4 keytones a day at 29.00 a bottle they wont last long and can add up.The place I got mine have no fillers only rice powder to hold them togethernd very reasonable because they are processed local and a family company

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