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CLA??? My “Muffin Top” days are over? Positive thinking….

My Research on CLA…is this fat blasting dynamite for real?

My nutrition “supplement” cupboard is getting crowded, and my wallet has taken a hit after viewing the Dr Oz show repetitively for weight loss products. I may have to retreat my canned goods to the garage to make room for my nutritional supplemental “stash”. But I am still intrigued by Dr Smart Oz himself and the products he encourages us “fatties” to ingest so I did some more research on the famous “belly blasting CLA”. I was interested by his recommendation to use a supplement CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) for loss of “belly fat”. After I purchased my original CLA I did not notice much of a difference. So I wondered if perhaps my CLA was placebo or the wrong dosage. I investigated more and found out some interesting facts. I also found out that my brand of CLA probably had little to no CLA in it, or wrong kind. No wonder I failed miserably! So, after researching in more detail, I want to share some of this important data before you purchase CLA for personal use….

What exactly is CLA?

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a slightly modified form of the Omega-6 fatty acid. Basically, if you took the very curvy linoleic fatty acid, and made it straighter, you would have CLA. While our body produces over 100 fatty acid, there are 3 fatty acids the body cannot make on its own – linoleic acid, arachadonic acid and linolinic acid. Since these 3 fatty acids are essential to good health – they are called Essential Fatty Acids.

What foods contain CLA and why are we not getting enough in our diet?

The highest concentrations of CLA  are found in beef, veal and certain dairy products. To a lesser extent, CLA is also found in vegetable oils. The problem is that there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of CLA found in meat and dairy product. In 1963 scientist found that CLA was 2.81% of milk fat. By 1992, CLA was only 1% of milk fat.

The reason for the decline of CLA in meat and dairy products is how our cattle are raised today. To increase profits, most farmers use hybrid feed for the cattle that does not rely heavily on natural grasses. Contrast this to 40 years ago, when almost all cattle were fed with grasses. This change in the diet of the cattle has led to a decrease in their CLA levels.

In addition, many Americans have moved away from eating red meats and fatty foods for health reasons. This change in the American diet, means that most Americans are now deficient in CLA. This may be one of the primary reasons that obesity has gone up as the fat in our diet has gone done.

How do I increase my CLA intake?

While eating more meats will increase you CLA levels, our cattle today is so deficient in CLA that you will have to eat a lot meat to get the necessary CLA. You would need to consume 500g of fat, mostly saturated, each day to get about three grams of CLA.

The best and easiest way to increase CLA levels is through CLA supplements. As we will discuss, you need to be careful when picking a CLA supplement because not all supplements have the appropriate type that is easily consumed by the body. In addition, if you want to take the same amount used in the clinical studies on weight loss, you need a brand that will yield 1,000 mgs of active CLA per capsule. Since CLA is always in carrier oil, only 80% of the capsule will be active CLA. For this reason, you need to take a 1285 mg capsule of CLA oil to yield 1000 mg of active CLA.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has been shown to

  • Decrease the risk of break cancer
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Decrease body fat
  • Enhance muscle growth
  • Promote a healthy heart – lowers      cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lower insulin resistance
  • Enhance the immune system

We know the above list looks to be good to be true, but over 200 studies on CLA have shown the above statements to be accurate.

How does CLA burn fat?

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, while decreasing body fat. Research shows that CLA is able to reduce body fat in three key ways:

  • CLA interferes with a substance in your body called lipoprotein lipase that helps store fat in your body.
  • CLA helps your body use its existing fat for energy.
  • LA increases lean muscle tissue more muscle means your body can burn more fat.

CLA appears to exert direct effects on adipocytes, which are the principle sites of fat storage and skeletal muscle cells and are the primary sites of fat combustion. It has been proposed that the physiologic mechanism of body fat reduction by CLA involves inhibition of fat storage in adipocytes coupled with elevated b-oxidation in skeletal muscle. An overall increase in skeletal muscle tissue may be mediated at least in part via the inhibition of immune-induced catabolism.

Does CLA have a stimulant effect?

No! Unlike traditional fat burners that try to speed up your heart rate and make your body run hotter – CLA does not have these problems. CLA is stimulant free and can be generally used without any side effects.

Does CLA work against that terrible fat around my waist?

Yes. CLA has been shown to be very effective in reducing waist size. The weight around your waist is fat. CLA helps burn and liberate fat – so it can have great results around your middle. This is contrast to many diet pills that really just help you lose water weight.

How much weight will I lose with CLA?

You will lose some weight however, the key with CLA is that you are vastly improving your body composition as opposed to just dropping weight. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. So, as you turn fat to muscle, you may not lose much weight, but you will be dropping inches around your weight and improving your overall look as muscle replaces fat.

In addition, as you increase muscle mass and drop fat, you will feel better and be more inclined to exercise. In turn the increased exercise will help you drop pounds.

Can I use other fat burners with CLA?

For the most part – yes. Remember, CLA is an extremely beneficial health supplement, that just happens to also burn fat without side effects. If you are looking for more dramatic and quick weight loss results, you could use a stimulant based weight loss pill in addition to CLA. Before starting any supplement program we always recommend you check with your Doctor first. Only your Doctor knows your medical history and can give you specific medical advice.

Is all CLA equal when it comes to fat burning?

No, No and No! This is one of the most misleading aspects of the CLA industry. The human weight loss studies were only done using a high end form of CLA. With hundreds of manufactures making CLA, many have been randomly tested and contain little of the CLA that they need to get the optimal results. For more information on a reputable source for CLA contact beckylgould@gmail.com . I will supply a list of quality retail sources.

How long will it take before I see the above benefits?

CLA is not a quick fix supplement; rather it should be viewed as an excellent long term supplement. Similar to vitamins or minerals, CLA is something you take every day and over the course of a few months you start to notice how much better you are feeling. We strongly recommend you use a CLA supplement for at least 6 weeks before making any judgment on its effectiveness. If you are starting to see some good results in 6 weeks, you should continue to take CLA on a daily basis.

In the end, while the results can take a few weeks to materialize, the results are well worth the wait. We should also stress that CLA is not a miracle pill. It always makes sense to exercise and eat healthy to see the most significant results.

Are there any side effects from taking CLA?

Supplementing with CLA has been shown to be very safe. With over 200 studies done on CLA, the only real side effect some people notice is an upset stomach if they take large amounts of CLA.

Of course, as with any supplement, you should check with your Doctor before starting a new supplement program.

Where does the CLA in CLA supplements come from?

Scientist have found that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) can be extracted from sunflower and safflower oil. Making CLA from sunflower is much cheaper than safflower, this is why most supplements use sunflower oil or a combination of sunflower and safflower oil.

Which is a better source of CLA – sunflower or safflower oil?

Safflower is a much better source of CLA. If you take 1 gram of Sunflower Oil, only about 40% of it will contain active CLA. So, in 1 gram (1,000 mg) of Sunflower oil CLA supplements, you only get 400 mg of CLA.

Safflower oil contains 80% CLA. So, in 1 gram (1,000 mg) of Safflower oil CLA supplements, you get 800 mg of CLA.

Unfortunately, because Sunflower oil is much cheaper than Safflower oil – most companies will try to use Sunflower Oil CLA in their supplements.

If you would like to find a reputable retailer with sunflower oil capsule email beckylgould@gmail.com for a conclusive list of retailers

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4 thoughts on “CLA??? My “Muffin Top” days are over? Positive thinking….

  1. Babes on said:

    In response to your ‘bold’ statement about muscle weighing more than fat…a pound is a pound, you CAN’T change that. Its a common mistake many people make. 5 pounds of lean muscle tissue(approx. size-size of your hand) is much more dense than 5 pounds of body fat(approx. size-regular loaf of bread), therefore the volume between the two is significantly different, NOT the weight.

  2. Ann on said:

    Can you take CLA and Raspberry ketones together? Also, what about a cinnamon supplement? Another Dr Oz tip, can that be taken with the other 2?

    • ClA and raspberry ketone can be taken together from what I am told. However, they recommend that you start one at a time and only add a new product after testing for about 2-4 weeks. This way if there are side effects you know which one is the cause. Cinnamon is a great spice to add, very healthy spice, but it does not have a huge impact on metabolism like the other procucts. Before you take it, test to see if it disolves in vinegar within 20 minutes. If it doesn’t then the capsule is not a good one. Always use a veggie capsule when it is available, as it disolves quickly. Some never disolve and we just eliminate them with absolutely NO effect on the body whatsoever. Lots of money thrown in the toilet, literally! lol lol

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