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Green Coffee Bean Extract Melts away the POUNDS!!! New Miracle Pill?

Green Coffee Bean Extract?  Miracle Weight Loss Pill or is this HYPE?

Ready everyone??? Dr Oz has me buzzing around like a happy little kitten grinning from ear to ear in anticipation of receiving my Green Coffee Bean Extract.  I purchased high end product from a very respected source so I am praying that it works and will let you know. The facts are in that this may be even better then the raspberry ketones or 7 keto! Wow, am I  SOOOO excited now!!!  I am going to get out my “size too small skinny jeans” that I have packed away in high hopes of wearing them soon! Here is the scoop….

If you are overweight there is a magic bean that melts away unwanted fat and Dr. Oz says it’s a miracle pill to burn fat fast! This could be the magic bullet for weight loss without a prescription. Two of Dr. Oz viewers (Kendra lost 2 pounds in five days and Omayra lost 6 pounds in 5 days) took this green bean coffee extract and lost weight in 5 days!!! Dr. Lindsey Duncan joined Dr. Oz in this segment of the show. Dr. Duncan is a naturopathic Doctor and certified nutritionist and said he doesn’t usually recommend weight loss supplements but this one has him really excited. The news is very promising, especially in the western world where diabetes is such a health problem and threatening lives of so many!

He went on to say the weight loss community has been buzzing about this green coffee extract because when you take this you don’t need to exercise or diet to lose the weight. People consumed 2400 calories a day while taking green coffee bean extract capsules and lost over 10% of their total weight. They also lost 16% of their total body fat and lost about 17 pounds with no side effects from the green coffee bean extract. This is amazing! These participants took the green coffee bean extract for 12 weeks and accomplished this weight loss without any struggle whatsoever. For more information about a national research group that rates green coffee bean extract with unbiased ratings and reviews contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Miracle To Burn Fat Fast??? Whenever Dr. Oz talks about a new weight loss pill or any natural supplement the stores are swamped and sold out in a day.  Dr. Lindsey told Dr. Oz and everyone to make sure that its GOOD QUALITY green coffee beans extract and make sure it doesn’t have too many additives and fillers. Make SURE that someone did not just go and grid up some coffee beans and throw them into a capsule to call it “ green coffee bean”. Roasted coffee will not have the same effect! Some fillers are necessary for allowing the raw product to bind nicely into a capsule. Fillers are also important because they may act as a preservative, while otherwise the product would spoil or mold and not be safe for consumption. For more information and an unbiased report from a national research company that studied green coffee bean extract manufacturers  contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Dr. Oz talked about green coffee bean extract on a show before with Bryce Wylde about natural remedies. Headlines are everywhere since studies have been done:

  • The Green Coffee Bean: A Miracle Weight-Loss Drug?
  • Green Coffee Beans May Aid Weight Loss
  • Green-Coffee-Bean Extract Shows Potential For Weight Loss
  • Green Coffee Beans Tied To Weight Loss

Now after today headlines will read “Dr. Oz New Weight Loss Pill Green Coffee Bean Extract”. Coffee beans in its rawest form may hold the secret to weight loss that you have been waiting for. But not all green coffee products are considered equal, especially since everyone is wanting it and demand makes the greedy vitamin companies produce placebo products. Unfortunately it is true that the best marketing tool is to “prey on the demands of the vulnerable”. So before you go and purchase a product, do your research. There are studies on green coffee products with unbiased reveiws that rate the products. Most GOOD products will be on back order after this show featured because until Dr. Oz featured it, it went unnoticed.  Now the product is selling like wildfire so expect to “wait” for a good one. Manufactures are on a rampage and cannot keep up with demand. For a copy of the factual national product review where 100s of manufacturers were rated for quality contact beckylgould@gmail.com

The key to weight loss with Green Coffee Bean capsules is in the potent, natural compound called Chlorogenic Acid. The Chlorogenic Acid works by slowing down the release of glucose into the body after meals while at the same time boosting metabolism. The Chlorogenic Acid is only present in the raw Green Coffee Bean, and not in the aromatic roasted familiar version of brown coffee. That’s because the Chlorogenic Acid is removed during the roasting process (which is done at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit) as the acid is extremely bitter.

The daily dose of Green Coffee Bean contains only about 15 – 25 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine whereas your average cup of coffee contains up to 200 mg. In fact, the green coffee bean has actually shown in some studies to help lower blood pressure – while still boosting metabolism.

If you think can get the same effects from the coffee you drink with breakfast in the morning the answer is NO. Green coffee beans are unroasted, have little aroma and are extremely bitter – because they contain over 50% chlorogenic acid.(bitter is better)

Because the green coffee bean is so bitter, it is recommended taking green coffee in capsule form. It is suggested we try finding 400 mg green coffee bean capsules – make sure it they are made using the correct extracting methods. Only buy from a reputable source. Take 1-2 green coffee bean extract capsules (400 mgs is suggested) about 30 minutes before meals; I recommend taking them two or three times per day with a full glass of water for the best results. And remember that combining green coffee bean with a healthy diet and exercise can improve your results! Blog readers are also writing in to me that when combined with Raspberry Ketone or 7 Keto they are experiencing even better results! But be careful about interactions. For a detailed report of interactions with green coffee extract contact me for a detailed report at beckylgould@gmail.com

Now DON’T just go and get this product from anyone.. Can you imagine how many smirking vitamin dealers are just putting normal coffee into capsules and making a fortune off of naive people??? They should call this tactic “Foldgers in a CAP”! Promise to support only legitimate companies that certify their products. I have access to a huge data base research company that rates legitimate natural medicine companies on a scale from 1-10 on the quality and effectiveness on all products. If you are interested in receiving this information, just email me at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will send you the data.

Keep me posted on your results, too so that I can advise others if this product really works!

Happy Slimming Ladies and Gents!

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42 thoughts on “Green Coffee Bean Extract Melts away the POUNDS!!! New Miracle Pill?

  1. barbara on said:

    I drink decaf coffee so will this give me heart flutters like reg coffee does? probably wouldnt be a good idea to take this past six pm because even small amounte of real coffee can mess up your sleep if taken late in the evening.Maybe thats the idea of this to hype u up so u keep that body moving…..let me know more about this. also I beleive I asked u if drvitaminstore.com is a reliable company? .could u find out and let me know or post it?they do warranty thier vitamins and offer refund if not satisfied.Also coffee and tea can keep u in the bathroom if u have bladder problems like alot of older people have so it is important to ask alot of questions.

  2. momof3 on said:

    I just ordered mine today from a natural health store in my area. It should be here in a week, I’m so excited to try it. Ill keep you posted. Keep me posted as well. :)

  3. Heather on said:

    The raspberry ketones and white kidney bean extract did nothing for me . I am pretty disappointed! I will give this a shot.. but if this doesnt work then I will take Dr.Oz info with a grain of salt. I don’t eat a lot of high calorie food. I lost 13 lbs on my own with diet and excersize and I have been stuck at 166 for 3 months now.. I really hope this stuff works.. Everyone keep us posted on your results..Hopefully this will be the magic pill!

    • Silly Girl, sounds like your body is at a major plateau. It is fighting to go down more. The green coffee might be the best bet to trick the system into delivering better response and a good detox to balance the body. The Green Coffee will regulate the peaks and valleys of glucose levels that low calorie diets produce/ I have been told that the body will release fat so much better if the system checks and balances are regulated including stable glucose sugar levels. Like getting a tune up then your car runs better and produces better gas mileage. When all of the garbage toxins are OUT, hormones are balanced AND glucose is stable FINALLY THEN the body releases its combat gear is eager to lose the weight load. Detox first with Aloe juice, water with cucumber, lemon, and berries, and green tea iced with lemon and lime.

      • Heather on said:

        I just weighed myself and I was floored to see the numbers on the scale! 157 lbs now. I lost 6 lbs which seems almost overnight!.. Im not sure if it is the raspberry keytones or the green coffee bean extract or both in combination, but I have broken the plateu and Im very happy! They do work!

      • Awesome possum girl!!! Way to go times a million! Can you tell us all what dosages you are on.
        Did you detox first??? Let us know the strenth of your products too….Keep it up! Bikini soon!
        Oh, FYI I have a report of all of the manufactures of green coffee bean extract and their ratings if anyone wants this.
        Just shoot me and email and I will get you the PDF…very informative from national research team.

      • Congratulations to silly girl on her weight loss! Looks like raspberry ketone and green coffee are a winner!
        Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brenda on said:

    I’m on my second bottle of this and I don’t see that it has helped at all. All it does is give me more energy. I’m not half dead at 3:00 p.m. like I was before the pills. But for weight loss. Mehhh, the jury is still out on that one.

    • Well, if it is giving you more energy, that is a good sign that it is speeding you up. What is your dosage?
      I got a rash when I took it (allergic to berries as a child) so I cannot judge. Would love to know if it is working for everyone and if so, at what dosage? I am getting good response from the Green Coffee.

  5. Cindy Adamson on said:

    They do not make your heart race, nor do I feel any sort of effects after taking them. I have a very sensitive system and was also afraid that they would mess me up, but so far NOTHING. I have been on them for three days now and don’t even feel the slightest bit of anything. I hope they’re working as I so need to lose that 17 pounds before Hawaii. I suggest you buy a bottle (12.99) and take them for two days. If they mess you up you can stop and you have only invested 12.99

    • Wondering what brand you are taking? Hopefully your brand is not a placebo or otherwise $12.00 for nothing.
      You should feel slightly hotter body temperature and more energy because your body is being charged up.
      Keep us posted please and best to you!

    • Did the product ever work for you? I saw Dr Oz on national TV news last even and he was issuing a warning that there are many frauds out there making fake raspberry ketone out of some very bad stuff. I would really be careful. If you are not feeling anything chances are it is a placebo for $12. Most everyone feels a bit hotter and alert kind of like a cup of coffee. Also, try to disolve it in vinegar. If it doesn’t disolve after 20 minutes then it probably won’t in your stomach either. Down the toilet it goes, flush flush fizz fizz….-$12 of what a waste it is…lol

  6. Dee M. on said:

    I have been on the Green Coffee Bean Supplement for 6 days and nothing!?! I am not seeing the results that I have read or watched on the You Tube. I purchased mine from PureHealth. So, my questions are; does it work and when does it start? I don’t want to be disappointed!

    • Pure Health is not on the research rating list AND they are false advertising by stating that their product is PURE, which cannot be the truth. In all green coffee products they need a binding agent filler to be able to smoosh it into a capsule AND they need a filler to keep it fresh, not spoiled or molded. I would not trust them. I will send you the report and you can see for yoursself that they are not on the list. beckylgould@ymail.com

      • Kathy S. on said:

        I had a problem with Pure Health–didn’t get my order and when I tried to reach them, their mailbox was full and when I emailed, I got no response….I had ordered green coffee bean extract from Amazon–manufactured for BodySuperior. They aren’t working for me for weight loss–they do appear to be helping with my blood pressure. Because they weren’t working, I thought it was the brand which is why I attempted to order from Pure Health. Anyway, I’ve been struggling and struggling with trying without success to lose weight for quite awhile now. Ready to give up.

      • Hey girl, do NOT give up. First of all so many people are NOT getting results from Pure Health products that write in from the blog. If this is a placebo product, no wonder it doesn’t work! I have some serious people trying to find out who these PURE HEALTH people are and what manufacture they use. I will write to you and we will work with some very good drs who will help you find the exact right products for you. Whether it is that you need a little seratonin from saffron, metabolism boost, or thyroid helper we will find the issue. Also your liver might not be in a good place and need some TLC or glucose levels may not be stable. We will also check hormone balance to see if that is of wack..OK??? there is always a reason why the body does not lose weight and I will find professionals that can help you…NO GIVING UP, PROMISE? We are a team, ok? Giving up is not an option ad I will pray for you. Thank your for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and realy speak your mind. So many people are relating to you and feel exactly the same way. I will contact you via email to discuss with a panel of professionals based on your personal history. Take care and think positive. Your spirit inside is who you REALLY are, not the outer shell.

      • http://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.purehealth100.com Read this and then yelp them if you are not happy. You are amoung 2372 people that are very upset with Pure Health 100. Also if you can email me I would like to collect a sample of what you received and have it tested. I would like to see if it is real or not given the poor rating of 2.1 that they rec on this trust pilot site.
        Thank you for your help and sorry that you had to go through this.

    • Unfortunately Pure Health is not on the list of national research. I am thinking that the product may not be worthy. If it was worthy I think they would be listed and rated along with 100s of others companies, many of which have almost a perfect score. If you are interested in the research report where a national unbiased company has rated this product email me at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will send you the PDF. Alot of bad comments on Pure Health products and the other brand coffee products are not getting such negative feedback. Makes you wonder if they might have taken some good ol “Folgers” and made “folgers in a cap”? HMMMMM???

  7. lacinda on said:

    just bought first bottle… we will see oh and the brand the doc. recomended was pure health

    • I have a research review on every manufacture of the green coffee bean extract and Pure Health is not on the rating report. So either the product is not worthy, or they re-marketed someone elses product with their own name. They are not on the huge list anywhere. If you want this list just email me at beckylgould@ymail.com and I will send you PDF review
      Also, I noted that they are false advertising PURE green coffee and there is no such thing. We spoke with lab doctor and in order to keep the coffee bean from spoiling or becoming toxic, they have to add a filler. The filler keeps it fresh and safe for us. So not ALL fillers are bad. They are also very important or these supplements can make us sick if they are rancid. Just keep this in mind when someone advertises PURE.

      • Lindsay on said:

        Sooo…did u start taking the pill? Did you get any results….u seem to know lots about it ?

      • Hi Lindsay, yes I did start to take it and then I stopped because shortly thereafter, I went in for blood tests to get a “complete female panel” and “liver function” test just to get a baseline. I had been reading that if the liver or hormones are out of balance that it is a waste of time to try to lose weight (uphill battle). So after I got the test results back (and I am not THAT overweight) I was shocked to hear that I had a slightly fatty liver. Also my hormones were haywire because of going through menopause.UGH.., So I am “balancing” my body so that when I take the products my body will cooporate, not fight it. So I feel great on the liver detox and hormone products: aloe vera juice, milk thistle, saffron (mood enhancer works great), sex enhancer cream ( whoops, I mean progesterone-estrogen cream), and detox daily with tea/lemon/cucumber/berries. So I start again next week with the green coffee in combo with the 7 keto (green coffee first to level any glucose peaks).I cannot wait to see results now that I am pampering my sex life (whoops- HORMONES) and my taking care of my poor old liver with less wine..sad, pout pout…lol (I LIKE WINE, so I was leterally “WHINING” when I found out). FYI, when I splurge on VINO now I take a Anti-alchohol antioxidant too. Yippee my liver loves me!!! So next time I write in I will be back on the products with a skinnier me in the making just in time for boating season!

  8. Kiki on said:

    ok sounds great ! Sign me up, im willing to try this product . The natural way is always the best. I am a NURSE and i know There is no miracle pill out there, but if it is incorporated with diet & excercise then i guess we can use all the help we can get !!

    • Kiki, yes the raspberry, 7 keto and green coffee are working well for many people. Since you are a nurse, you should look into the green coffee for diabetic patients, too. It is very helpful in regulating sugar level peaks and valleys as well as helps to lose weight. Vitamin Advocates offers the high end patented products at 25% off. The Coffeegenic trademark and patent means that there were alot of studies that went in to that product. Let us know how you do on it! Keep us posted and have a skinny summer, Kiki!

  9. Katie on said:

    I just bought a bottle of green coffee bean extract pills and i was wondering if they really work? are there any negative side effects? I’ve been trying to do research on them but i cant find much. I dont want to take something that is going to make me sit on the toilet all day. lol. also is it just water weight or is it actual body fat?

    • Speaking of side effects, yes there can be! The green coffee levels out blood glucose levels to when this initially starts to happen our bodies are running at a lower sugar level then normal and are not used to it. You may feel very tired from a lower level. If this happens eat a small amt of fruit and that should pick you right up. Do this until eventually your body will regulate and get used to running lower, which is good. Most americans on western diet are running way to high and that is why all of the diabetes happening.
      Also, beware of taking TOO much, this could be very bad. If your glucose goes too low this can cause fatique, dizziness, and even siezures- insulin shock. I don’t know what planet Dr Oz is from, but the recommended dose is 400 MG NOT 800 mg (unless it is a fake product and of course you could take gazillion MG). Be CAREFUL and if you want to talk to a real professional, those who patented the product way before Dr Oz show, just let me know and I will give you the phone number- beckygould@ymail.com

  10. hello my name is brenda and i am also intersted in knowing about the green coffee pills i am always on my 160 and i cannot ever loose my stomach and this is the only thing that i am hoping would make me loose weight i am tired of been fat an insecure. so please tell me if it really works or does it only work on certain people? thank you

    • Brenda thanks for writing. Everyone in this blog is in the same boat so you are not alone. Start first with a liver cleanse of green tea, cucumber, mint and berries because if the liver has toxins in it, it will hold you back from losing fat. Drink a pitcher or more per day for at least 3-7 days. There are some high potency milk thistle products that will help your liver function get ready to lose weight. They you should start with the green coffee product which will level out any glucose peaks and valleys and start burning fat. If you do not feel any side effects, then start with either the 7 keto dhea or the raspberry ketone. I will write to you personally to send you pdfs of ratings on these products so that you can pick a manufacture with good scores and purchase quality product. Always talk to your dr first, especially if you are taking other meds or have a health condition. Also, if you are slightly depressed, then take Saffron as it will help your seratonin recpetors which in turn will help to reduce “mood” eatting.
      Keep your chin up and stay positive, it is what is in the inside that makes you shine bright. Keep me posted on how you do with the products. There is a blog on all of these for review. I work with professionals who advise me on all of these things because I am not a doctor.

  11. Kim Smith on said:

    Hi. I read your blog and very interested. I saw this product in Walmart and decided to read up on this before purchasing. Will you please send me your list of good companies I can purchase from.

    Thank you for your hard work on those. I did purchase QuickTrim Extreme Burn and like to return other now.

    God.Bless ,

  12. There are a lot of people writing in that are seeing results and a few that are not. I think that it could be a few things. First, open up the capsule and taste it. What color is it? You have to question whether it is real or not. 2nd you have to make sure your body is primed for weight loss. A liver detox will get the body and liver ready to work hard to lose fat. It the liver is not optimal it won’t burn fat well. 3rd you need to make sure your hormones are in balance otherwise the body won’t burn fat. 4th after these things are checked off then consider adding raspberry Ketone, 7 keto, CLA, and forskolin. They all have different ways of thermogenics s email me and I will give you a number to call for recommendation of what is best for your body type. 5th always use patented products that are well tested on human studies if possible. Generic labs don’t put time into studies. I have use a company that is top notch. I cannot mention on here because WordPress doesn’t like marketing so email me at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will give you product references. I am doing great on the green coffee product I am using and very excited to get down to my goal weight! Best regards and don’t give up!

    • momof3 on said:

      I started using green coffee pills only a week ago and already I’m down 6 lbs. I didn’t do the detox first either. Its seriously like a miracle pill at least so far for me and at 1st I didn’t even take them faithfully the last 4 days or so I have been tho and they are working like magic. Becky can you send me the list you have so I can check it out and see if the company I bought from is on there? Thanks.

  13. Karen on said:

    Has anyone experienced weight loss with the pure health 100 green coffee extract? I ordered on May 3rd and finally found out it shipped to me (in Canada) on the 23rd of May. I realize 12.99 is cheap for a bottle but the wait has me hoping it is not a placebo company. I’ll let you know.

    • This is still in question if Pure Health product works- funny thing is that they are selling 2 types of green coffee- one brown and one golden beige so the golden beige looks like it is real! Not sure if they just got a bad batch or what? I haven’t heard if it is working yet though. If it IS working for some, please write in…we all want to know about this particular product. Don’t BUY any green coffee from an unknown brand name though as I have hundreds of people that have bought fake products (yep, swiss mocha). Do not buy anything from a company that starts with M (have to be descrete). If you already DID buy it, email me and you will be put onto a list so that we can group together and go to task with this company! Save everything and let me know and I will give you the FDA complaint phone asap.

  14. Norma on said:

    Hi Becky,
    What would you recommend for a liver detox?

    • Hi Norma- I have had incredible results lowering liver AST/ALT with Certified European Milk Thistle plus drinking cucumber water- a pitcher per day (6 cucumbers, mint sprigs, squeeze of small lemon or lime, and handful of berries).This alkalines the body and reverses harsh acid build up in the liver. Also Aloe Gold it strongest pure aloe juice that taking 1 tsp x 2 per day reduces inflamation in the organs and digestive tract. Also, there is a detox smoothie that is INCREDIBLE and I have seen my skin improve and even my eye color is bluer-weird but true. Email me direct since the recipe is long at beckygould@ymail.com
      After the liver is settled down, weight loss will be much easier I have found. Also try to go “green” to eliminate harmful pesticides. Time to “treat” ourselves to good things.

  15. Sonja Creed on said:

    It seems very interesting to conisder this product i ordered green coffee bean under TFX health and it has arrived here yestersday i was about nevous to take a pill in the afternoon and feel nothing or strange or jiggy .. I have a fatty liver high blood work show 68 . Becky can you send me the list you have so I can check it out and see if the company I bought from is on there?

    • You need to detox the liver first with cucumber water and the best milk thistel and R-lipoc Acid money can by! If you liver is fatty it cannot metabolize the fat- the very best (I can speak from experience) is at the site http://www.vitaminadvocates.com and get the milk thistle and the R lipoic Acid and the Aloe Gold- in 1 month your liver will have a mind of its own and be on turbo charge to lose weight when you start the green bean coffee extract. Do not jinx yourself and buy a placebo on amazon because you want to save a buck- there are expired and re=bottled products there buy FRESH products and pamper you liver and body- the results will be amazing!!!!!! Email me for my liver detox program at beckygould@ymail.com
      best regards

  16. Jackie O on said:

    Do you have to eat up to any required amount of calories like 2400 to loose .I have been doing for 2 weeks and my wt. has gone up.

  17. greencoffeebeanlady on said:

    Reblogged this on The Green Coffee Bean Lady and commented:
    Check out this awesome post from Becky G. on green coffee extract. :)

  18. Umm…Just saw a Dr. on the view who DID say that the Green Coffee Bean and the Raspberry Ketones works but he just said that I could buy these at my supermarket and that both bottles should be LESS THAN $10 EACH! I think I’ll look there first before I pay what I’ve seen on these sites…remember ladies, it’s ALL MARKETING!

    • “It is all about marketing”>That is not true and I am in the marketing industry. With Vitamins, there are certain ways you can test to assure that the product is consistant in the dosing and the active ingredients. To do this costs money. This is usually done through extensive testing and then patenting of products or ingredients. You are safer to pay more for a product and to go with a product that offers the testing on “live human studies” and will offer up that info along with then a “patented” product or one that has historic data of being tried and true. So when buying a $10 vs a $25 product, the difference is that one is just generic lab making uncontroled dosages with sub par ingredients mainly bought from overseas. The higher end Companies that actually CARE about consistant dosages and the ingredients will have to charge more to cover their bottom line expenses. I dont know about you, but I would want that insurance before ingesting it into my body- rather spend twice as much with the insurance that the company is reputable then otherwise. You get what you pay for and sometimes it is “NOT all about marketing”. Try to find companies that have integrity and back their products with a money back guarantee AND offer t show you their studies. That is who I buy from and I feel 100% comfortable with every product that they sell because of their integrity and honesty. Do your research, but never put untested products into your body!

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