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Did you get the REAL Green Coffee Bean Extract or did you get COFFEE GROUNDS?

Will the REAL Green Coffee Bean Manufacturers PLEASE STAND UP???

HOW TO KNOW IF A COMPANY IS LEGITIMATE WITH LABELING AND MARKETING? I am so saddened when I  hear a personal story about how the green coffee bean extract is not working for them and how discouraged they are. Mainly, the reason for their failure is because they are either getting fake product, sub par product, or no product at all because it never arrived!  It is sad enough to be duped, but is is really sad to see people lose their trust in vitamins and supplements and lose their HOPE.  Originally, people were writing in everyday or so excited about most their recent purchase of “Green Coffee Bean Extract” only to find out later that the capsule was filled with coffee grounds similar to instant mocha. Yes, one gal wrote in to tell me that she suspected something fishy because she had actually gained a pound over the past weekend. So she opened up the capsule to taste it just to see what the flavoring was like. Knowing from her research that the organic raw coffee should taste “bitter,” she could not believe it when the powder was a sweet and chocolate flavor! Not only that, but the color was white and brown, just like ground coffee, chocolate, and sugar! Real green coffee extract products should be a beige color powder in a clear capsule!  No wonder she gained weight! (If you would like more information on this contact beckylgould@ymail.com )

Anyway, this is just one sad story and reason for everyone  to do their research before acting on emotion and making an impulsive internet purchase. We all need to work together to inform others when something appears to be wrong with a product. Use YELP to report negative experiences with products or service.  Good things happen to good companies, bad things happen to bad companies.  The truth always prevails.  End of story. If you would like more information on the ratings and reviews on green coffee bean extract contact me at beckylgould@ymail.com

Anyway, you can tell I am in a bummer mood to say the least. I write these blogs to try to help people make good choices and hopefully hear back success stories that I can blog about.  I am also in the advertising business so I understand marketing all too well. But one thing is for certain there is good marketing and bad marketing. If  a product manufacturer has a really good product that will HELP someone then that is fantastic! Sell it to everyone that can benifit from it and earn a decent profit! Right?

The worst part of this blog and my day writing this, is that I feel sad that I may dash your spirits with some ugly news. I feel obligated to get this out  because a huge percentage of people that write in to me  have been asking about the brand  that they have purchased and whether or not it is a good product??? Unfortunately, this recent report is a huge disappointment and I am sorry to be the deliverer of bad news. The company that MOST PEOPLE are buying the green coffee bean product from is a website called PURE_________ (hint hint). I cannot say  the name directly or I will be kicked off of wordpress, however, on their website is a green box that says “TRUST PILOT” . When you click the box it shows all of the 2,373 reviews about this company and they have literally pathetic comments! Yes, 2373 MAD CUSTOMERS and some have not even received their product. They do not answer the phone and they also apparently do not currently reside at the contact address.  They have a 2.1 rating on green coffee bean, yet they market so heavily on pay per click that you cannot miss them. So ALMOST every person that writes to me is purchasing this product. Since the site is getting rich on the sales, they can afford to pay google thousands of dollars to get their website to flash in front of you, waving their coffee product at the top of the internet pages shouting it’s praises!   Plus they are making false advertising claims stating that their product is PURE 100% Green Coffee Extract with NO fillers! This is just not true unless they are using coffee grounds,  chocolate, or hopefully not dog food!

You see, REAL green coffee extract needs 2 fillers. One acts as a binding ingredient so that the extract can be pressed effectively into a capsule formula. The other is a preservative so that the product will not go rancid and will hold a shelf life. Without fillers you would get a product that may make you sick or lose it’s organic properties that produce the results it was originally intended for. Fillers should be in an easy to dissolve, veggie based capsule. Never use a product that is in synthetic capsule because it most likely will not even dissolve in your system.  The undigested synthetic capsule is like litereally “dumping” the goods before they hit the system. This is not healthy and  is very hard on your intestines and bowels.

Ok, to sum it up: The bad news is that all products are not real and we also know that all companies are not ethical, but THE GOOD NEWS IS that there ARE legitimate and ethical companies out there selling the REAL GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT! The bottom line is pretty simple, “you get what you pay for”. This means that if you want a product that is superior then you need to make sure that the manufacturer has done some serious research and testing on it! To do human studies, to patent the formula, and to certify a product takes a huge amount money. So I guess if you want to risk taking a sub par product at a reduced price go ahead and not much waisted (or gained).   Remember that  good, quality  products go through enormous testing phases and that this process  includes paying high salaries to all of the  Mds, Phd’s, and Engineers to roll out the  process! So when considering  buying specialized products (not run of the mill such as vitamin C),it may pay off to spend a little more money to get the best quality product out there for optimal results. I finally made the decision after years of giving back to everyone else but myself, that it is time for ME… and I am worth it!  AND you are too :O)

Real product IS OUT THERE. If you would like a list of ratings on real green coffee bean extract there is an unbiased national data review that can be viewed. Contact me if you would like it sent to you at beckylgould@gmail.com  Also, if you question a product that you have purchased, take a picture of the powder, capsule, bottle, and label and send it to me. I will look into it in more detail.

AND “thank you” to all of you who are writing in to tell your honest stories.  I know how hard it is for everyone including myself to lose weight and I feel for everyone at a very deep level. Also thank you for allowing me to VENT by frustration with this blog :O) I am truly blessed to have friends that are on the same page!

Becky g

If you have any questions about any of the products on my blogs please feel free to email me at beckylgould@ymail.com If I do not know the answer to your question, as I am not a liscensed Dr,  I have access to educated MDs  and homeopathic doctors who can assist you with addressing your health realted concerns.Thank you-

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4 thoughts on “Did you get the REAL Green Coffee Bean Extract or did you get COFFEE GROUNDS?

  1. Good to see someone else pointing out that no capsule or tablet out there is “pure” anything, and that certain binders/components are necessary for ALL products in capsule forms to preserve them and make them keep their shape and hardness without crumbling into dust

  2. Rebecca on said:

    Yes, I am tired of people like PureHealth marketing off of false claims of 100% PURE non filler products. All we want is an honest product and honest factual marketing. Thank you for your comment, it is helful for everyone to understand that there is a reason for fillers otherwise we would not use them. Great comment!

  3. Sharon on said:

    What a “real” brand of green coffee bean extract?

    • The product that used in a real live human study was released on June 2, 2012. Every single subject lost from 17-22lbs over 12 weeks. They were on the product that is sold at the website http://www.vitaminadvocates.com and they took 800 mg x 3 times per day 1/2 hour prior to meals. Do not start out on your own at this dosage because it lowers the blood pressure and also the glucose level which can make you tired. Work up slowly. Also, the weight did not come off right away. It takes time 1-1/12 months to get completely into your system and to start to make changes that evenually promote weight loss. Not only that, but all of the subjects were “pre-diabetic” and all of them went back to normal glucose readings, entirely healed of any diabetic symptoms. Blood pressure was lowered in all subjects and cholesteral lowered. If you go on the site http://www.vitaminadvocates.com the study results are on their blog page and the company that did the study is being paid by the govenment to cure the diabetes and obesity crisis. It is really such a breakthrough in weight loss.

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