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Rasberry Ketone, 7-Keto, and Green Coffee Extract…Are they Better TOGETHER???

Raspberry Ketone, 7-Keto, and Green Coffee… Do these Products Work Better “TOGETHER”???

I am very excited to write this blog. I have been getting a positive response from blog readers that are utilizing the supplements that Dr. Oz has been suggesting and many are experiencing weight loss! So I wanted to report in with some of these stories and facts of what is working and what is not. There seems to be a few similarities with regards to HOW THEY ARE LOSING THE WEIGHT!!!!

The Question of the Day: Why are the products working for some and not for others???

We all have high expectations, especially when we hearing things from Dr. Oz like   “Miracle in a Bottle” or “Melts Away Belly Fat”!  But come on, let’s face the facts, that this is REAL life and there is not a miracle pill, yet, or we would all be Skinny Minnie’s by now!  But, one thing is true about this hyped up madness is that  by having high hopes it gives us that spark we need to re-motivate ourselves, drag our butts out of bed and away from the Twinkies, and rekindle the spirit that drives us to want to be better,  healthier, AND ultimately skinnier selves.

The things that I hear from people that are having success with weight loss all seem to have a few things in common:

  1. They don’t expect the products to work overnight. They understand that just like prescription medications, they take time to get in to the system and the body to adapt to the metabolic change. Changes do not happen overnight. Patience is a virtue. They allow for at least 2-4 weeks before they even start to make a conclusion regarding the effects of the product.
  2. They start with one product at a time using them slowly and use them as DIRECTED, instead of the “FULL ON BOARD” approach (like becky g).  They don’t (unlike me)go for the maximum strength or the mega dose, but are methodical in their approach and start one product at a time to analyze and to assure their success, not sabotage their health with high doses and mixed products that are setting themselves up for a disastrous  concoction.
  3. They listen to their Doctors advice AND listen to their bodies. If one product is not working, they move on to another without any regrets…”nothing gained nothing lost” theory.
  4. They start an exercise program even if it is very minimal.
  5. They chose to eat healthier  “out with the old in with the new” approach.
  6. They purchase a higher end, quality products knowing that companies that conduct extensive testing on human studies come with a price tag.  They are in it to win it and go for the best products that offer factual research data with patented formulas. If you would like the name of the companies that offer patented products contact me: beckylgould@gmail.com
  7. They have an overall positive mental attitude and can laugh at themselves.  They do not see failure as a negative, only a way to learn and grow from it.
  8. They detox and cleanse their body regularly and understand that a detoxed body sets the stage for success. They are willing to do the prerequisites to set themselves up to succeed at any cost (understanding the more they poop the better they will feel!) If you would like suggestions with a detox program contact me.
  9. They are optimistic and see the glass half full. They, despite all odds, try to hold on to hope and new possibilities for a new, healthier life. They see the BIG picture.
  10. They are perseverant and do not give up.  They are stubborn survivors and despite many obstacles and heavy and even sad life lessons, they chose to learn from them instead of being victimized and allowing this to sabotage their happiness. They are warriors!

So this boils down to one simple question….IS MORE THEN ONE  PRODUCT BETTER???

Re-read step #1 and # 2 above. These are the hardest steps because without realistic expectations, you might as well have burned the money that you paid for the supplement products you just bought and gone on vacation with fat pills instead!  I feel like this step # 2 is personally a life lesson for me screaming these words, “DON’T GO OVERBOARD WITH HIGHER DOSAGES and MORE PRODUCTS AND DOOM YOURSELF! DON’T BE COMPULSIVE AND EXPECT INSTANT RESULTS…GIVE IT TIME.GO SLOW. ADD PRODUCTS ONE AT A TIME EVALUTATING EACH AS YOU GO!”

It is SO true that we set ourselves up to fail when we act impulsively. Our society seems to think that MORE is better! I understand what it is like to be impatient and want immediate gratification. We LOVE the fantasy of instant gratification, however, it is just not logical to expect that some “green coffee extract  from a plant” is going to take us down to a size skinny in a week, or even 2 weeks, or even 3 weeks. GIVE IT TIME.  We need to go slow and pace ourselves so that we know what products are really helping and which ones are not. Had I NOT tried a HUGE (Gigantic) high dose of Raspberry Ketone I might be 10 lbs skinnier by now, but instead I thought that “more was better”. You see, I decided to go straight to the HIGHEST DOSE of Raspberry Ketone right out of the chute. Then I broke out in a raised red rash all over my chest and my “miracle pill fantasy” was suddenly over in a heartbeat. I angrily shoved the RK pills (all 3 of them) to the back of the pill closet. Now I am scared of Raspberries while others are reporting in that they are working wonders for them and they are losing weight!  I am saddened with my “rash factor” and wasted money.  In fact, the Raspberry Ketones probably could have helped me if I was not so stupid and taken such a high dose, only to sabotage my own success! Dumb. (yes, in case you are wondering, I am blonde…)

ADDING MORE PRODUCTS- Are the risks worth it?

This is a controversial question. Most of these products, Raspberry Ketone, 7-Keto, CLA, and Green Coffee Bean Extract have just not been tested that much to know how they interact with each other. Raspberry Ketone has not yet been tested on humans so there are no studies to reassure us that it is completely safe. So if you are going to use this product, talk to your Doctor and have them monitor your vitals. Once you are safely into your 4th week on the product, then you can consider adding the others. Realize that all of these products increase metabolism in one form or another. So your body is creating more heat. Heat is usually felt to some degree if you have a quality product. This can cause things like blood pressure, heart rate, or menopause symptoms (like hot flashes) to increase. Heat is HEAT. So it is strongly advised that if you do take more than one product at a time, be careful to monitor yourself closely, whether that be with supervision of a Doctor or Homeopathic Specialist.  There are no studies with combined products interactions. You ARE the human study!  There have been great results reported with combining products, but there are also risks given that most products are very new to the marketplace. Reports of either Raspberry Ketone OR 7- Keto DHEA combined with Green Coffee Extract are providing excellent results! Also, adding Saffron to help the serotonin receptors and acting as a mental booster has been reported as offering positive weight loss results. There is really no magic formula, so you are your best judge at what is working for you.

SO in a Nut Shell…

SO in a nutshell, people ARE losing weight and combining products. It is still uncertain if this is a risk or not. Consult with a Doctor and make sure your vitals are being monitored on a regular basis. I am not a doctor whatsoever, so this is just reported data based on what people are writing in about. The verdict is not conclusive, however, the products seem to be overall producing good results when combined with the 10 steps above. If you are NOT getting good results and would like a list of patented products and the manufactures that guarantee their products are REAL, email me at beckylgould@gmail.com

I wish everyone the very best for a SAFE and HEALTHY weight loss experience!

Becky g

If you have any questions about this article or would like research from a national data center regarding product ratings and drug interaction please contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

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One thought on “Rasberry Ketone, 7-Keto, and Green Coffee Extract…Are they Better TOGETHER???

  1. My question is in combination how would they b taken i have lost in2 weeks 11 lbs with just rasberryketones but I’m also interested indoing both coffee bean extract so would i.take 1 ketone in the morning then a coffee bean in the afternoon or can both b taken.together@ the same time 2x a day

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