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Green Coffee Bean Extract IS WORKING for some and NOT WORKING for others… WHY???

The TRUTH about why Green Coffee Bean Extract is working for some and NOT for others!!!

A few months ago hardly anyone was interested in green coffee, or supplements derived from green coffee bean extract. However all that has changed because green coffee supplements are now flying off the shelves. So what are the reasons for this, and what are the weight loss benefits (and side effects) of green coffee bean extract supplements? Why are some people losing weight like crazy and other still can’t seem to shed a pound? How can this be? Here is the skinny overview on that….

Well, we all probably know the two main reasons why everyone wants to buy green coffee bean extract right now. DUH, to LOSE WEIGHT! Here is what the human studies prove:

First of all there, was a major study conducted that clearly demonstrated that green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight. The study gathered a group of 16 overweight people and gave them green coffee supplements every day. Each of them stuck to a diet of around 2400 calories per day (well above the recommended average) and yet they still lost a lot of weight. In fact each person managed to lose an average of 17 pounds over the 22 week period. The study concluded that: “Taking multiple capsules of green coffee extract a day, while eating a low fat, healthful diet and exercising regularly, appears to be a safe, effective, inexpensive way to lose weight.” YEAH, so we are taking our GC capsule daily now so we should all be skinny by now, RIGHT??? Not always THAT EASY, follow me….

The second reason why many people want to buy green coffee supplements right now is because Dr. Oz discussed the results of this study on his TV show and actually conducted his own little experiment. He gave these supplements to two volunteers guests and one of them lost 2 pounds in less than one week, while the other lost 5 pounds in total without changing anything in their diet, so they claimed. So if we do the exact same thing that Dr. Oz recommends, then we should lose weight and be in our bikinis by summer, RIGHT??? I can’t wait! Can it be THAT EASY??? Read on…
So these are the two main reasons why green coffee bean extract is really SUCH a hot topic right now! It’s exciting and a new breakthrough! But, now for the skinny (or not so skinny)  TRUTH  about green coffee bean extract and the info you need to know so that it WILL WORK FOR YOU, TOO!!!! YEAH :O)

The good news is that this seems to be working for some people, LOTS OF PEOPLE!  But the bad news is that it is not working for everyone.


There are 3 main reasons that the product may not work for everyone.

# 1) The first reason is that you may have a fake product!

Yes, if you have been following my blog there have been many PLACEBOS that are surfacing. When people open the capsule and taste the product they are noticing that it does not look like the correct color that is should be (which is golden light beige).  Furthermore, upon tasting the product if should taste bitter. If it tastes like mocha it pretty much IS MOCHA. Might as well put it in your hot water to make cocoa and get some use out of it!  Also, if the brand is offering an 800mg dose  this is a red flag and  this is not recommended by physicians at Life Extension Foundation, engineers of a major patented green coffee product  (Dr. Oz is WRONG). So if they are offering the product at 800 mg is this product REAL? If so, this is cause for alarm!  The recommended dose is 400mg x 3 per day and there is a serious reason for that! If the product is REAL and you take this high of a dose, your blood glucose levels may drop to an unsafe level creating low sugar level, which in turn can make you feel tired, dizzy, and even cause seizures. This is called insulin shock. Even at the 400mg level it is advised that if you feel tired while taking it to eat a piece of fruit or natural juice. The reason this could happen is that the product is balancing out your glucose levels and the body may not be used to running at a normal, lower level. Headaches or fatigue could be a sign that your body is in this balancing stage, but consult with a doctor as soon as possible and discontinue green coffee bean extract until your levels can be tested with a blood monitor glucose test.

#2)The second reason that the product may not work, is that your liver is on overload due to toxic buildup from past and present:

The liver is a sensitive organ and cannot and will not eliminate fat if it is overstressed. Toxins, such as  pollutants, alcohol (in cosmetics, lotions, and spirits), household products, pesticides, are poisoning our bodies!  Over the counter drugs like Tylenol and other medications also cause liver impairment. Also, eating a diet rich in carbs and refined sugar creates a toxic body with too much acid on board, resulting in reduced liver function. So if you expect to drop to an eensie weensie polka dot bikini size while you are stuffing in the carbs, forget it. it just won’t happen realistically.  Diet is important factor in this equasion.  Balance your body with a low carb diet with TONS Of  alkaline drinks and foods, like cucumber water, “greens” and all those good “Dr. Oz recommended” power foods to boost your bodies metabolism!
For more product information on how to gently detox your liver for optimal function and weight loss contact beckylgould@gmail.com

 #3) The third reason may be due to hormonal imbalances

Male and females may have hormonal imbalance and this can hold you back from experiencing weight loss even while using a product such as green coffee bean extract.  As we age, or even in child bearing years, hormones flucuate. The bodies natural defense when it is experiencing hormonal imbalance is to “horde” fat to protect you! The body becomes “stubborn and grumpy” when it is feeling lopsided and unbalanced.  So, in order to shed the weight and utilize the benifits of green coffee products you must attempt to get yourself in state of total balance:  THINK> “National Gymnastic Hormonal Balance Beam Champion.” Get everything aligned so that you don’t fall off of the fat burning wagon!  If you suspect that you may have a problem with hormone balance, contact beckylgould@gmail.com and you will be emailed information on bio-identical hormone alternatives that will help to balance your system.

EVALUATION TIME:  So if you are having a hard time losing weight while using weight loss products if is time to evaluate yourself closely. You can get a liver function test and a complete male or female blood panel to determine your body and it’s state of balance.  I had the test done and found out I had a “fatty liver” ugh. Embarrassing? YES! Humbling? YES! Too much fine wine in my life? YES, let’s not go there…Too many toxic hair products? (did I say fomaldyhide- spell check please) Honesty is very humbling especially since we have all from time to time whooped it up a bit and caused harm to our bodies. But the good news is that the liver loves you and damage is reversable!!! I am SAVED…there IS A GOD and he/she wants me to be SKINNY :O)

If you do not have a medical care professional, contact beckylgould@gmail.com for the number to a free hotline with medical staff to help you.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is there to help you, not to do the entire fat job FOR you! It’s like cleaning before the cleaning lady gets there, so do the same with your body!  While taking the product, eat a diet low in carbs, high in fruits and veggies, and moderate protein. Move your body! Sing, dance, rock, and roll! Shock your kids and do something out of charactor for a change- break a leg! Attitude is EVERYTHING :O) Nurture and love your body by taking good care of it and it in return your body will shed unwanted weight and return to the place that it was intended….

Smile, laugh, and have a happy, healthy summer!

God bless-

Becky g

If you have any questions about this blog, contact me directly and I will try to respond promptly-

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21 thoughts on “Green Coffee Bean Extract IS WORKING for some and NOT WORKING for others… WHY???

  1. peggy cimorelli on said:

    Hi becky~ I was trying to do more research on WHY I wasnt able to loose but instead GAIN. so than I must have the fatty thing goin on. As one person said to me that my body could be in shock. I have no side affects other than to gain the weight. Also, as my hubby has been making more roasts, & beef products. I usally dont eat that much meat. But lately i have, so that can be part of it. I have been drinking more water, but was holding the fluid, than started to take some B6. So how can I reverse & clean the liver? Without going into this expense?

    • I would suggest that you get a complete “tune up”- Start with saliva hormone test and cortosol test, liver, thyroid tests Then get vitamins (especially vit bs and ds), and minerals (especially magnesium and iodine). Take to a homeopathy or bioidentical hormone dr and have them read the tests. Usually if there is weight in the mid section that tends to point to adrenal fatigue. You can correct this slowly by following dr James Wilson program. Also, address the liver and thyroid if there is a problem. Super R-lipoic acid has been know to completely heal even the most advanced liver disease and hepetitis so start there for liver along with milk thistle. I had a fatty liver and it is almost back to normal after only 3 months of milk thistle/ super R-Lipic acid (the website has top of the live products at http://www.vitaminadvocates.com) Also, I make a pitcher of green tea every am and add cucumber, lime or lemon, sprig of mint and add blueberries or other berries for sweetener. Drink entire pitcher daily and cut out all other beverages. The liver will LOVE you and reverse the damage over time, therefore allowing for mUCH easier weight loss!

    • It is highly likely that you have one of the hundreds of fake products that are out on the market. Dr Oz did a recent show and there are only 2 brands he supports. One has caffeine and the other does not. The brand that is patented and DOES have caffeine uses a specific coffee bean called Coffea Carephora Robusta. The method of extraction is very important. The product is GCA patented so that means that they spent alot of money testing the extraction methods so that it is a sure thing to offer the chlorogenic acid at concentrated doses. There are thousands of species of coffee bean extract and only this one is perferred as well as one other called Coffea Arabica- all others are not tested properly and may not work at all. The one mentioned is on the site at http://vitaminadvocates.com in 400mg with 50% GCA.

  2. Kathy Lane on said:

    I purchased the Pure Green Coffee supplement. Used the product for about three weeks, watched my diet, exercised and didn’t loose weight. While I did not gain, I sure didn’t get the amazing results they say. It said take two pills a day and they are 800mg each. I tasted like you said and its just like mocha, not bitter at all. I purchased three bottles for around $99.00. Hopefully I can get my money back on the two bottles I have left. Will be contacting them today. This is fraud to sell a fake product. Thanks, Kathy Lane

    • You have the fake product- The real product was developed and tested by life extenstion and is sold on the site at http://www.vitaminadvocates.com
      It willNOT let you down I promise- But detox your liver and eat healthy. Stay on it and remember that it is going to lower your blood sugar so you will feel tired at first until your body adapts- stickwith it and dont give up-It was scienfically proven and the govenment gave millions to LEF to fund this project because of the astounding results wit 17-22 lbs weight loss.
      Your product is from a company that is in fruad by FDA-I have thousands of people email me products that are MOCHA, not green coffee bean extract- BUYT THE REAL DEAL…I have finally learned my lesson and buy from the best and trustworthy companies.

  3. How long does it take for the GCBE to make adjustments in your system? I have been taking it for 3 weeks, but have not seen results. I have been eating a healthy diet and exercising but no weight loss. Thoughts on continuing with it?

    • First and foremost, you need to make sure you are using a high quality product. The product used in the recent study where subject lost 17-22 lbs in 12 weeks can be purchased on http://www.vitaminadvocates.com and here is a coupon code to save $5: CODE 23887Obviously fake products will never work. Other issues to address are if you have a hormonal imbalance, weak liver, adrenal function, thyroid, or vitamin deficiency. Milk Thistle
      (coupon code: 23344) for the liver is a good product to be on regularily (forever) to detox liver. If liver is really abnormal use Super R Lipoic Acid as this has been known to reverse even the most severe cases of liver failure. For Adrenal fatigue go to Dr james wilson for his questionair and repair solution (this will address thyroid as well holistically). Many people are low in vit B, b12, and D so a regular suppliment of those is required as we age. Also take fish oils omegas. Finally, if you have a hormonal imbalance (usually estrogen dominance) then you need to get a saliva test to see what it off. If hormones are off, weight loss is not possible no matter what. If you find you are estrogen dominant, then exacting dosages of progesterone will facilitate you back to a normal weight with diet and also rejuvinate sex life, skin, decrease hot flashes and mood swings/mental fog. Be careful trying hormones on your own as you can make the problem worse. Bio-identical specialists will get an exacting dosage for your specific needs. Contact diannehinton.calmglow.com if you would like a consultation with a bio-identical doc that works all over usa via phone and skype. Best regards

  4. Derek Skanes on said:

    So in a way your saying- if you Do drink alchohol; the Green Coffee Extract will not work for you? Might even cause you weight gain?

    • The diet products are just and “aid” and the GCBE is especially helpful with lowering spikes in sugar levels which in turn helps weight loss. It also helps with blood pressure and diabetes. I am not saying that drinking alchohol occasionally will ruin this chance, but when toxins build up in our body over time (free radicals) the liver and kidneys become stressed and cannot flush the fat out. The GCBE can always help, but an easier method if you want to optimize weight loss is to clease the liver keeping it free of alchol (alchohol is in everything, even our hair products and lotions/ perfumes) for a few weeks to allow for your liver to detox. A liver clease should be mild drinking cucumber/lemon water and eatting restricted diet without meat for 2 weeks (eat lentils/beans and nut butters for protein). Once the liver is detoxed, this just allows the liver to work in sinc with the GCBE and other diet aids- doesnt have to work against the liver but is working along side it. I will be blogging a list of things that have alcohol in them, the list is unbelievable. Our skin absorbs it all day long with various products we typically use, women more then men because of the makeup, lotion, perfumes, deoderant.

  5. I used green cofee beans diet pills for one month but it dosent work and i didn’t loose any grams..during i use the pills i had diet and exercise but i don’t see any result its just waisting time and many …

    • As I stated before there are hundreds of fake products out there. There are only 2 products that are the patented brand that the study was done on and it was huge success. The study results is on the site at http://vitaminadvocates and the product that was used is available. This is 1 of 2 products Dr oz endorses and he is very aware of the fakes. Please provide the brand that you bought and also report this to the FDA as soon as possible!

    • What is the brand you are taking? You might be taking a placebo product.
      Also you might want to try to do a liver cleanse and check your hormones for balance.

  6. Used GNC GCBE for 3 days and gained 4 lbs! I now have a headache for 2 days that won’t go away and I feel very tired all the time. My body is achy and I have no energy. I am in menopause . I eat healthy and try to stay fit. I wanted to lose the extra 12 lbs I gained over the last 2 years, o/w my weight is normally very steady- I don’t gain or lose. Is this pill not for me? I do take macca root, multi vitamins, D and C as well

    • I am concerned that you are on a fake product and that you might be having an allergic reaction. Please tell me the brand that you are on. Is it the GNC generic brand? The real product that has the patent on the product GBCE is golden beige and it is very awful to the taste- bitter. It is from Life Extentions and is available at http://www.vitaminadvocates.com . Your weight gain is mainly due to menopause when the hormones go wacko. You need to get a saliva test (4) and see where your progesterone/ estrogen/ testosterone is. Sounds like you are probably estrogen dominate which is what is making you so sick. Once you get hormones balanced your energy, mood, sexual appetite, and weight loss will occur naturally like when you were younger. You DONT HAVE TO LIVE THIS WAY. I feel SO Much better on progesterone cream. But DONT just try any old cream otherwise you might make things worse. YOu need one made especially for your own body. Go to a homeopathic dr or let email me at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will give you a referral to my dr. Weight loss is next to impossible with hormones that are out of balance. Start there then get the GBCE and get the good stuff.

    • Ingrid what it sounds like is that your body is having a sugar low. because GCBE lowers blood glucose levels then your body may be going too low which is reason for fatigue and headaches. Keep fruit on hand and nibble on it or eat raisins. Eventually your body will adapt to the new lower sugar level. But until then it is a curve that you have to get through. If you feel dizzy discontinue until you get a diabetes glucose monitor so that you can see where the levels are. If you go below 70 you will feel week, headaches, and dizzy/tired.

  7. I have been taking GNC’s (windmills) Green Coffee Bean Extract, CLA, and African Mango and I dropped 5 pounds in one week. I eat sensibly throughout the day with smaller, but more frequent portions and I do not eat anything after 7PM

  8. Ann Wadika on said:

    Becky, This site is so informative, thank you so much! Just a couple of weeks ago I saw all of the hype regarding green coffee extract, lucky for me I got mine from a reputable place, Life Extension Foundation. Wanted to see if it really worked without changing my diet or exercise routine, I don’t exercise! I eat somewhat healthy, however, I also eat organic chocolate throughout the day. I drink 8-10 glasses of good filtered water daily, nothing else, I don’t drink any alcoholic beverages at all. Really, my only downfall is chocolate here and there throughout the day. Being in my menopause years I also use bio identical hormones- estrogen, progesterone, recommended doses from saliva testing done. In addition I take Life Extension multiple vitamins, vitamins D3 with K and supplement with 2,500 mgs of powdered vit C all from LEF. Okay, now you are telling me to try diet and exercise along with taking this miracle pill, kinda puts a new twist on the whole miracle thing! I just placed an order for Raspberry Ketones, also through LEF and was hoping adding this too would help! Other than a liver cleanse, (I’ve done this in the past) forcing myself to exercise and cut back on carbs and calories, don’t know what else I could be missing. Really don’t like being 50lbs overweight anymore, just getting some results… any at all would be an incentive for me to finally do this…lose this extra weight I’ve been carrying around for far too long. Thanks in advance for your insight regarding this matter.

    • So process of elimination tells me that you might have adrenal fatigue or a fatty liver. Both will work against you and hold onto weight. So the first thing to do is to get the liver checked and see if your levels are higher then normal. Even if they are normal, start working “greens first” into your daily diet. It has 40 super foods and will work to restore the body to alcoline state. Also replace all drinks with cucumber water with lemon or lime. Now go to Dr james wilsons website and read up on adrenal fatigue- most people with adrenal fatigue will have some distended stomach- this is because the cortone is making fat (hard fat) in the belly due to adrenal fatigue which happens over time as your body reacts to stress and free radicals. Take the test on the site- you can test more thouroughly by saliva, but the test on the site is good too. Start his products if you suspect adrenal fatigue. By restoring adrenal and liver function, the weight will start to fall off and resume to normal. Otherwise losing weight is next to impossible. But dont give up, start now to find out what it is. Otherwise, start to keep a diary of food to find out if there are just too many calories in your diet and maybe you are an emotional eater like so many of us! Best of luck to you- think skinny! But you are beautiful from the inside out not outside in….remember that!

      • Ann Wadika on said:

        What if I absolutely hate the taste of cucumber in any shape or form? How important is it to add cucumber to my water? What else could I use that will have a similar effect? I will take all of your other advice as it sounds right on. Thanks! Ann

  9. You can just do lemon or lime with mint leaves, cilantro, or celery or all of the above. the goal is to regulate the PH in your body. Also take ALOE VERA GOLD and that will reduce any inflamation in your gut and organs. If you use the greens first it is on sale on http://vitaminadvocates.com along with the aloe and my friends daughter just lost 30 lbs in single month supplementing her breakfast with Greens First in a slim fast. So I just started it week ago and I feel like my alien gut tummy is flatter- there is PH balancing ingredients (basically everything GREEN) and aloe vera. I drink it like a shot of whiskey (just down it cold turkey) but they put it in different things (like the slim fast or juice). Get the GREEN one not the berry one. My husband says my eyes are seriously bluer on it~ weird
    The PH is very important and is the reason that many asian cultures are so thin- they put sprouts, cilantro, mint, green veggies, etc in just about all of their meals.
    Best regards and let me know how you are doing….we are all needing encourangement especially as we enter menopause (or MANopause for men).

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