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Konjak “the MIRACLE Root”…Lose 5.5 LBS in 15 days without dieting!!!

Konjak Root the “root of weight loss? Fact or Fiction?

After reading a bit about this famous “root” product, it caught my attention. Perhaps the Kojak root might actually help to eliminate those cravings that I get. I have always thought that if I didn’t have those occasional binges from sudden ravenous hunger attacks (more or less from starving myself) then I would probably be as skinny as a whip! Wow, what great news that this product not only might curb those hunger attacks, but also bind to the excess carbs to create less absorption. Does this really mean there will be zero weight gain after a binge? Sounds good to me! I think that Konjak Root will go on my “to test list”. I will keep you posted so read on….

Soluble fibers such as Konjac Root offer many health-promoting benefits through their ability to form a soft gel with water. Research indicates that soluble fibers help lower blood cholesterol, slow glucose absorption, lowers the glycemic index and promote regular bowel movements. While found in many sources such as fruits, vegetables, oats, and beans, the most-promising soluble fiber may come from Konjack root. Derived from Konjac root, it has an extraordinary water-holding capacity and is the most viscous of all known dietary fibers with many added benefits. It is important to know that not all fibers are created equal. Some “so called” similar products do not offer the full effects that we have proven with the Konjac root. Other fibers do not promote weight loss the way that the real fiber does.

Konjak root offers benefits for those seeking to lose weight. Studies show that supplementing with Konjak root enhances the weight-loss effects of a calorie-restricted diet. Konjak may promote weight loss in obese adults, even in the absence of a calorie-restricted diet. When obese adults consumed 1 gram of Konjac fiber one hour before each meal for 14 days, they lost an average of 5.5 pounds of body weight—with no other changes to their eating or exercise patterns.( If you would like a list of reputable manufacturers contact beckylgould@gmail.com)

Konjak root creates a feeling of satiety or fullness through its water-binding effects. By creating a thick gel, it delays gastric emptying and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream, which helps to lower levels of insulin and blood glucose. Additionally, Konjac root improves blood-lipid profiles and can lower systolic blood pressure. Because of these effects, it can greatly benefit individuals with low metabolic rates or diabetes.

The Importance of Supplementing using Konjac Root

The average American currently consumes only 12-17 grams of fiber a day from dietary sources, far below the 20-35 grams recommended by the American Dietetic Association and the 30 grams or more suggested by both the American Heart Association and the National Cancer Institute.

Since many people do not want to change or cannot change their diets, supplements and natural fiber products can help them benefit from fiber’s many beneficial effects. Supplemental fiber products can provide optimal combinations and amounts of fiber, as well as complementary nutrients such as calcium. Incorporating increased fiber intake into a daily plan for healthy living can help you lower your risk of heart attack and cancer, as well as prevent or manage such common conditions as hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Moreover, fiber is a valuable tool in achieving optimal weight.

Medical professionals recommend adding fiber to the diet gradually until the body adjusts. Moreover, because soluble fibers form a gel with water, it is important to drink plenty of water with fiber supplements. Abundant water intake will help to optimize fiber’s actions in the body and prevent side effects.

Konjac Root is available in capsule or tablet. It also comes in a powder form. Asian women have claimed for years that it helps them maintain a desired weight, and more and more Americans are determined to find out if it’s true. By the appearance of Asian woman, it certainly holds merit. Now American women are seeking out beauty secrets kept by Asians for decades. The secrets out!

Konjac root fiber helps reduces blood fats, encourages weight loss, helps to keep blood sugar levels normal, and relieves constipation. When ingested, it takes on a jelly-like consistency and expands to make the stomach feel full. People are therefore satiated more quickly and are less likely to overeat, according to results of trials in which obese patients were put on calorie-restricted diets and given Konjak root. In addition, like most food fiber, Konjak root acts as a bulking agent in the colon, which stimulates peristalsis (the muscular movement that causes bowel evacuation).

Konjac root helped to keep glucose at optimal levels in baboon blood, suggesting that it may help control glucose levels in diabetics. A recent study indicates that this is likely to be true: When used along with conventional treatment, Konjac root fiber not only helped normalize and maintain blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, it also lowered both cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.

Like many soluble fibers, Konjak root can bind with a variety of substances in the digestive tract to slow digestion, relieve constipation and significantly reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrates. Because it can absorb a great deal of water and promote a feeling of fullness, Konjak root is frequently recommended as a safe supplement intended to promote weight loss.

Glucomannan Safety and Side Effects

Unlike other soluble fibers, Konjak root  has the potential to bind with and reduce the absorption of certain nutrients – so a daily multivitamin supplement may be advisable for individuals consuming high doses of Konjac root fiber on a regular basis. Always check with your physician prior to taking this.

Also, it is important to make sure that the manufacturer of the product has done proper testing. Do not buy a product that has been made by an after market laboratory. It is always best to seek out a reputable supplier that has a past track record with good certified products.

If you would like a list of reputable manufactures email: beckylgould@gmail.com

Raspberry Ketone- HOPE or HYPE in a Bottle? Real LIVE Results!

Raspberry Ketone- Will this really help our bodies to  “think  it’s  THIN,” therefore, releasing fat cells and freeing our bodies from fat, forever?

If you have been following my blog about Dr. Oz featured products, there is quite a bit of buzz going around on Raspberry Ketones. What is the “BUZZ” all about? In this brief blog, I will share with you some stories about real live people and what they are experiencing using Raspberry Ketone, PLUS, I will share some of the facts about the product that you may or may  not realize. HINT: We all need to be very careful when we subscribe to “hope in a bottle;” so this is your reminder to keep your head on about you and  your emotions in tact before ordering a years supply of Raspberry Ketone. Now, read on with optimism….

Red Rasberry extract, no doubt, has proven to “act like a hormone” and has proven effective in decreasing fat cells in mice. What appeared to happen in case studies was theorized as fat cells acting out like  ”a liquid nitrogen” (example only)  to create a cause and effect which resulted in some fat cells releasing themselves, shriveling up, and evaporating……Sound too good to be true? Usually things that sound too good to be true “usually ARE too good to be true”.  But, don’t get discouraged just yet because there is some good news to come…

Now, don’t be confused. Red Raspberry Ketone, DOES promote promising results based on the study, but the formula has not been confirmed on humans as of yet. Therefore; “YES” you may go ahead and get excited, but “NO” don’t go overboard and purchase stock in raspberry ketone before you set some preliminary trials up for yourself.

As seen on the Dr. Oz show, the ladies that were featured with ”before and after pictures” had significant weight loss ( Lynn and Leslie). They both were quoted as “having had great results on the Raspberry Ketone and would not live without it.” When I investigated this in more detail, the ladies may not want to live without raspberry ketones, but most definately the product was not their only source that they used to achieve their weight loss goals. These women were coached by a personal trainer, prescribed a reduced calorie diet, and were committed to changing their bodies once and for all. They also were taking several suppliments, including raspberry ketone, to optimize results and thermogenics to increase their metabolism.

Let’s not lose hope, though. Let’s just be truthful with ourselves, knowing that nothing is a “MAGIC cure for weight loss.”  yet.  However, the results do prove positively that with a  commitment to a regimite of daily excersise, with a caloric restrictioned diet, and by taking the raspberry ketones, it’s fair to think that we might just come out a winner!!! Was the success due to primarily Raspberry Ketone? Truth is that the success was due to a combination of efforts; diet, excercise,thermogenic aids such as Raspbery Ketone, and consistancy.  So are you IN?

I have been on the front line of blog emails from viewers all over the world after Dr. Oz programed his show.  I am  fortunate to hear back from people from all walks of life that are taking Raspberry Ketone products. There are a important few issues that need to be out in the open for consumer awareness. First and foremost, after the Dr. Oz show you better believe that every single vitamin company in America was searching for raspberry ketone product to sell to the Dr. Oz show viewers.  Manufacturers were scrambling, labs were swamped and retailer shelves were empty. Demand was up and stocks were out.  Therefore, many unfortunate innocent people probably purchased product that was less then optimal, out-dated, or even a placebo. Let’s face it, there are people and companies out there that prey on the big news releases and will take advange of people that are desparate. Some will go to any length to use this to their advantage.  Unfortunately, it is apparent that  many placebos were sold and now consumers don’t know if their bottle was one of those. However, there are many people that were lucky to  received good, quality products and get the chance to give raspberry ketone a try.

Here are a few stories about experiences with raspberry ketones after reviewing the thousands of emails that came in:

In one email, Katie B said that the raspbery ketone had made her heart race and she had to discontinue taking it.  In another email, Catherine R said that the product made her sweat and burp, but she felt energized!  One positive experience was that a woman, Lisa A, had more energy  then she had had in years and she had decreased a pant size in less then 2 weeks.  A recent email stated that Joe M, had lost 6 pound in 6 days!  Another positive experience from a blogger, Angela J, was that she had gained more hope then she had had in years due to a devestating thyroid illness. This was more important to her then the weight loss and hope alone lifted her spirits from a dark depression, thus resulting in peace of mind and a slightly lower scale number.

The emails go on and on, and it really seems like raspberry ketone reports are not decisive and the vote is not really completely in yet. The product  may react differently on body chemistries. The good news is, that raspberry ketone  is truely a bit of “hope in a bottle” because based on just hope alone, many people are experiencing that their depression has been lifted and they feel more optomistic. Overall, there has been a general good feeling, experiences with weight loss reported, and an increase in energy in a majority of users.

How many people bought a placebo or sub-par product? We will never know. However, I recently found out that there are only a handful manufacturers of raw raspberry ketone product, so if you can do a bit of research on the product you are considering purchasing, then this is a good place to start.

For me personally…….I got a rash :O(  BUMMER…I guess this wasn’t too surprising, since I was allergic to berries when I was a child (did I mention I do not have comment sense?).

For the rest of you, I wish you luck that Raspberry Ketone works for you and that you reach your overall wellness goals,  weight loss, and high hopes for a skinnier future!

For information on the manufacturers that process raw raspberry ketone, email me personally at beckylgould@gmail.com

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