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Bioidentical Hormones- The key to weight loss and youthful living! MY JOURNEY…

Ok Everyone…Here it goes..”MY REAL JOURNEY WITH BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES” …Diving in Deep!

For more information about bioidentical hormones please contact me at beckygould@ymail.com- The practicianer that is talked about in this blog may refer you or be able to advise you on how to treat your hormonal imbalances.

I am SOOOO excited to sit down and write to you all today!!! I feel like this is the right path, I feel new hope, and I have a tremendously good feeling about this! So here is my story about my venture out to get bioidentical hormone treatments…

After following Dr. Oz so readily and buying practically everything imaginable to promote weight loss and health, I finally think I may have the key to a more youthful, skinnier body and overall wellness in every arena, “mind, body, sex, and soul”.. DID I SAY  “sex” ? OMG I almost forgot what it is like to feel sexy again! lol

Since day one of my blog, my quest was to find out everything that I could on every subject known to man to help us to figure out why weight loss can be so hard for some and not others. I also wanted to find out WHY this aging “thing” was SO HARD. WHY WHY WHY???

After hearing from all of my blog readers, it made me that more determined then ever to finding out the secret to weight loss and healthy aging. So as a result, I sought out the very best bioidentical hormone teacher, nurse, and advocate to inspire me and help me balance my system. This is the story of my first day with my bioidentical hormone guru!

After researching in my town every possible BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE DR and OBGYN and HOMEOPATHIC DR, I began to trust my intuition and go with my gut. I ruled several people out just based on “YELP” bad reviews. Then when I came to my final choice in picking the right hormone specialist I chose one who seemed to have incredibly high ratings on health reviews!  I was so excited when she called me to state that she had an earlier appointment opening then planned and that she could see me TODAY! Yeah, hip hip horrrraaayyy!

I called my best friend who is also going through the whole menopause “thing”: weight gain, hair in weird places, hot flashes, sex drive zilch…etc… She was my hormone theraphy moral support. She was just as excited as I was!  So we drove over to our 3pm appointment with grins on our faces (and wiskers on our chins) and hope in our hearts! A skinnier, sexier “us” was on our mind…we were so tired of feeling like dried up corpses! Finally we had hope on the horizon, with a bit of skeptism, though, but we arrived with an open mind to hearing more about this new technology with Bioidentical Hormones at the forefront!

We arrived to be greeted by a warm, vivacious woman, Diane, who appeared to be in her 40’s. After a brief introduction, she told us her story (and she told us she is 51- WOW- she looks great and her skin and eyes literally GLOW!!!). She had been a nurse all of her professional career and after she personally started experiencing pre-menopausal syptoms, it drove her to seek out knowledge about Bioidentical Hormones so as to help herself and others. She went on to study the bioidentical hormone protocal along with taking a number of bioidentical hormone treatement certification classes and her focus  became learning how to balance “mind, body, and spirit” which included Bioidentical Hormone treatments. Then later she  researched the “crappolla” out of hormone replacements and sought out to find a worthy biochemical lab to work with that specialized in this particular field of medicine. Diane chose a lab out of Oregon who offers extensive testing (hormone panels, blood levels, mineral testing, the works) and specifically constructs personal prescription formulas based on  a persons individual hormonal needs. Her own story was miraclulous as she talked about how this had changed her own experience with menopause and then watched to see it change other lives drastically for the better!  She is honest and sincere in her beliefs that she will “help people balance their lives so that they can live “productivly”  to a 100’s years plus!” She agrees with Suzanne Somers and other advanced  research scientists in their beliefs that this wave of bioidentical hormones is aiding in creating the path to wellness and anti-aging that will extend our lives expidentually!

Diane tells us her own story of how miserable she was before starting bioidentical hormones. The “peri” menopause stage and the effects of this imbalance  had started to interfere with her health and every day life.  Her confidence took a dive as well has her body and sex drive.   It was funny to hear her state to us “that she was a grumpy, menopausal nurse that  wanted to tell everyone to take a hike!” She explained that she was so out of hormonal balance that it was a rollercoaster  of ups and downs and hormones shooting out like solar waves creating a titanic of emotions and irrationality.  So, Diane, like us, decided that “she was not going to give in to living a non sexual, fat,grumpy, hot and tired life with chin hair!”…lol (these are my words not hers by the way..lol)

Anyway, long story short Diane not only had the credentials, but she radiated what she believed in from the inside out! She does not only walk the walk, but talks the talk and then some! She understands the menopausal weight gain, the serious side effects of living with hormonal imbalance.  Diane states, “It is going to be ok, much, much, MUCH better- you do not have to live this way. Balance is everything and together we will work it out!” I was SO happy, I felt “hope” for the first time in years!

This saint of an educated woman, bioidentical scientist Diane, covered alot in the 1 1/2 hour appointment. She personally went through every line item of my current health issues, medical history, current medications, and symptoms that were bothersome. Nothing went uncovered  and she did this with great compassion. She prescribed some baseline blood work and wrote out a list of supplements that she wanted me to start. Then she told me about the miracle that would happen in just a short amount of time…

Now for the GOOD NEWS. Ok, get ready for this. Her hormone treatment plan consists of a complete saliva test that you do 4 times per day for 1 day. After that she would work with her lab to make the perfect formula with my exacting requirements for my body- making the exact personal prescription  to perfectly balance my hormones! She guaranteed that after 1 week of her treatment of personal prescribed bioidentical hormones I would feel 25% better. Then, after that I would continue to feel better each week by 25% more. After a month I would feel 90% or more better then I ever felt before because I would be hormonally BALANCED! She has a 90% success rate! PLUS the SUPER DUPER REALLY GOOD NEWS> a majority of her clients lost weight and came in beaming with joy- the weight just naturally came off once the body was in balance.

I was feeling like a highschool princess that just won the crown when I left! My friend was just as happy, singing “lets get it on” as we left! Hope is really amazing you know!

Long story short, you just have to stay tuned for my next blog. I will go into detail about how I did the saliva test, the results, the personal experience, and the RESULTS!!! YEAH..are you on board with this? AND for MEN??? She helps men, too with getting back in balance. So if you are a man reading this do not be shy to get help and take your life back again!

The biggest news yet…I asked her just before leaving, “what about weight loss”?

She said,  “honey, all of my clients come in with the same question. Once the hormones are balanced and the body is in sinc, the weight just naturally falls off and if you are still struggling after a couple of months we will find out what is wrong and fix it!  There is a skinnier you on the horizon!”   I was thrilled with new hope and it was the best feeling I had had in ages!

THERE IS A GOD, and he/she entered my universe today through the form of a intelligent woman with words of wisdom and hope in her heart to give me. I will continue to blog on this journey….stay tuned for the new “sexy, skinny me!!”

For more information on bioidentical hormones or weight loss questions contact me at beckygould@ymail.com

STAY POSITIVE :O) and don’t give up!  You are worth it!

Becky G

Thoughts BEFORE you buy: Green Coffee Extract, Raspberry Ketone, 7-Keto, or ANYTHING for that matter…”Vitamin Buying Tips for Dummies, 101″

Entertaining Thoughts BEFORE you purchase: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone, 7 Keto, OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER…..”Vitamin Purchasing Tips for Dummies 101”

I have to laugh at the great comments that are coming in to me from all over the world! It is just amazing at what companies will do to make a buck on the weight loss groupies like us! So just to give you some humor, (since the subject of fraud is so negative), let me shed light on some of the entertaining stories that have been told to me about peoples experiences buying products online, including my own dumb blonde purchase!….Now, don’t get me wrong, these stories are heart wrenching  because the buyers are devastated, betrayed, defeated, and then angry…. So it is not that I am not compassionate, I AM, but I truly want all of us to learn through these mistakes…..A Must Read Blog:  “Vitamin purchasing tips for dummies”…

The stories told are true to form, however, the names and places have been changed to protect the fraudulent….


SO just imagine this..…..

Envision a dark red house in the small town of Wichita. Sitting at home there is a Mom and Pops, small child and they are watching the Dr. Oz show. He is featuring the Green Coffee Bean Extract today and the show is quite compelling suggesting that this product works for weight loss.  So Pops says to Mom, “hey lets sell the stuff and make some bucks, honey!” They make a few phone calls to the white label broker named Wizard of Oz and a few hours later they are in business! They don’t have to do anything except sit on the couch watching Dr. Oz, keeping notes of products, and imputing orders!  You see, the Wizard of Oz broker drop ships their orders  for them with their own label on the bottle that states; “Mom and Pops Green Coffee Caps.” Mom, Pops, and child continue to process orders, but now they are adding “Mom and Pops Saffron Caps” to their product line while picking out a brand new car that they will purchase online from the vitamin proceeds. The one thing that Mom and Pops did not realize was that the Wizard of Oz vitamin broker bought the product from Mr. Big Shot manufacturer who in turn bought overseas from the OverSea Express. No wonder the products are NOT WORKING….OverSea Express did not realize that the coffee needed to be extracted from the green coffee plant in order to work for weight loss effects. OverSea Express thought that real coffee mocha would work just FINE  as an alternative, plus it was cheaper. And for Saffron,  OverSea Express decided that the leaves crunched up and put into capsules  would work fine, too.  OverSea Express did not understand clearly what the objective was because there was a slight “language barrier”( or they just didn’t care)…. Not to mention there was a  “SEA- barrier”working to their advantage, too…lol

There was no testing done on the products that Mom and Pops ordered, so when the FDA came to their home, they were caught in their pajamas and did not have any idea of who OverSea Express was that sold fake product to Mr Big Shot who sold to Wizard of Oz who sold to Mom and Pops.  Mom and Pops were caught with their pajamas down and now had to return the money that they charged the consumers. Unfortunately, their new car was repossessed.


Do you get the drift? This is happening over and over and over again! We are falling prey to this pattern and in the process we are getting duped! Some of the little guys reselling products are not even laying a hand on the product, nor do they know what they are shipping to YOU! BEWARE. SUPPORT LEGITIMATE VITAMIN MANUFACTURES ONLY- if you would like the names of legitimate manufacturers or distributors contact beckylgould@gmail.com


3 women write in to me  with this question; “do you think that these products are real?”

1) Jodie mails me real product samples to my home and clearly the product is fake- mocha.

2) Cheryl mails me sample of her products- Koolaid.

3) Dianna mails me products-  definitely coffee mocha.

Later I investigate domain names and websites of the companies that they have purchased the fake products from: (changed to protect the fraudulent- NOTE THESE ARE NOT REAL LINKS)




COME ON PEOPLE…if the name LOOKS obviously like it is NOT a large company then guess what- it’s not! If the domain name is something stupid, so is the product!

So thereafter,  I went on Google maps to investigate the business locations. I looked up the addresses that were listed on the website contact pages to see where these companies actually are on the map- FYI,  Google maps is a great tool and will actually show you the exact real live photo of the dwelling that is listed for the address.  So this is what I found out about the addresses listed for the 3 bogus companies researched (and there are hundreds just like these):

1)    One showed the address as a huge dirt lot with a bird sanctuary behind it

2)    One showed that they were in a huge high rise in Vegas, however, when I called several of the tenants there to verify, no one had heard of the vitamin company name – they did not reside in the building

3)    One was a middle of the road brown 2 story home, in the suburbs; ford truck in front and kids toys in the front yard (mom and pops were probably inside entering Saffron “leaf” orders in their pajamas)

 SO now you have it….”the truth”.

 So if you are questioning the company that you bought product from it is best that you find out what their headquarters look like OR know the distributor and what they stand for!  Now, before I get too mean, let me also let you to know that I feel that being a distributor for a legitimate company is very ethical and honorable.  So there is a difference between “mom and pops” and the “distributor”.  A distributor may really be legitimate, too.  I am NOT against reselling products, but there are rules of ethics that should be kept.

Becky G’s word of ethical reselling that Companies should stand behind:

1)    It is not ethical for a reseller to NOT KNOW what  is in the product that  they are selling. Period- end of story. Products should ALL be tested. So ask the company you are buying from for a certification or analysis document.

2)    It is not ethical to LIE about the nature of a business. Period. Test them before you buy and research.

3)    It is not ethical for a business to pretend that it is  something that  “they are NOT” (like resides in a high rise..lol) 

4)    If is not ethical for a company to put a label on a product that is not accurate or to add anything harmful to a product and not disclose it- SO  investigate before purchasing.

5)    It is illegal and not ethical to falsely market something. DO your research and look for marketing tactics.

6)    It is unethical to alter reviews to increase sales- DO not trust reviews, trust real people and TRUST your INTUITION.


WRAP UP- Vitamin Purchasing for Dummies 101:

Do your research and if it does not feel right, don’t purchase. Take your time. Support legitimate manufactures and distributors. Be willing and expect to pay more for products that have been tested, trademarked, branded, or patented. Do not buy from places that PIT one sale against another and barter for price. You will be looking for trouble because those are the sites that have most of the mom and pops on them. Also, if a product is really cheap and it is a name brand from a manufacturer, then that is a problem. Manufacturers have a BOTTOM price that the reseller cannot go below. So if it priced lower than 25% then they are probably expired, or rebottled. Be aware of what you are buying andfrom  who.

Pledge to be a “safe purchaser supporting legitimate companies”.

If you have ANY questions contact me personally at beckylgould@gmail.com and I will do my best to get back to you promptly.

Notes about Becky G:

Becky g is a legitimate distributor and works with one of the most reputable companies in the world, working towards finding a cure for the obesity epidemic & type II diabetes. She began this endeavor because she was duped, purchasing a fake product and it rolled out from there!  Thereafter, she decided to create a safe haven for blog readers to go where they can find trustworthy products and be personally advised on an individual health basis need. Becky resides in Modesto Ca. and owns her own ecommerce business selling custom direct mail throughout the US. She writes as hobby and also as a way to connect to others that struggle with eating disorders, weight loss issues, menopause, and other health related issues. She has survived a spinal cord injury, and full recovery from bulimia. Her son is one of the longest living heart transplants in the world (25years). Her goal is to lengthen and improve quality of life by providing resources that help her family, friends, and blog readers…Her life goal is to be able to provide holistic care and products to those that cannot afford to do so.



The Saffron Phenomenon- Proven to have Profound Effect on Weight Loss…”Now Considered a Scientific Breakthrough!”

Saffron- the new “FEEL GOOD” medicine for weight loss!

This is SO exciting! Now it really makes sense to me why I often had those cravings for carbs! This article explains how carbohydrates act as a serotonin trigger, which makes us feel happy, peaceful, & content! No wonder we love them! So the reason that our brain and body crave carbs is because it wants that RUSH of a GOOD feeling that our brain is longing for AGAIN and AGAIN!  So now there is a natural alternative to getting the serotonin “high” WITHOUT getting the calories! So obviously, if we take Saffron, the  “feel-good pill”, then we no longer need the food to get that feeling we so desire…Make sense? Read on about this new proven scientific breakthrough… this IS EXCITING!

— It’s a phenomenon that as modern science progresses, mother nature is consistently found to produce some of the healthiest and most effective chemical compounds available. Turns out this new finding shows that one of the promising and powerful chemical may have been in our kitchen all along. Researchers have recently found in a weight loss study that the participant had a significant improvement in weight loss due to taking an extract derived from the commonly known spice, Saffron.

The compound Satiereal, or more commonly known as Saffron Extract, had a tremendous effect on serotonin levels in the brain. Saffron Extract works as a hunger suppressant and seems curb appetites by boosting serotonin levels. Weight issues often times are a result of over eating and frequent snacking. Carbohydrates and simple sugars react in the similar way to saffron extract by triggering a serotonin response in the brain that gives a sense of calm. The major difference, however, is not consuming the extra calories. Participants in the study found that overall were less hungry and experienced noticeable difference in their hunger cravings.

A second response to the participants was an improvement in their overall mood. Both participants and researchers a like noted a remarkable difference in the mood and attitude during the course of the study. Researchers attributed the improvement as another benefit of saffron extract effect on serotonin levels. In fact, many anti-depressants are made to increase levels in the brain.

Because saffron is considered to be one of the most expensive spices in the world, producers have isolated the extract to allow for proper dosage. Saffron extract supplements have been made not only improve weight loss but to feel better. The saffron extract that has been isolated is extracted using scientific method to isolate the raw component condense, and make it consumable. It does not come without a cost, though, as it is expensive and sensitive extraction method. Satiereal is patented and therefore, is a rare commodity. For information on manufacturers that extract and sell the patented Satiereal Saffon contact beckylgould@gmail.com

All the recent findings support the fact that saffron has been used for centuries in the Middle East and Europe has a high sought after for the benefits on vitality and as a remedy for cough, asthma, and better skin.

The weight reduction results are extremely promising for Saffron – lose weight by being less hungry and experience an elevation in moods. Though Saffron extract should always be part of a healthy diet and exercise routine; this is a breakthrough finding that can have a profound effect on individuals who struggle with weight loss and food cravings. It is also proven effective for mild depression. All in all, scientists are excited about this new breakthrough and you can expect to hear more about studies conducted on human subjects, especially diabetics. We are hoping that this breakthrough may aid in the diabetes epidemic and reduce childhood obesity. The results are favorable!

For more information on Saffron Extract and what it can do, contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Also, there have been positive results reported when taking Saffron and an additional metabolism booster such as Raspberry Ketone, 7-Keto, Green Coffee Bean Extract, or CLA.

Talk to your physician prior to taking any products. Discuss drug interactions. Be Safe…



Green Coffee Bean Extract IS WORKING for some and NOT WORKING for others… WHY???

The TRUTH about why Green Coffee Bean Extract is working for some and NOT for others!!!

A few months ago hardly anyone was interested in green coffee, or supplements derived from green coffee bean extract. However all that has changed because green coffee supplements are now flying off the shelves. So what are the reasons for this, and what are the weight loss benefits (and side effects) of green coffee bean extract supplements? Why are some people losing weight like crazy and other still can’t seem to shed a pound? How can this be? Here is the skinny overview on that….

Well, we all probably know the two main reasons why everyone wants to buy green coffee bean extract right now. DUH, to LOSE WEIGHT! Here is what the human studies prove:

First of all there, was a major study conducted that clearly demonstrated that green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight. The study gathered a group of 16 overweight people and gave them green coffee supplements every day. Each of them stuck to a diet of around 2400 calories per day (well above the recommended average) and yet they still lost a lot of weight. In fact each person managed to lose an average of 17 pounds over the 22 week period. The study concluded that: “Taking multiple capsules of green coffee extract a day, while eating a low fat, healthful diet and exercising regularly, appears to be a safe, effective, inexpensive way to lose weight.” YEAH, so we are taking our GC capsule daily now so we should all be skinny by now, RIGHT??? Not always THAT EASY, follow me….

The second reason why many people want to buy green coffee supplements right now is because Dr. Oz discussed the results of this study on his TV show and actually conducted his own little experiment. He gave these supplements to two volunteers guests and one of them lost 2 pounds in less than one week, while the other lost 5 pounds in total without changing anything in their diet, so they claimed. So if we do the exact same thing that Dr. Oz recommends, then we should lose weight and be in our bikinis by summer, RIGHT??? I can’t wait! Can it be THAT EASY??? Read on…
So these are the two main reasons why green coffee bean extract is really SUCH a hot topic right now! It’s exciting and a new breakthrough! But, now for the skinny (or not so skinny)  TRUTH  about green coffee bean extract and the info you need to know so that it WILL WORK FOR YOU, TOO!!!! YEAH :O)

The good news is that this seems to be working for some people, LOTS OF PEOPLE!  But the bad news is that it is not working for everyone.


There are 3 main reasons that the product may not work for everyone.

# 1) The first reason is that you may have a fake product!

Yes, if you have been following my blog there have been many PLACEBOS that are surfacing. When people open the capsule and taste the product they are noticing that it does not look like the correct color that is should be (which is golden light beige).  Furthermore, upon tasting the product if should taste bitter. If it tastes like mocha it pretty much IS MOCHA. Might as well put it in your hot water to make cocoa and get some use out of it!  Also, if the brand is offering an 800mg dose  this is a red flag and  this is not recommended by physicians at Life Extension Foundation, engineers of a major patented green coffee product  (Dr. Oz is WRONG). So if they are offering the product at 800 mg is this product REAL? If so, this is cause for alarm!  The recommended dose is 400mg x 3 per day and there is a serious reason for that! If the product is REAL and you take this high of a dose, your blood glucose levels may drop to an unsafe level creating low sugar level, which in turn can make you feel tired, dizzy, and even cause seizures. This is called insulin shock. Even at the 400mg level it is advised that if you feel tired while taking it to eat a piece of fruit or natural juice. The reason this could happen is that the product is balancing out your glucose levels and the body may not be used to running at a normal, lower level. Headaches or fatigue could be a sign that your body is in this balancing stage, but consult with a doctor as soon as possible and discontinue green coffee bean extract until your levels can be tested with a blood monitor glucose test.

#2)The second reason that the product may not work, is that your liver is on overload due to toxic buildup from past and present:

The liver is a sensitive organ and cannot and will not eliminate fat if it is overstressed. Toxins, such as  pollutants, alcohol (in cosmetics, lotions, and spirits), household products, pesticides, are poisoning our bodies!  Over the counter drugs like Tylenol and other medications also cause liver impairment. Also, eating a diet rich in carbs and refined sugar creates a toxic body with too much acid on board, resulting in reduced liver function. So if you expect to drop to an eensie weensie polka dot bikini size while you are stuffing in the carbs, forget it. it just won’t happen realistically.  Diet is important factor in this equasion.  Balance your body with a low carb diet with TONS Of  alkaline drinks and foods, like cucumber water, “greens” and all those good “Dr. Oz recommended” power foods to boost your bodies metabolism!
For more product information on how to gently detox your liver for optimal function and weight loss contact beckylgould@gmail.com

 #3) The third reason may be due to hormonal imbalances

Male and females may have hormonal imbalance and this can hold you back from experiencing weight loss even while using a product such as green coffee bean extract.  As we age, or even in child bearing years, hormones flucuate. The bodies natural defense when it is experiencing hormonal imbalance is to “horde” fat to protect you! The body becomes “stubborn and grumpy” when it is feeling lopsided and unbalanced.  So, in order to shed the weight and utilize the benifits of green coffee products you must attempt to get yourself in state of total balance:  THINK> “National Gymnastic Hormonal Balance Beam Champion.” Get everything aligned so that you don’t fall off of the fat burning wagon!  If you suspect that you may have a problem with hormone balance, contact beckylgould@gmail.com and you will be emailed information on bio-identical hormone alternatives that will help to balance your system.

EVALUATION TIME:  So if you are having a hard time losing weight while using weight loss products if is time to evaluate yourself closely. You can get a liver function test and a complete male or female blood panel to determine your body and it’s state of balance.  I had the test done and found out I had a “fatty liver” ugh. Embarrassing? YES! Humbling? YES! Too much fine wine in my life? YES, let’s not go there…Too many toxic hair products? (did I say fomaldyhide- spell check please) Honesty is very humbling especially since we have all from time to time whooped it up a bit and caused harm to our bodies. But the good news is that the liver loves you and damage is reversable!!! I am SAVED…there IS A GOD and he/she wants me to be SKINNY :O)

If you do not have a medical care professional, contact beckylgould@gmail.com for the number to a free hotline with medical staff to help you.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is there to help you, not to do the entire fat job FOR you! It’s like cleaning before the cleaning lady gets there, so do the same with your body!  While taking the product, eat a diet low in carbs, high in fruits and veggies, and moderate protein. Move your body! Sing, dance, rock, and roll! Shock your kids and do something out of charactor for a change- break a leg! Attitude is EVERYTHING :O) Nurture and love your body by taking good care of it and it in return your body will shed unwanted weight and return to the place that it was intended….

Smile, laugh, and have a happy, healthy summer!

God bless-

Becky g

If you have any questions about this blog, contact me directly and I will try to respond promptly-

Fact or Fiction? “Saffron will Kill your Cravings and Cure your FOOD Addiction”…The Real Truth!!!

Fact or Fiction? “Saffron will CURE your Food Addiction FOREVER”…what is the REAL TRUTH?

Do you find yourself routinely eating more than you mean to? Struggle with weight gain because you can’t exercise “portion control?” Feel bad about it—but can’t stop yourself from snacking? You are NOT ALONE!

In other words, have you ever gotten the feeling that food is addictive?

According to the latest scientific findings, YOU’RE RIGHT—and a novel natural intervention may now help you bring those urges under control.

In a historic study published earlier this year, a team of researchers demonstrated for the first time that the underlying biomolecular mechanisms driving millions to overeat are identical to those that lock people into the death spiral of cocaine and heroin addiction. Yes, FOOD can be just as addicting as hard core drugs!


But this landmark discovery confirms what many clinicians have long suspected: compulsive eating is as much a matter of brain chemistry as behavior.

Of course, no drug exists that can regulate appetite and induce weight loss without significant health risks. Some have proven disastrous like Fen-phen.

The exciting news is a natural appetite regulator, Saffron, has been identified that operates at the neurochemical level to help provoke “satiety”—the feeling of being full. This unique extract is derived from saffron, prized for centuries not only as a spice but also as a mood enhancer in traditional cultures.

Saffron Boosts Serotonin and Establishes SATIETY-“ Feeling of Fullness”…

Here you will learn of saffron’s capacity to boost serotonin, a neurotransmitter whose role in appetite and satiety is well established. You will discover how a team of French researchers uncovered the ability of saffron to dramatically decrease feelings of hunger between meals. You will also find out how just 88.25 mg twice daily of a standardized saffron extract may help you effectively modulate some of the underlying psychological factors that make you eat more than you want to, with no side effects. If you would like a list of reputable manufacturers of specially harvested Saffron extract contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Serotonin’s Role in “Emotional” Eating

Overeating is a huge problem for millions of people and causes health problems as well as depression. When severe enough, it reaches the level of a compulsion—a clinically diagnosable anxiety-related disorder. Compulsive eating occurs in about 30% of obese women, although its prevalence in the general population greatly exceeds that number. It is strongly correlated with poor impulse control, depression, and relapse following weight loss.  Research shows its victims tend to gravitate toward sweet, non-nutritious foods like carbs, candy, and ice cream.

In one of the most compelling findings reported this year that compulsive eating can result from a common gene variant for the molecule that transports serotonin, one of the body’s primary mood regulators. People carrying this gene suffer from lower serotonin activity, predisposing them to depression and anxiety, especially under stress. The Dutch study revealed that teens carrying this gene indulge in emotional eating at a significantly higher rate.

Antidepressants may offer some relief from emotional eating. Unfortunately, they can be costly, lose effectiveness over time, and come with a host of side effects—from sexual dysfunction to suicidal thoughts, underscoring the need for safe, low-cost options.

Thanks to a team of pioneering French scientists, a next-generation natural alternative,SAFFON, has come to light. For more information on where to purchase a quality Saffron product that has been harvested in an optimal process, contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Saffron Extract: A Novel Intervention

Saffron has been used in traditional Persian medicine for centuries as a treatment for insomnia and anxiety. French researchers Cédric Bourges, Jacques Noury and Bernard Gout set out to corroborate these therapeutic effects and apply them to the treatment of eating disorders. They hypothesized that “through an action against the anxiety component of eating behaviors such as food compulsions, saffron could alleviate the need for food between meals.”

Armed to find a alternative for compulsive eating, Bourges and his colleagues launched a full-scale trial of 60 slightly overweight women 25-45 years old. They focused specifically on women who reported frequent, anxiety-related between-meal and after-dinner snacking. Their goal was to test the saffron’s psychotropic (mood-altering) potential in helping to reduce the anxiety behind compulsive eating.

The results were amazing! By 6 weeks, the average weight loss had increased, reaching just over two pounds, with 26% of subjects losing up to 11 pounds. Interestingly, women taking saffron saw a significant reduction in thigh circumference. The women also reported a significant reduction in feelings of hunger before meals. They also experienced a significantly diminished “need” to snack between meals. The favorable alteration in these urges had concrete results. At baseline, women in both groups had reported an average of about 12 snacking episodes per week. After eight weeks, the average was just six episodes per week in the saffron group—a 50% reduction! The subjects had not changed from their regular routine whatsoever other than taking the Saffron.

They reported that “subjects in the saffron group felt significantly more alert and energetic than the placebo group”—feelings that correspond with emergence from sub-clinical depression and anxiety. As noted above, depression and anxiety are the foundation for compulsive eating. The key to this saffron extract’s potency, it turned out, lay in its effects on levels of serotonin.

The Depression Connection

Based on the findings of Bourges’s team, it has been proposed that saffron extracts might inhibit serotonin reuptake. Saffron extracts have also demonstrated efficacy in managing mild to moderate depression and anxiety in humans—the same disorders that drive emotional eating. This affords a novel alternative to antidepressant drugs.

To Sum it Up

iin a nutshell, this fine exotic extract Saffron, has proven effective for compulsive eatting and for weight loss. Saffron was recently shown on the Dr. Oz show as promoting profound weight loss on 2 guests. In 3 days the subjects lost 3 lbs (Martha) and 6 lbs 9 (Deseray) and reported that they felt less opt to snack between meals. They had not changed their regular routine whatsover, and had only taken the saffron, 88 mg, 2 capsules x 2 times per day. The results could prove to be a breakthrough in weight loss!

Please make informed decisions on purchasing saffon. There have been cases reported of fake products going around after publicity from the Dr. Oz show. Always purchase from a reputable manufacturer that you trust.  If you have any problems with the brand that you have purchased or if you would like a list of reputable manufactures contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Thank you and have a happy, healthy SUMMER !

Becky g

How to know if you bought FAKE Green Coffee Extract- Pictures of REAL vs Fake!

Fake Green Coffee vs Real Green Coffee

Dear Blog Readers;


I am putting this picture out on the internet because there because some companies are actually selling FAKE products online and I wanted you to be aware of this. This product, featured on the left hand side is from a well known suppliment company that promotes the product as “PURE 400 or 800 mg Green Coffee Bean Extract” as sold on the internet for $29-$46.

The reason that I came across the product was from one of my readers  that decided to open up the capsule to see what it tasted like. She had actually GAINED weight over the weekend so this prompted her to investigate.  She had been reading the blogs that I have been posting on this product and keyed in that this did not match up to what the “REAL” product should look and taste like. When  she tasted the dark brown powder it was SWEET and had a slight chocolate flavor.  The real green bean coffee extract is EXTREMELY bitter.  That is the reason why they do not sell powdered Green Coffee Bean Extract. It is almost unbearable to try to ingest without it being in a capsule.  Also, the REAL green coffee powder is beige, with a slightly golden hue.  The product that the blog reader received was medium brown, with  white speckles (of SUGAR)! No wonder she gained weight!

So this blog is just to show you exactly how companies prey on vulnerable people. When demand is high and the calls are coming in for Dr. Oz promoted products, some companies get greedy and their code of  ethics are challenged. Most of the companies that offer the REAL product are on back order based on demand. But the ones that race out and fill a veggie cap with swiss mocha are laughing all the way to the bank while the consumers lose trust, gain weight, and get taken for a ride! It just is NOT RIGHT!

The same thing is happening with all of the products that Dr. Oz is recommending. Raspberry Ketone is being sold as “kool-aid”, and 7 Keto is being sold as a filler. The list goes on and on because in desperate times such as this ecomic climate we are currently in, “desperate people do desperate things”!

SO PLEASE, do your research before spending your hard earned money. It is better to spend a little bit more time investigating and a little bit more money on a company that is legitimate.

If you receive a product I challenge you to open it up and taste it. If you suspect that it may not be the “real deal” then send it to me and I will have a lab find out if it is truly the real product it claims to be.

I cannot give out the name of the company that is represented with the fake product on this blog due to legal ramifications. However, I am able to share that in an email if you contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

Also, I will give you my address if you would like to have any suspicious products tested.

Thank you for reading and please pass this on……becky g :O)

Did you get the REAL Green Coffee Bean Extract or did you get COFFEE GROUNDS?

Will the REAL Green Coffee Bean Manufacturers PLEASE STAND UP???

HOW TO KNOW IF A COMPANY IS LEGITIMATE WITH LABELING AND MARKETING? I am so saddened when I  hear a personal story about how the green coffee bean extract is not working for them and how discouraged they are. Mainly, the reason for their failure is because they are either getting fake product, sub par product, or no product at all because it never arrived!  It is sad enough to be duped, but is is really sad to see people lose their trust in vitamins and supplements and lose their HOPE.  Originally, people were writing in everyday or so excited about most their recent purchase of “Green Coffee Bean Extract” only to find out later that the capsule was filled with coffee grounds similar to instant mocha. Yes, one gal wrote in to tell me that she suspected something fishy because she had actually gained a pound over the past weekend. So she opened up the capsule to taste it just to see what the flavoring was like. Knowing from her research that the organic raw coffee should taste “bitter,” she could not believe it when the powder was a sweet and chocolate flavor! Not only that, but the color was white and brown, just like ground coffee, chocolate, and sugar! Real green coffee extract products should be a beige color powder in a clear capsule!  No wonder she gained weight! (If you would like more information on this contact beckylgould@ymail.com )

Anyway, this is just one sad story and reason for everyone  to do their research before acting on emotion and making an impulsive internet purchase. We all need to work together to inform others when something appears to be wrong with a product. Use YELP to report negative experiences with products or service.  Good things happen to good companies, bad things happen to bad companies.  The truth always prevails.  End of story. If you would like more information on the ratings and reviews on green coffee bean extract contact me at beckylgould@ymail.com

Anyway, you can tell I am in a bummer mood to say the least. I write these blogs to try to help people make good choices and hopefully hear back success stories that I can blog about.  I am also in the advertising business so I understand marketing all too well. But one thing is for certain there is good marketing and bad marketing. If  a product manufacturer has a really good product that will HELP someone then that is fantastic! Sell it to everyone that can benifit from it and earn a decent profit! Right?

The worst part of this blog and my day writing this, is that I feel sad that I may dash your spirits with some ugly news. I feel obligated to get this out  because a huge percentage of people that write in to me  have been asking about the brand  that they have purchased and whether or not it is a good product??? Unfortunately, this recent report is a huge disappointment and I am sorry to be the deliverer of bad news. The company that MOST PEOPLE are buying the green coffee bean product from is a website called PURE_________ (hint hint). I cannot say  the name directly or I will be kicked off of wordpress, however, on their website is a green box that says “TRUST PILOT” . When you click the box it shows all of the 2,373 reviews about this company and they have literally pathetic comments! Yes, 2373 MAD CUSTOMERS and some have not even received their product. They do not answer the phone and they also apparently do not currently reside at the contact address.  They have a 2.1 rating on green coffee bean, yet they market so heavily on pay per click that you cannot miss them. So ALMOST every person that writes to me is purchasing this product. Since the site is getting rich on the sales, they can afford to pay google thousands of dollars to get their website to flash in front of you, waving their coffee product at the top of the internet pages shouting it’s praises!   Plus they are making false advertising claims stating that their product is PURE 100% Green Coffee Extract with NO fillers! This is just not true unless they are using coffee grounds,  chocolate, or hopefully not dog food!

You see, REAL green coffee extract needs 2 fillers. One acts as a binding ingredient so that the extract can be pressed effectively into a capsule formula. The other is a preservative so that the product will not go rancid and will hold a shelf life. Without fillers you would get a product that may make you sick or lose it’s organic properties that produce the results it was originally intended for. Fillers should be in an easy to dissolve, veggie based capsule. Never use a product that is in synthetic capsule because it most likely will not even dissolve in your system.  The undigested synthetic capsule is like litereally “dumping” the goods before they hit the system. This is not healthy and  is very hard on your intestines and bowels.

Ok, to sum it up: The bad news is that all products are not real and we also know that all companies are not ethical, but THE GOOD NEWS IS that there ARE legitimate and ethical companies out there selling the REAL GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT! The bottom line is pretty simple, “you get what you pay for”. This means that if you want a product that is superior then you need to make sure that the manufacturer has done some serious research and testing on it! To do human studies, to patent the formula, and to certify a product takes a huge amount money. So I guess if you want to risk taking a sub par product at a reduced price go ahead and not much waisted (or gained).   Remember that  good, quality  products go through enormous testing phases and that this process  includes paying high salaries to all of the  Mds, Phd’s, and Engineers to roll out the  process! So when considering  buying specialized products (not run of the mill such as vitamin C),it may pay off to spend a little more money to get the best quality product out there for optimal results. I finally made the decision after years of giving back to everyone else but myself, that it is time for ME… and I am worth it!  AND you are too :O)

Real product IS OUT THERE. If you would like a list of ratings on real green coffee bean extract there is an unbiased national data review that can be viewed. Contact me if you would like it sent to you at beckylgould@gmail.com  Also, if you question a product that you have purchased, take a picture of the powder, capsule, bottle, and label and send it to me. I will look into it in more detail.

AND “thank you” to all of you who are writing in to tell your honest stories.  I know how hard it is for everyone including myself to lose weight and I feel for everyone at a very deep level. Also thank you for allowing me to VENT by frustration with this blog :O) I am truly blessed to have friends that are on the same page!

Becky g

If you have any questions about any of the products on my blogs please feel free to email me at beckylgould@ymail.com If I do not know the answer to your question, as I am not a liscensed Dr,  I have access to educated MDs  and homeopathic doctors who can assist you with addressing your health realted concerns.Thank you-

The SAFFRON Weight Loss Connection- The “Mind-Body” SOLUTION!

The Saffron Weight Loss Connection

After listening to Dr Oz’ episode on Saffron, I was intrigued enough to investigate whether the report from Oz was true or just another gimmick?   Come to find out that Saffron may offer promising new solutions for weight loss! The only negative fact about Saffron is that it is difficult to harvest, thus  an expensive end consumer product.The following will explain the facts about SAFFRON, how it works with the mind and body, and also where to find reputable manufacture with a quality, “none-placebo” product. Read on about the “good news”…..

2010 Study on Saffron and Serotonin:

Based on recent findings in a 2010 study, it has been proposed that saffron extracts might inhibit serotonin reuptake in synapses. Inhibiting synaptic serotonin reuptake keeps this mood-elevating neurotransmitter in the brain longer, enhancing its positive side effects while combating depression which may also lead to weight loss. This proposed mechanism is supported by recent animal studies demonstrating antidepressant properties in extracts of multiple parts of the saffron plant.27

Saffron extracts have also demonstrated efficacy in managing mild to moderate depression and anxiety in humans,  the same disorders that drive emotional eating. This suggests a novel alternative to antidepressant drugs and to weight loss pharmaceuticals.

What You Need to Know: Saffron Extract

A historic 2010 study conclusively demonstrated that the neurochemical processes behind compulsive eating and drug addiction are identical, suggesting a neurological intervention for appetite control and other addictive intervention.

  • No safe, effective drug exists to favorably alter the neurochemistry of appetite control, and some, like fen-phen, have proven deadly,
  • A proprietary extract of saffron has been shown to reduce the impulses behind uncontrolled between-meal snacking safely and effectively,
  • Scientists believe it works primarily by boosting levels of serotonin, reducing the depression, anxiety, and stress central to compulsive eating,
  • Saffron extract has been shown to be as effective as the tricyclic antidepressant drug imipramine and the SSRI fluoxetine (Prozac) in managing depression — with no side effects.
  • By targeting the neurochemistry at the root of compulsive eating behavior, Saffron  extract serves as a safe, natural way to reduce caloric intake and induce weight loss.

Extracts of saffron have been proven superior to placebo for management of mild to moderate depression in a number of controlled clinical trials, consistently producing better outcomes. Saffron extracts also outperformed placebo in a related study of premenstrual symptoms. The premenstrual phase is often accompanied by depressed mood and caloric over-consumption, thus saffron also helps with depression and weight loss regarding PMS.

Even more compelling are the comparative data on saffron and prescription antidepressants. In one study, just 30 mg of standardized saffron extract delivering active constituents such as safranal and crocin produced results similar to 100 mg of the tricyclic antidepressant. The same amount of saffron extract produced results identical to the popular selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) fluoxetine (Prozac) in separate trials. Saffron produced no side effects, while the antidepressants produced a familiar list of negative side effects, including dry mouth and sedation.

Emotional and compulsive eating have ties to anxiety as well as depression. Animal studies show that safranal possesses anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) properties without affecting coordination or motor activity. One pre-clinical model found that saffron extracts were as effective as diazepam (Valium) at reducing manifestations of anxiety.

A complementary body of research indicates a positive role for saffron extracts containing safranal as an optimal intervention for stress and anxiety and overall weightloss. — core factors in the development of eating compulsions or anorexic behaviors.

Habitual Snacking: A Dangerous Seesaw Effect Snacking isn’t necessarily dangerous … but it can be. It depends on the snack food. Every time you ingest a snack rich in sugar, you’re unknowingly subjecting your body to what clinicians oral glucose tolerance test. You’re placing a stressful demand on your body to produce excessive amounts of insulin to drive down the abrupt spike in blood sugar caused by the snack food you just ingested. This insulin spike then causes a sudden decline in blood sugar levels and that decline triggers yet another hunger episode. The result is a seesaw of mutually reinforcing impulses that may culminate in a dangerous cycle of uncontrolled eating. Many compulsive eaters focus on weight management without recognizing the centrality of this extremely detrimental physiological process to their suffering. Reducing your exposure to these endless fluctuations in blood glucose is the key to taking control of your compulsion to eat. Modulating the neurochemical factors behind habitual snacking can help.

Natural Anxiety and Stress Control Treating anxiety with benzodiazepines like Valium (diazepam) may be temporarily effective but it produces significant side effects — among them impaired memory.  In contrast, saffron extracts not only reduce the depression and anxiety that can lead to emotional eating, they prevent memory impairment. In fact, saffron extracts have been shown to enhance memory.

Summary A historic 2010 study conclusively demonstrated that the neurochemical processes behind compulsive eating and drug dependency are identical — suggesting a novel neurological intervention for appetite control. While no safe, effective drug exists to favorably alter the neurochemistry of appetite, a proprietary saffron extract has been shown to reduce uncontrolled between-meal snacking without side effects.

  • A complementary body of research indicates a positive role for saffron extracts containing safranal as an optimal intervention for stress and anxiety — core factors in the development of eating compulsions.
  • At the core of saffron’s power is a scientifically validated ability to boost levels of serotonin, reducing the depression, anxiety, and stress central to compulsive eating.

These effects, prized in traditional Persian medicine and corroborated by a team of pioneering French researchers, have been shown to be equal in potency to the tricyclic imipramine and the SSRI fluoxetine (Prozac) in managing depression. By targeting the neurochemistry at the root of compulsive eating behavior, saffron extract serves as a safe, natural way to reduce caloric intake and induce weight loss.

Purchasing Information- Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the saffron crocus. Dried stigmas from the saffron flower are used mainly in various cuisines as a seasoning and colouring agent. Saffron, long among the world’s most costly spices by weight. is native to Southwest Asia and was first cultivated in Greece..

Saffron’s bitter taste  and  hay-like fragrance result from the chemicals picrocrocin and safranal. It also contains a carotenoid dye, crocin, which imparts a rich golden-yellow hue to dishes and textiles. Iran now accounts for approximately 90 per cent of the world production of saffron. Because each flower’s stigmas need to be collected by hand and there are only a few per flower, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Expect to pay more money for saffron then you would normally pay for other holistic products due to the difficult harvesting process. Make sure you are using a reputable company for purchasing the product.

Dosage and Use: Take one capsule twice daily (morning and evening) with food or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Caution and Side Effects: Do not exceed recommended dose. Consult with your healthcare practitioner before using this product if you are taking anti-coagulant or anti-platelet medications or if you have a bleeding disorder or kidney disease. Avoid use during pregnancy.

Warnings Information:

  • Keep Saffron A, for depression support, appetite control/suppressants out of reach of children,
  • Do not exceed recommended dose,
  • If you have a bad reaction or unwanted side effects, discontinue use immediately,

When using Saffron A for depression support, appetite control/suppressants to lose weight, please inform your physician.

If you would like a list of reputable manufacture sources for purchasing high quality saffron, please contact:


Rasberry Ketone- How to Know if it is REAL or PLACEBO?

RASBERRY KETONE- How do I  know if I am buying the “Real Product”?

After I wrote the blog on “Raspberry Ketone…The TRUTH about them”, I have had an alarming response! I wanted to keep everybody updated on what is going on with regards to the purchase of the “real product” and the findings of who is manufacturing this and where we can get the REAL product.

I want to first clarify a bit of information and in doing so have used basic description of the process so that you can easily understand…

The RASPBERRY KETONE process starts at the general chemical processing plant. Some US based chemical plants or suppliers are DNP International, Berje, Martiz Mayer, and Penta International, however, a majority of the chemical processing plants are in China or India (www.alibaba.com). Chemical manufacturing plants extract from the raspberry to get the raw product. Then they and sell to a clinical laboratory where they process the Raspberry Ketone into an end product for a buyer or retailer. Buyers or retailers specify their own “recipe” for the ingredients for their desired final product. Some labs already have turn-key “recipes” or formulas, but Raspberry Ketone is a less common one, until now. The laboratory will also bottle and label the product for the reseller with the desired “brand name” label for marketing.  Raspberry Ketone is usually used for perfumes scents or for flavoring foods. It was not until recently that the labs had a demand for powder or capsule for health supplemental purposes.

So after realizing that the manufacturing plants were not the source we needed to purchase Raspberry Ketone from, we again investigated to try to find laboratories that might have the turn key product to sell to the public. One such company, Palmer, has agreed to produce the Raspberry Ketone for a diet supplement. To do this it will cost approximately $3000-$5000 for the initial 1000 bottles of Raspberry Ketone. Although the price is good at a rate of $3-$5 each, this comes with the risk to the reseller of being liable for any health issues or lawsuits that may come about with the selling of this new product. Liability is on the retailer so risk is high.

Conclusion for purchasing of the Raspberry Ketone? We suggest that you find out who the reseller uses as a laboratory. Then investigate the laboratory to see if there are any lawsuits or complaints(yelp, BBB, etc…). If not, and if the laboratory seems legitimate with good reviews,  then proceed with the sale. Make sure you check the labels of the product that you buy and remember that if it looks too good to be true then “it probably is”! For more information on reputable company or to find out who manufactures real raspberry ketone product, contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Most importantly, keep us informed as to your progress on the weight loss program and report any successes, side effects, or reactions. Keep us all informed so that we can make and educated decision on our purchase of the product and the risks associated with this decision to try the product for weight loss. More importantly, if you suspect a “scam” reseller, don’t hesitate to report them here or on YELP or BBB.

Good luck in your weight loss efforts…I am as hopeful as you are that this product helps all of us to achieve our ultimate weight goal!

Stay tuned to this blog as I update on everyone’s successes or new information on RASPBERRY KEYTONE diets!!!

Please place your comments on my blog

or email me your comments and I will post: beckylgould@gmail.com

Konjak “the MIRACLE Root”…Lose 5.5 LBS in 15 days without dieting!!!

Konjak Root the “root of weight loss? Fact or Fiction?

After reading a bit about this famous “root” product, it caught my attention. Perhaps the Kojak root might actually help to eliminate those cravings that I get. I have always thought that if I didn’t have those occasional binges from sudden ravenous hunger attacks (more or less from starving myself) then I would probably be as skinny as a whip! Wow, what great news that this product not only might curb those hunger attacks, but also bind to the excess carbs to create less absorption. Does this really mean there will be zero weight gain after a binge? Sounds good to me! I think that Konjak Root will go on my “to test list”. I will keep you posted so read on….

Soluble fibers such as Konjac Root offer many health-promoting benefits through their ability to form a soft gel with water. Research indicates that soluble fibers help lower blood cholesterol, slow glucose absorption, lowers the glycemic index and promote regular bowel movements. While found in many sources such as fruits, vegetables, oats, and beans, the most-promising soluble fiber may come from Konjack root. Derived from Konjac root, it has an extraordinary water-holding capacity and is the most viscous of all known dietary fibers with many added benefits. It is important to know that not all fibers are created equal. Some “so called” similar products do not offer the full effects that we have proven with the Konjac root. Other fibers do not promote weight loss the way that the real fiber does.

Konjak root offers benefits for those seeking to lose weight. Studies show that supplementing with Konjak root enhances the weight-loss effects of a calorie-restricted diet. Konjak may promote weight loss in obese adults, even in the absence of a calorie-restricted diet. When obese adults consumed 1 gram of Konjac fiber one hour before each meal for 14 days, they lost an average of 5.5 pounds of body weight—with no other changes to their eating or exercise patterns.( If you would like a list of reputable manufacturers contact beckylgould@gmail.com)

Konjak root creates a feeling of satiety or fullness through its water-binding effects. By creating a thick gel, it delays gastric emptying and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream, which helps to lower levels of insulin and blood glucose. Additionally, Konjac root improves blood-lipid profiles and can lower systolic blood pressure. Because of these effects, it can greatly benefit individuals with low metabolic rates or diabetes.

The Importance of Supplementing using Konjac Root

The average American currently consumes only 12-17 grams of fiber a day from dietary sources, far below the 20-35 grams recommended by the American Dietetic Association and the 30 grams or more suggested by both the American Heart Association and the National Cancer Institute.

Since many people do not want to change or cannot change their diets, supplements and natural fiber products can help them benefit from fiber’s many beneficial effects. Supplemental fiber products can provide optimal combinations and amounts of fiber, as well as complementary nutrients such as calcium. Incorporating increased fiber intake into a daily plan for healthy living can help you lower your risk of heart attack and cancer, as well as prevent or manage such common conditions as hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Moreover, fiber is a valuable tool in achieving optimal weight.

Medical professionals recommend adding fiber to the diet gradually until the body adjusts. Moreover, because soluble fibers form a gel with water, it is important to drink plenty of water with fiber supplements. Abundant water intake will help to optimize fiber’s actions in the body and prevent side effects.

Konjac Root is available in capsule or tablet. It also comes in a powder form. Asian women have claimed for years that it helps them maintain a desired weight, and more and more Americans are determined to find out if it’s true. By the appearance of Asian woman, it certainly holds merit. Now American women are seeking out beauty secrets kept by Asians for decades. The secrets out!

Konjac root fiber helps reduces blood fats, encourages weight loss, helps to keep blood sugar levels normal, and relieves constipation. When ingested, it takes on a jelly-like consistency and expands to make the stomach feel full. People are therefore satiated more quickly and are less likely to overeat, according to results of trials in which obese patients were put on calorie-restricted diets and given Konjak root. In addition, like most food fiber, Konjak root acts as a bulking agent in the colon, which stimulates peristalsis (the muscular movement that causes bowel evacuation).

Konjac root helped to keep glucose at optimal levels in baboon blood, suggesting that it may help control glucose levels in diabetics. A recent study indicates that this is likely to be true: When used along with conventional treatment, Konjac root fiber not only helped normalize and maintain blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, it also lowered both cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.

Like many soluble fibers, Konjak root can bind with a variety of substances in the digestive tract to slow digestion, relieve constipation and significantly reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrates. Because it can absorb a great deal of water and promote a feeling of fullness, Konjak root is frequently recommended as a safe supplement intended to promote weight loss.

Glucomannan Safety and Side Effects

Unlike other soluble fibers, Konjak root  has the potential to bind with and reduce the absorption of certain nutrients – so a daily multivitamin supplement may be advisable for individuals consuming high doses of Konjac root fiber on a regular basis. Always check with your physician prior to taking this.

Also, it is important to make sure that the manufacturer of the product has done proper testing. Do not buy a product that has been made by an after market laboratory. It is always best to seek out a reputable supplier that has a past track record with good certified products.

If you would like a list of reputable manufactures email: beckylgould@gmail.com

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