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Hollywood’s Weight Loss Secret is “ADDERALL”…Now there is a NEW ORGANIC ADDERALL ALTERNATIVE!


After seeing the show that Dr Oz featured on Hollywood’s additions to “Adderall”, I became obsessed with finding out if there was a product on the market that could simulate Adderall, create energy, and ultimately become a friendly, HEALTHY weight loss supplement WITHOUT the brain damaging proponents of Adderall.  Who needs a brain cell buster when there is an energy weight loss capsule that will build brain cells rather then bust them? This is exciting news….

SO my journey begins with meeting Dr. Baker, the creator of a new organic product that is an all-natural holistic replica of Adderall, without the harmful ingredients. Dr Baker insists that his breakthrough product is going to be the up and coming “natural source” for treating ADHD/ ADD, AND treating the obesity and diabetes epidemic!  It’s a GRAND SLAM for energy, focus, endurance, concentration, and weight loss. Have I died and gone to heaven? Well, read on to hear more about what is in this bionic capsule that my friends are raving about.  Hip Hip Horraaayyy! READ ON…

For more information about this organic product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

So Dr Baker sent me some of his product for my friends and I to try. There is one thing for certain; this little orange capsule really cranks up the speed at which I clean the house! OMG, I was like the bionic woman on these pills!  I became “Martha Stewart on steroids!”  My friend all experienced a similar effect ad became motivated beyond belief at the energy effect of the product. We did not feel jittery like on an energy drink. We did not feel hungry either! WOW, this may just be the kick in the pants we all need for weight loss and profound energy.  We are calling this the newly revised version of  “Organic Adderall”  although the product is 100% natural and won’t burn our brain cells. WOW- Jackpot!!!

If you would like more information on this product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Here is the base line of what is in the products-

There are 4 different stimulants used in the breakthrough product. These stimulants prolong energy, focus and concentration. Each of the stimulants helps to improve energy, cognitive function, alertness, endurance, focus, and stamina. Taking this supplement may allow you to better complete complex tasks, including writing, studying, and mental clarity. Ultimately, along with these features you will begin to lose weight!

Dr Baker claims that the product is the result of diligent research and experience. The proprietary “Adderall- like” formula contains the following ingredients. These important ingredients when combined in the correct amounts can help to provide a profound impact in quality of life, work, weight, and overall health.

 Yerba Mate:Yerba Mate is a Brazilian/South American herb known for centuries for its medicinal properties. The Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society concluded after researching this wonder herb that no other plant found anywhere has equal nutritional value. They claimed that, “Yerba Mate contains practically all the vitamins necessary to sustain life.”

Scientific research shows Yerba Mate to be a powerful antioxidant that can protect DNA strands from a problem known as double-strand breaks. The key benefits of Yerba Mate include increased mental clarity, focus, alertness as well as mood elevation. With 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 polyphenols, Yerba Mate is one of nature’s most balanced stimulants.

 Guarana:  Guarana comes from the berries of Paullinia cupana, a plant native to the Amazon basin in Brazil Gurana impacts metabolism because it contains thobromide and theophylline, as well as the natural phenols catechin and epicatechin. This powerful plant has been used by the Amazon Indian Tribes for centuries to gain increased energy, brain power, and endurance, ultimately increasing metabolism and providing weight management. These antioxidants give the brain and body protection from harmful free radicals and provide a powerful endurance boost. In a 2007 pilot study, memory, alertness and mood levels were all increased by low doses of guarana extract. In our Adderall- type organic  formula they assist in helping to provide cognitive improvement. We source only the highest quality Guarana extracts.

 Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine Anhydrous is a psychoactive stimulant known chemically as trimethylxanthine. Caffeine Anhydrous belongs to a group of stimulants called xanthenes which occur naturally in certain plants. Xanthenes stimulate the central nervous system to combat drowsiness and restores alertness. Caffeine is the world’s most popular psychoactive substance, with nearly 90 percent of adults in North America consuming it on a daily basis.

 Dimethylamylamine: Found in geramium oil, this gentle metabolism booster is known to help with weight loss, focus and energy, and completes our four stimulant formulation. Our formula didn’t stop with only stimulants, however. Combining these 4 stimulants with Nootropics is one of the keys to our fomulation being so effective.

 Nootropics: The brain is a complex organ which needs nutrients, oxygen, glucose, and a host of proper chemicals to function optimally. Improved long term cerebral brain health and functionality are the two primary goals of the alternative formulation. As a result, Nootropics are included in this product. Nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs,” that act as memory and cognitive enhancers, as well as intelligence enhancers. Nootropics are theorized to work by altering the available supply of the brain’s enzymes, neurotransmitters, and hormones. They work at improving oxygen supply to the brain and helping to stimulate nerve growth to the brain. The following Nootropics were carefully selected and formulated for this new “organic-Adderall” product.

 Huperzia Serrata: This rare Chinese herb contains a powerful alkaloid called Huperzine A. According to studies Huperzine A has been proven to be beneficial in protecting the brain against free radical damage. Huperzia Serrata is also a potent aid for memory support and concentration as well as weight loss.

Ginko Biloba – Ginko Biloba is used for memory and cognitive enhancement and can help improve attention levels in users. A study of the herb concluded that desired affects are immediate and reach their peak in 2.5 hours after intake. Two of the components of Ginko Biloba, flavonoids and terpenoids, are believed to be responsible for the herb’s beneficial effects in humans. Flavonoids have antioxidant properties that help in protecting nerves and blood vessels from damage. Ginko Biloba has been shown to improve performance in the Steinberg Memory-Scanning Task in healthy young individuals. This memory task assesses the ability of people to recall information. Think of Ginko as a fuel for brain power and also a protector due to its antioxidant properties. Ginko Biloba extract produces a considerable increase in memory and activity in the neurons of the brain.

 Choline – Choline As the precursor molecule for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, Choline serves various functions in our bodies. Extensive research hints that Choline may help prevent memory loss associated with aging. Choline protects and restores the dendrites of your brain’s cells. The dendrites are the tiny linking branches that come out of neurons and allow the cells in your brain to communicate.

In summary, this organic “Adderall” like product is at the forefront of maximal brain function, nutrition, protection, and cognitive function enhancement, and WEIGHT LOSS!

If you would like more information regarding dosage, interactions, and side effects of this product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Green Coffee Bean Extract….Finally, “the FACTS are HERE!”

Your Green Coffee Bean Extract Questions Answered:

If you have questions regarding this blog contact the author beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. What is pure green coffee bean extract?

A. Pure green coffee bean extract is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from raw, unroasted coffee beans. It is a highly potent source of chlorogenic acid, which is the active substance that helps with weight loss.

Q. What is chlorogenic acid?

A. Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenolic compound that is found in abundance in raw coffee beans. It has proven to be effective as a weight loss supplement and was recommended on the Dr. Oz show.

Q. How does chlorogenic acid help me lose weight?

A. The presence of chlorogenic acid in the body triggers the liver to stop releasing glucose into the blood stream so that the body will burn stored fat to utilize the glucose content in its fat cells as energy. This process also increases the body’s metabolism to speed up fat loss.

Q. What if my liver is compromised or I have a fatty liver? Will the green coffee bean extract work the same?

A. If you have a compromised liver or fatty liver, we suggest that you detox prior to starting green coffee bean extract. Also, milk thistle, broccoli, and a multitude of other products have both been proven to help restore the liver to a healthier state. By taking a daily dose of Aloe Vera juice, this can decrease inflammation of the liver so that is able to optimally function. The healthier your liver, the better it will be able to promote weight loss with use of green coffee bean extract. A healthy diet with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and fiber is recommended as well as ongoing detoxing. For more information on products that promote healthy liver function contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. Can you  explain in more detail how the green coffee bean extract burns fat?

A. . When chlorogenic acid is present in the body, the liver stops producing glycogen, which is the enzyme that is responsible for releasing glucose into the blood. Glucose is normally used by the body to produce energy; however, when the body doesn’t have a stable amount of glucose in the blood it begins to convert stored fat into usable energy.

Q. Are there any side effects of pure green coffee bean extract?

A. There have been no reports of any adverse side effects of pure green coffee extract. However, anyone that has sensitivity to caffeine may experience mild jitters or an increased energy surge.

Q. Is green coffee bean extract a type of drug or prescription medicine?

A. No. Green coffee bean extract is not a drug or medication. It is purely a dietary supplement that does not require a prescription.

Q. Can I just drink normal coffee instead of green coffee to get the same results?

A. No, roasted coffee loses its chlorogenic ability because of the high temperatures used. Therefore, it is very important to know that the product you purchase has been extracted correctly and still is in the raw form. There are products on the market that are mimicking green coffee, yet are actually ground roasted coffee beans. For a national report from a research company that reviews products for overall health and quality, contact beckylgould@gmail.com and you will be provided a list of all manufactures of green coffee extract. Products are rated on a scale from 1-10 by a unbiased, honest national reveiw board.

Green Coffee Extract Ingredients Questions:

Q. Is there any caffeine in pure green coffee bean extract?

A. Yes. Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance in green coffee beans. However, the chlorogenic acid extraction process has eliminated most of the caffeine content. Each capsule contains roughly the same amount of caffeine as 1/8 cup of coffee. There are products on the market that do not have caffeine in them; however, we recommend the product that is patented and DOES contain a small amount of caffeine for optimal weight loss. If you have problems with caffeine, refer to beckylgould@gmail.com for a list of non-caffeinated options.

Questions About Taking Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Q. What forms does green coffee extract come in?

A. Green coffee extract comes in both tablet form and capsule form. We recommend a veggetable capsule so that it easily absorbs in the intestines. Other capsules remain undigested and often times are eliminated without ever being absorbed. Make sure that the product you purchase is from a legitamate manufacture with a healthy capsule. For more information on a patented green coffee product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. How do I know if I am getting a real pure green coffee product?

A. First of all, you need to make sure that you are using a reputable source for purchasing the green coffee product so that you get one with high chlorogenic percentage of extract. The capsule should be clear, with very light brown or beige color of powder. Even though the product is called “green” the actual powder is beige- brown. You need a high concentraction of extract but realize that  most ALL products have to have some filler added to make sure that the product does not go bad or spoil. Also, some fillers are used as a binding ingredient to be able to pack the powder effectively into the capsule. Fillers have a very necessary purpose, and for the most part, there are no products on the market that can contain 100% of the active ingredient unless they are some sort of oil extracted in a pure form. In this case the product would have a short shelf like and be so expensive that many could not afford it. So if someone claims they have PURE green coffee, this is a marketing tactic. Good product should contain at least 100mg within the total capsule of raw green coffee bean extract.

For a national report from a research company that reviews products for overall health and quality, contact beckylgould@gmail.com and you will be provided a list of all manufactures of green coffee extract. Products are rated on a scale from 1-10 by a unbiased, honest national reveiw board

Q. How often do I need to take green coffee extract?

A. We recommend a starting dosage of approximately 400 mg of green coffee extract every day, three times per a day prior to meals. You may increase the dosage slowly if you are not experiencing any adverse effects. It is important that you know check with your doctor for adverse drug interactions. For a list of drug interactions with green coffee extract contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. When is the best time of day to take green coffee extract?

A. It is recommended that you make it a part of your daily routine by taking it prior to meals.

Q. Will I notice immediate results when I take green coffee bean extract?

A. Results vary from person to person depending on diet, exercise, and general overall health. To get the optimal results we recommend that you start the product after a 1-3 day detox program. It is also helpful to make sure that your hormonal balance is regulated to optimize weight loss.

Q. What if my hormones are not balanced?

A. When the hormones are not balanced, there is a general response from the body that triggers a defense mechanism which can often result in the body holding on to fat. Weight loss still may be accomplished by taking green coffee bean extract, however, the results may be slower than if the body had balanced hormones. Also, additional weight loss products can be added, such as raspberry ketone or 7 keto to aid the process. Always check with your doctor before adding additional products or contact beckylgould@gmail.com for a list of drug intereractions with green coffee bean extract.

Q. How to I balance my hormones?

A. By getting a complete female or male blood test panel, this will show if there is a hormonal imbalance. Then seeking out natural hormone replacement therapy is often recommended. This subject is controversial; however, more and more people are experiencing good results with bio-identical hormone replacement and noticing that while being treated,  their bodies are returning to a more youthful state of wellbeing plus weight loss is easier. For articles regarding bio-identical hormone replacement contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Q. What happens if I stop taking green coffee extract for a few days?

A. Pure green coffee bean extract is most effective when taken daily. If you miss a day, there’s no need to take extra capsules to make up for the capsules you missed. Just start your routine again the next day and try to stay on track for the best results.

Q. Can I take extra green coffee bean extract capsules to increase weight loss?

A. We recommend that you follow the usage instructions and only take three 400 mg capsules every day. You can increase the dose thereafter if you are not experiencing any side effects. The maximum recommended dosage is 1000 mg x 3, but we recommend that you talk to your doctor prior to increasing the dosage.

Q. Can I take green coffee extract with my other vitamins and supplements?

A. Yes. Pure green coffee bean extract can be taken with other vitamins and/or supplements.

Q. Can I take green coffee bean extract with my prescription medications?

A. Before adding green coffee extract to your diet, it is recommended to consult your healthcare professional if you have any medical conditions that require you to take prescription medications.

Q. How old do you have to be to take green coffee bean extract?

A. We only recommend green coffee bean extract to adults 18 years or older.

Q. Can my child take green coffee extract?

A. No. We recommend that you do not give green coffee extract to children that are 17 years of age or younger.

Q. Where do I store green coffee bean extract?

A. To maximize the effectiveness of pure green coffee bean extract, we recommend that you store it in its original bottle at or below room temperature (24 C / 75 F). We recommend that you do not store green coffee extract in any other type of packaging or pill containers.

Q. Can I take green coffee extract if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant?

A. Although pure green coffee extract has not been formally studied in pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or women trying to become pregnant, we recommend that you consult a healthcare professional to find out if green coffee extract is the right choice for you during this time.

For a national report from a research company that reviews products for overall health and quality, contact beckylgould@gmail.com and you will be provided a list of all manufactures of green coffee extract. Products are rated on a scale from 1-10 by a unbiased, honest national reveiw board.

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