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Sluggish Thyroid??? Restore Hormones and Boost Thyroid Function

Do you have a Sluggish Thyroid? Restore Youthful Hormone Balance and Thyroid Function

After hearing from so many wonderful readers, I have to say that the majority of people seem to struggle with metabolism decrease caused by weak thyroid functions. Facing a thyroid problem puts people at risk for obesity, depression, heart disease and more. Most importantly, it can create an uphill battle for unsuccessful weight loss. It is important to address this factor when considering treatment options. If you feel that you may have a slow thyroid, even if lab tests show as normal, you could have a thyroid or hormonal balance that is throwing your body out of balance. Until this is corrected, weight loss is hard to achieve. So we must first start with the basics to get our body fine tuned for success to restore homone balance and boost our thyroid function for optimal success! Read on….

Most overweight human beings have suffered the agonies of calorie deprivation (dieting), but have failed to achieve any kind of sustained fat reduction. The yo-yo diet has created not only a slow metabolism, but a slow overworked thyroid. While eating less addresses some of the underlying causes of weight gain, the high failure rate of dieting is partially attributable to the severe alteration in hormone levels that occurs as part of normal aging.

A substantial percentage of aging women (and many aging men) have less-than-optimal thyroid levels, thus predisposing them to weight gain. Thyroid hormone is needed to maintain healthy metabolic rates. Those who are deficient in thyroid hormone should be prescribed thyroid medication to maintain or improve their overall health, as well as to provide this hormone involved in the regulation of body composition. Drugs to consider are Armour® natural thyroid complex (containing both T4 and T3) or Cytomel® (containing T3).  These are all natural products that will aid in increasing the thyroid function.Trying to lose weight in the face of thyroid hormone deficit can be particularly challenging and sometimes inpossible without little bit of help. It is important that you make sure that you use a source for natural products that is reputable. Many companies can make false claims that T4 or T3 is contained in a product, when in fact it is not. For more information of obtaining a list of reputable manufactures of Armour Thyroid Complex or Cytomel email beckylgould@gmail.com.

A common problem women experience before, during, and after menopause is an increase in belly fat mass. Estrogen levels plummet during the “change of life” process with  menopause and some studies correlate this estrogen deficiency with greater abdominal adiposity in women. While excess levels of horse urine-derived estrogen drugs may cause weight gain, evidence suggests that individually dosed natural estrogen replacement facilitates a reduction in abdominal fat in women who are estrogen deficient. Restoring hormone balance in aging females requires the intervention of a health care practitioner with specialized expertise in prescribing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.Men are more fortunate in that almost any doctor can prescribe the proper dose of testosterone (and aromatase-inhibiting drugs, if needed).

It is suggested that every woman or man that suspects a sluggish thyroid problem seek to get a female or male total panel blood test. The test will indicate if you are unbalanced with any hormones. Seeking a professional to advise you on natural alternatives with bioidentical hormones is a safe way to increase function and restore balance and improving quality of life. Using bioidentical hormones may also decrease belly fat.

If you would like additional information on bioidentical hormone replacements  please contact me at beckylgould@gmail. com for more information.

For more information of obtaining a list of reputable manufactures of Armour Thyroid Complex or Cytomel email beckylgould@gmail.com.

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