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More Facts about Green Coffee Bean Extract- How to Chose a Quality Brand with GCA?

Green Coffee Bean Extract- Is this hype or “for real?” My own personal experience is thrilling! I have not only shed pounds, but it has lowered my blood pressure and cholesteral to perfect scores after 4 years of being on medications! Seems this one is the “real deal” and I am a firm believer! After listening to Dr. Oz most recent show, I feel so lucky I chose the brand with the real patent and GCA trademark!

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Green Coffee Bean Extract (with Svetol or with GCA) is the latest weight loss supplement that’s been getting lots of attention over the past few weeks. It’s becoming clear from recent research that freshly picked coffee beans actually contain a whole lot of beneficial compounds with massively appealing benefits. But how can you be sure that you are getting a real product and the right dose?

So an important question is: How much chlorogenic acid is needed to optimize the potential benefits, including reduced blood sugar levels and weight loss?

The answer to that question was found in the clinical studies. And that’s exactly what extraction-based companies do — they look at the research. What amount or standardization of the extract was used to obtain the desired benefit?

Well, let’s take a look at the research showing the weight loss benefits of chlorogenic acid. In this study, a specific amount of chlorogenic acid was used to block calorie absorption. Knowing this exact amount is probably a good idea if you’re planning on trying this yourself to lose weight.

Chlorogenic Acid from Green Coffee Inhibits Calorie Absorption

To investigate the weight-reducing effect that had been shown in previous brewed coffee studies, scientists turned to compounds extracted directly from green coffee beans. The green coffee beans contain higher amounts of chlorogenic acid and other polyphenol compounds that are substantially lost during the roasting process that turns them brown. So the green coffee beans in their regular state, golden beige (not brown or green) are at the optimal form for producing the highest level of chlorgenic acid! These bitter green coffee beans are terrible to the pallet, so they should be packed into a veggie capsule for easy consumtion.

Here’s the breakdown of the study that was conducted using a patented brand of green coffee extract WITH GCA.  This was a 12-week, placebo-controlled clinical study testing the effectiveness of green coffee extract in overweight and obese people:

  • Thirty  overweight or obese human volunteers took either the extract or a placebo
  • The extract  produced an average 9.4 pound weight loss. This was paralleled by a decrease in glucose (sugar) absorption and an increase in glucose utilization (increase in metabolism)
  • The  researchers reported that the lower availability of glucose that results from these effects would cause the body to increase the metabolism of fat  reserves, which would eventually decrease body fat and mass.

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Now in order for you to achieve similar results, you will need to take the same green coffee extract in terms of dosing and standardization of chlorogenic acid.

How to Pick the Right Green Coffee Bean Extract

And this is where you need to be smart and chose a quality extraction company. You need to pick a company that formulates their own products using the dosing and standardizations used in clinical studies. This is known as “evidenced-based supplementation.”

The study showcased above and additional studies using green coffee extracts standardized the chlorogenic acid to 50%. This means that in a green coffee extract of 200 mg, you’ll get 100 mg of chlorogenic acid — the dosing used in the weight loss study.

So achieving 11 pounds of weight loss in 12 weeks requires a minimum of 100 mg of chlorogenic acid. Be careful. Other companies are jumping in on the “chlorogenic acid bandwagon.” You’ll start to see it everywhere. But ask yourself this: Is the green coffee extract you’re about to purchase standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid? If not, don’t buy it. Also if is not the one used in this study, DON’T BUY IT!

How do you know if your coffee extract is standardized correctly? Look on the label. First, locate the green coffee extract. Now look within the parentheses to find the standardization. So before you go out to purchase the green coffee bean extract ask yourself these questions:

1)    Is the company extracting their own product or are they buying from overseas and then just re-labeling with no controls in place?

2)    Are they using evidence based research for their dosing?

3)    Are they listing the actualy percentage of clorogenic acid on their label?

4)    Is the product golden beige (correct color) or is it brown or green (wrong color)

5)    Does the product taste bitter (correct taste) or is it sweet (wrong taste) or taste like coffee (roasted beans will not help you lose weight)

6) IS THE PRODUCT YOU ARE PURCHASING THE ONE RECOMMENDED WITH PATENTED TRADEMARK AUTHENTIC GBCE WITH GCA?? If not, do not buy.If you would like to know the name of the Dr Oz preferred product (the only one with GCA) contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com  (This blogsite does not allow names of products)

All in all, it is important to consider chosing only a quality extracting company in the USA. There are very few companies that actually extract their own products using evidence based research so make sure you do your research.

If you would like the list of the best extracting company with the patented product with GCA contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

Also, if you would like a list of drug interactions contact beckylgould@gmail.com

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