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Bioidentical Hormones- The key to weight loss and youthful living! MY JOURNEY…

Ok Everyone…Here it goes..”MY REAL JOURNEY WITH BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES” …Diving in Deep!

For more information about bioidentical hormones please contact me at beckygould@ymail.com- The practicianer that is talked about in this blog may refer you or be able to advise you on how to treat your hormonal imbalances.

I am SOOOO excited to sit down and write to you all today!!! I feel like this is the right path, I feel new hope, and I have a tremendously good feeling about this! So here is my story about my venture out to get bioidentical hormone treatments…

After following Dr. Oz so readily and buying practically everything imaginable to promote weight loss and health, I finally think I may have the key to a more youthful, skinnier body and overall wellness in every arena, “mind, body, sex, and soul”.. DID I SAY  “sex” ? OMG I almost forgot what it is like to feel sexy again! lol

Since day one of my blog, my quest was to find out everything that I could on every subject known to man to help us to figure out why weight loss can be so hard for some and not others. I also wanted to find out WHY this aging “thing” was SO HARD. WHY WHY WHY???

After hearing from all of my blog readers, it made me that more determined then ever to finding out the secret to weight loss and healthy aging. So as a result, I sought out the very best bioidentical hormone teacher, nurse, and advocate to inspire me and help me balance my system. This is the story of my first day with my bioidentical hormone guru!

After researching in my town every possible BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE DR and OBGYN and HOMEOPATHIC DR, I began to trust my intuition and go with my gut. I ruled several people out just based on “YELP” bad reviews. Then when I came to my final choice in picking the right hormone specialist I chose one who seemed to have incredibly high ratings on health reviews!  I was so excited when she called me to state that she had an earlier appointment opening then planned and that she could see me TODAY! Yeah, hip hip horrrraaayyy!

I called my best friend who is also going through the whole menopause “thing”: weight gain, hair in weird places, hot flashes, sex drive zilch…etc… She was my hormone theraphy moral support. She was just as excited as I was!  So we drove over to our 3pm appointment with grins on our faces (and wiskers on our chins) and hope in our hearts! A skinnier, sexier “us” was on our mind…we were so tired of feeling like dried up corpses! Finally we had hope on the horizon, with a bit of skeptism, though, but we arrived with an open mind to hearing more about this new technology with Bioidentical Hormones at the forefront!

We arrived to be greeted by a warm, vivacious woman, Diane, who appeared to be in her 40’s. After a brief introduction, she told us her story (and she told us she is 51- WOW- she looks great and her skin and eyes literally GLOW!!!). She had been a nurse all of her professional career and after she personally started experiencing pre-menopausal syptoms, it drove her to seek out knowledge about Bioidentical Hormones so as to help herself and others. She went on to study the bioidentical hormone protocal along with taking a number of bioidentical hormone treatement certification classes and her focus  became learning how to balance “mind, body, and spirit” which included Bioidentical Hormone treatments. Then later she  researched the “crappolla” out of hormone replacements and sought out to find a worthy biochemical lab to work with that specialized in this particular field of medicine. Diane chose a lab out of Oregon who offers extensive testing (hormone panels, blood levels, mineral testing, the works) and specifically constructs personal prescription formulas based on  a persons individual hormonal needs. Her own story was miraclulous as she talked about how this had changed her own experience with menopause and then watched to see it change other lives drastically for the better!  She is honest and sincere in her beliefs that she will “help people balance their lives so that they can live “productivly”  to a 100’s years plus!” She agrees with Suzanne Somers and other advanced  research scientists in their beliefs that this wave of bioidentical hormones is aiding in creating the path to wellness and anti-aging that will extend our lives expidentually!

Diane tells us her own story of how miserable she was before starting bioidentical hormones. The “peri” menopause stage and the effects of this imbalance  had started to interfere with her health and every day life.  Her confidence took a dive as well has her body and sex drive.   It was funny to hear her state to us “that she was a grumpy, menopausal nurse that  wanted to tell everyone to take a hike!” She explained that she was so out of hormonal balance that it was a rollercoaster  of ups and downs and hormones shooting out like solar waves creating a titanic of emotions and irrationality.  So, Diane, like us, decided that “she was not going to give in to living a non sexual, fat,grumpy, hot and tired life with chin hair!”…lol (these are my words not hers by the way..lol)

Anyway, long story short Diane not only had the credentials, but she radiated what she believed in from the inside out! She does not only walk the walk, but talks the talk and then some! She understands the menopausal weight gain, the serious side effects of living with hormonal imbalance.  Diane states, “It is going to be ok, much, much, MUCH better- you do not have to live this way. Balance is everything and together we will work it out!” I was SO happy, I felt “hope” for the first time in years!

This saint of an educated woman, bioidentical scientist Diane, covered alot in the 1 1/2 hour appointment. She personally went through every line item of my current health issues, medical history, current medications, and symptoms that were bothersome. Nothing went uncovered  and she did this with great compassion. She prescribed some baseline blood work and wrote out a list of supplements that she wanted me to start. Then she told me about the miracle that would happen in just a short amount of time…

Now for the GOOD NEWS. Ok, get ready for this. Her hormone treatment plan consists of a complete saliva test that you do 4 times per day for 1 day. After that she would work with her lab to make the perfect formula with my exacting requirements for my body- making the exact personal prescription  to perfectly balance my hormones! She guaranteed that after 1 week of her treatment of personal prescribed bioidentical hormones I would feel 25% better. Then, after that I would continue to feel better each week by 25% more. After a month I would feel 90% or more better then I ever felt before because I would be hormonally BALANCED! She has a 90% success rate! PLUS the SUPER DUPER REALLY GOOD NEWS> a majority of her clients lost weight and came in beaming with joy- the weight just naturally came off once the body was in balance.

I was feeling like a highschool princess that just won the crown when I left! My friend was just as happy, singing “lets get it on” as we left! Hope is really amazing you know!

Long story short, you just have to stay tuned for my next blog. I will go into detail about how I did the saliva test, the results, the personal experience, and the RESULTS!!! YEAH..are you on board with this? AND for MEN??? She helps men, too with getting back in balance. So if you are a man reading this do not be shy to get help and take your life back again!

The biggest news yet…I asked her just before leaving, “what about weight loss”?

She said,  “honey, all of my clients come in with the same question. Once the hormones are balanced and the body is in sinc, the weight just naturally falls off and if you are still struggling after a couple of months we will find out what is wrong and fix it!  There is a skinnier you on the horizon!”   I was thrilled with new hope and it was the best feeling I had had in ages!

THERE IS A GOD, and he/she entered my universe today through the form of a intelligent woman with words of wisdom and hope in her heart to give me. I will continue to blog on this journey….stay tuned for the new “sexy, skinny me!!”

For more information on bioidentical hormones or weight loss questions contact me at beckygould@ymail.com

STAY POSITIVE :O) and don’t give up!  You are worth it!

Becky G

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